Huntsman Cancer Institute – Hospital Tour

Welcome to Huntsman Cancer Institute,
also known as HCI. Thanks to ongoing, generous support of the
Jon and Karen Huntsman family, we have a world-class cancer research
and treatment center right here in Salt Lake City, Utah. HCI opened its doors in 1999
and has expanded ever since. We treat patients across the Wasatch front.
In addition, we have research, education, and clinical alliances throughout the
Mountain West and around the globe. One of the most beautiful buildings
at the University of Utah, HCI has administrative offices, research labs, inpatient rooms, and outpatient clinics for
cancer treatments and screenings. Bridges on the 2nd and 6th floors connect
the research buildings to the hospital side. We invite you to come on a tour
of our patient care areas. Along the way, remember these three principles
that guide us at Huntsman Cancer Institute: The patient first. United effort. Excellence in all we do. Our cancer hospital first opened in 2004. A major expansion in 2011 doubled our space,
enabling us to care for even more people in need. At the front entrance of the cancer hospital,
we offer complimentary valet service. When entering the lobby, it’s common to
hear music played by volunteer musicians. It’s a soothing welcome for patients and we consider our volunteers an
important part of our care team. On the 1st floor is Radiation Oncology. Radiation uses high-energy x-rays
to target cancer cells and shrink tumors
while sparing nearby healthy tissue. Here, our experts use state-of-the-art equipment to treat different types of cancer
and its side effects. Past our retail pharmacy is the Linda B. and Robert B. Wiggins Wellness and Integrative Health Center. These services focus on
the mind, body, and spirit. The Wellness Center includes certified
Cancer Exercise Specialists, group and outdoor fitness activities, nutrition counseling, acupuncture, massage, arts and music activities, and much more. We have various outpatient clinics
throughout the hospital. Each is organized around
specific types of cancers. Patients receive care from a team
of specialists, including oncologists, advanced practice clinicians, dietitians,
social workers, and more. On the 2nd floor, our cancer hospital
has an Acute Care Clinic. This unique service helps cancer patients
with urgent issues such as nausea related to treatment,
or other chronic health issues. In our 2nd floor Infusion Center, we host
an average of 67 patients a day. Here, patients receive chemotherapy and
other cancer treatments. The Infusion Center has 31 infusion chairs
and 6 private suites. Each infusion station has a reclining chair,
blanket warmers, a personal TV, and beautiful views of the Salt Lake Valley. The 3rd floor includes our surgery area. We offer a comfortable
waiting area for loved ones, with magazines, puzzles, TVs,
and snacks to help pass the time. Also on the 3rd floor is the
Cleone Peterson Eccles Center for Breast Health. All breast care services take place here, including consultations and screening mammograms. Other cancer screening services on the
3rd floor include endoscopy and colonoscopy. It is also the home of our radiology department, where specialists use cutting-edge
imaging equipment such as MRI. Inpatient rooms are located on the 4th
and 5th floors of the hospital. Designed to be more like hotel suites
than hospital rooms, each provides a private bathroom with shower,
and comfortable furniture for family and visitors. Large windows bring in views of the Salt Lake Valley
or foothills of the Wasatch mountains. Loved ones of patients staying in the hospital
have access to family kitchens and laundry and shower facilities. Nestled against the foothills outside the
4th floor inpatient areas, we have a beautiful outdoor terrace. The calm atmosphere and comfortable
furniture provide a scenic place for patients and loved ones to relax
and take in fresh air. Also on the 4th floor is a special unit
for patients with blood and marrow-related cancers. Because BMT patients often have
very weakened immune systems, these rooms have extra
health and safety features, such as special air filtering systems. On the 5th floor, in addition to inpatient rooms, you will find the Elyse Pantke White
Chapel and Meditation room. This interfaith space is open 24 hours a day. The Intensive Care Unit, or ICU,
is also on the 5th floor. This area is for patients who need
extra observation or care. The top floor of the cancer hospital is home to the
G. Mitchell Morris Cancer Learning Center. This free lending library has books, computers,
and cancer health educators available. It’s a great place to spend time
between appointments or if patients or loved ones
need a peaceful area to relax. Adjacent to the Cancer Learning Center is
one of two restaurants at HCI. The Bistro serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner,
and is open until 9 p.m. every weekday. This is not your usual hospital cafeteria. The Bistro has a wood pizza oven, daily specials, and made-to-order menu favorites. Patients and their loved ones
are at the heart of all we do here from the dedicated researchers
in the labs to the committed care providers
in the clinics. Thank you for joining us on this
tour of our cancer hospital, where we provide healing and hope
to people with cancer and their loved ones.

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