Hull York Medical School – a different kind of medical school

– We are absolutely focused
on making a difference and therefore producing practitioners, and producing doctors largely,
that make a difference. – Our passion is to
demonstrate to students what they learn then
defines them as a doctor. – The thing that you’re most excited to do when you start medical school is getting the hands-on experience not just by learning from a textbook, from actually seeing it in person. – We have our students engaged in clinical exposure
right from the get-go, so as early as possible,
as frequently as possible. – The students are developing those skills which are critical to being a doctor in real life situations with
real life patients right from week three of our programme. – I chose Hull York because
I saw problem-based learning, as an opportunity not just
to learn but to have access to a wide range of knowledge
that most people don’t have. – People ask me repeatedly
why we do well compared with other medical schools in the UK, it’s very hard to believe
that problem-based learning isn’t part of that story. And the very special thing is that our problem-based learning
facilitators are clinicians. – Hull York Medical School
is really well networked into NHS organisations
and clinical practice and therefore it gives
you ready-made access and that’s a real strength. – It’s true experiential
learning because you can apply it to the situations you’ve seen right from day one of your programme. We’re delivering the types of doctor that the NHS going forward needs. – Our students are really
skilled communicators and that’s the feedback
I get from senior doctors in the NHS who work
with them as graduates. – The graduates of the
programme care about patients. They understand the
problems that people face and they’re empathetic, they can understand it from
the patient’s perspective as well as from the doctor’s. So I think that our programme
sets our graduates up to have skills at a level
above other medical schools. – We focus not just on
knowledge and skills but also on this whole area of resilience. Developing skills that mean
that when you face adversity in the future, you can cope. We have a robust student support system, we’re thinking constantly
about how to help them develop and how to get over the
various barriers they may face. – We produce first-class
doctors and a lot of our effort is around how we can
make that even better. And the other way is by doing research that’s of relevance to our community. – What we have at Hull York
Medical School is obviously a wide range of researchers
across both our campuses, all of whom are experts in their field, all of whom are contributing
into our programme at a teaching level and offering
opportunities for students. To be a good clinician you’ve actually got to be a good researcher, so why wouldn’t you want to get excited about research as a medical student? We offer the opportunity
to develop the skills to be able to do that
as well as the skills on a day-to-day basis
to look after people. – The role of a medical school should be to ultimately improve health care, raising health awareness
and health across the board, dealing with local issues. And if we’re getting more
and more applications from the local region then we
know we’re affecting change. – The fantastic thing about Hull York is that I’m not apprehensive and I’m not scared about
going into the workforce. After five years, you have
experienced so much of it that you’re ready to take the
next step into your career and really make a difference from day one. – My vision for this
medical school is for us to facilitate doctors who
are able to deal with people at the most vulnerable
points of their lives, to understand that medicine is a privilege and it’s a service, it’s not a right. Because I think if
doctors can do that well, they can do anything well. – There’s an opportunity
across our footprint to see everything. Learning with clinicians, learning with researchers, and becoming the best possible
doctor that you can be.

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