How well do you know Boston Medical Center?

we’ve been around for over 150 years and
we’re known across the region for our life-saving trauma care but chances are
there’s a lot you don’t know about Boston Medical Center here are some
things that might surprise you one we’re driven to move medicine forward we’re
really proud of the strides we make every day at BMC whether it’s cancer
care Pediatrics orthopedics or complex surgery from specialty care to primary
care where we offer a range of coordinated comprehensive services
including behavioral health and pharmacy we know that a strong medical home helps
keep people healthy 2 we’re one of the nation’s top teaching and research
hospitals and one of the hardest to get into it with exceptional residency and
fellowship training programs and as the primary teaching affiliate of Boston
University School of Medicine for one of the most sought after programs in the
nation we’re researching things like personalized medicine by using patient
DNA and addressing health disparities and underserved populations 3 we speak
over 240 languages diversity is at the foundation of who we are we know that
our many faces create our greatness and it’s important to us that whoever you
are and wherever you’re from you know that we speak your language
xin chào bonjour hola 4 we believe caring for the whole patient takes more than just
medical care not all patients have what they need to get and stay healthy like
living in safe neighborhoods or rides to their appointments so we move mountains
to address those needs we even created a program to help with income tax returns
we founded reach out and read right here to promote early childhood literacy
because we know that early education is a foundation of good health
5 we provide healthy food to over 7,000 families every month we don’t just
believe in food as medicine we prescribe it our preventive food pantry was the
first of its kind in the nation and our demo kitchen teaches our patients to
prepare healthy meals for under 10 bucks and now we are growing our own
vegetables look a beautiful head of bok choy six we think world-class care and
patient experience go hand in hand from children with complex diseases to adults
needing advanced oncologic care our multidisciplinary clinics make it more
convenient for patients to see all the specialists they need in one visit we’re
building new facilities designed to welcome patients and their families
while maximizing privacy and comfort and we’re proud to be among the 25 greenest
hospitals in the nation 7 we’re on the frontlines of the addiction epidemic
the new Grayken Center will be a national model for addiction treatment
research and support for patients and their families
eight we believe we’re stronger together we’re a diverse community of over six
thousand nurses doctors students residents and hospital staff we’re built
on respect and powered by empathy and we can’t think of a better place to work
and to get care enough about us let’s talk about you
stop by anytime our door is always open whenever you need us

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