How UC Irvine Medical Center Uses Tableau

UC Irvine Medical Center: Improving Healthcare
with Self-Service BI In this day and age of, you know, trying to
get the most quality for the the lowest price for our patients, it’s really important to
look at your data, and it’s really important to look at the data and understand the best
practices. Charles Boicey, Informatics Solutions Architect,
UC Irvine Medical Center Tableau has made us folks in health care be
able to understand our data, and not have to wait to understand it; we can understand
it today. Put the power with the people We really wanted a self-service model. The
folks in IT really didn’t want to be the report writers, nor should they be. From an IT perspective we’ve put the — we
can put the tool where it belongs, in the hands of the folks that use the data and know
the data. We rolled out to each department, to one or
two analysts to start off with. As more and more folks, you know, find out about it, we-
we get more requests for licenses. We also purchased a Tableau Server, and that’s
really our BI portal for the, for the enterprise. So, at UCI Tableau is our BI solution. Getting insight in time to act We’re dealing with patients. We’re dealing
with patients’ lives, and it’s really, really important that you know what’s happening at
the moment that it’s happening, or a little bit before. 30 days doesn’t do you a lot of
good. With Tableau, we’ve been able to, generate
near real-time visualizations, which provides us the data we need to better serve our patients. Being able to bring the data and push it back
to the organization so they know what’s going on, in near real time, they’re able to take
care of those problems as they come up. You know, you can’t you can’t lose here. This
is a this is a win-win for everybody. I look better and our team looks better. IT
is, you know, becomes superstars.

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