How to Take Out Contact Lenses Easily (Beginners Tutorial)

in this video, I’m gonna show you how to
take out contact lenses. Plus I’ll even show you how to take out the contact
lens that gets stuck in the eye, let’s take a look. hello and welcome I am
doctor Joseph Allen here from doctor Eye Health the channel that helps you learn about the eyes, vision
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miss any of my future videos. so knowing how to take off a contact lens is a
really important skill to have for anybody who’s wearing contact lenses
basically because if you have contact lens on the eye and something seems to
be going wrong like maybe an infection you want to take that thing out right
away but honestly sometimes taking your contacts out can be a challenge even for
a veteran like myself and I’ve been wearing contact lenses since I was 13
years old. sometimes it seems like those lenses just seem to slip away and even
sometimes the lenses do get stuck underneath the eyelid but rest assured
the lens cannot go behind the eye physiologically it’s impossible. now the
first thing whenever you’re gonna touch or handle contact lenses make sure you
wash your hands. I know you’ve taken the lenses out but still you want to wash
your hands get any sort of bacteria or debris off of your hands cuz you are
gonna be touching in the contact lenses on your eye and if you miss once or
twice that could end up getting in the eye and yeah you just don’t want that
once you’ve done washing your hands you need to dry your hands and dry them very
well. this is going to be key! you want your hands to be bone-dry not a little
bit slippery, if it’s bone-dry you’ll actually be able to grip the contact
lens otherwise it’s just gonna slide around and you won’t really have much of
a chance. now the next big step is being able to control your eyelids. I
personally like to use my non-dominant hand to hold the upper eyelid with my
middle finger and then I actually use the middle finger of my dominant hand to
hold the lower eyelid that allows me to really grip and hold things open so that
don’t just instinctively kind of react and close my eye that also leaves my
pointer finger and my thumb free so I can actually grip the lens you actually
want to hold the pads of your fingers together and make kind of like this
little kissing tweezer motion that’s actually the part of your fingers that
you’re going to touch the contact lenses with and then just because your fingers
are so dry when you make that little kissing tweezer motion you’ll actually
grab onto the lens and you can easily lifted off the eye now when i’m prepared
to take out my contact lenses you can do it looking straight ahead into something
like a mirror I personally look upward just a little bit just because when
you’re gripping the contact lens you can go straight on if you want but I prefer
to grab the lower 1/3 or 1/2 of the lens because it just tends to kind of flute
and grab on a little bit better one more time you hold the upper eyelid hold the
lower eyelid I look slightly up and then you go ahead and just pinch and the lens
comes right off. yeah I know I made that look easy, otherwise let me show you this
method one more time and then I’m gonna actually show you another method of how
to remove these contacts but first I got to put this lens back in all right there
we go contact lens back in I again I want to show you this I’m gonna hold my
upper eyelid then I’m gonna hold the lower eyelid use my little kissing
fingers here touching the lower 1/3 gripping and remove it I’m just gonna
put this back in alright. now the next method some people prefer mainly because
they don’t like actually seeing anything come toward their eye so the method is
actually taking the contact lens and dragging it over to the white part of
the eye onto the sclera and then they actually still use the same little
pinching motion to grab the contact lens and lift it off so I’m gonna try and do
this it’s not the method that I prefer but again basically you kind of look
away from your fingers you drag the lens I got it out but it fell that’s ok if
your lens does fall out you’re just gonna have to rinse it and clean it. now
every once in a while even the contact lens veteran will have this issue where
the contact lens could perhaps slide and get stuck underneath your upper eyelid
and no it does not feel very good you probably know exactly what I’m talking
about but usually when this happens the best way to do it is honestly just to
look straight down and keep blinking your eye keep blinking keep blinking
oftentimes that process the lid will grab the lens and slide it down back
toward the front of your eye sometimes the lens will find itself
right in the position right on your cornea where it needs to be sometimes
the lens will fold on it and it’ll just fall out of the eye
another method though is that if you really having a hard time just look down
you can sometimes kind of feel it and then you just have to kind of push on
your eyelid with your finger and kind of encourage the lens to kind of move
itself down another method is that look in the mirror try to see if you can
figure out where it’s at or if maybe one of your friends can actually take a look
at it and if they can point out where it’s actually stuck that way you know
exactly where to touch on the eyelid and kind of encourage it downward I don’t
recommend using a q-tip or anything else to try and fishing it out of the eye
that’s something that is best left for a professional to do because you could end
up scratching your eye if you do get your lens stuck in the eye and you
cannot get it out then make sure you contact your local eye care professional
because we can actually see you we can have you in the exam room I can actually
put some type of yellow dye on the eye that we call fluorescence sodium this
yellow dye actually gets absorbed into the contact lens and makes it highlight
bright yellow under a blue filter and that way we can tell exactly where that
contact lens is we can see if you have any sort of scratches or any sort of
abrasion on the surface of the eye and then we can treat it accordingly. now a
couple of safety tips for contact lenses is that these lenses are actually a
medical device and anytime you feel like your eyes are red
scratchy yet you’re painful or that your vision starts to get blurry please take
them out and if your vision or your eyes not getting better call your eye doctor
right away please remember you only get two eyes so please take care of them
hopefully you found this video helpful and you’re able to get your contact
lenses out on your own if you continue to have any difficulties removing
contact lenses it is best not to sleep in them unless they are designed for
sleeping in otherwise contact your local eye care professionals so they can help
you remove it I have a question of the day which was your favorite part about
this video did you find it helpful and you have any extra pro tips about
removing contact lenses yourself go ahead and comment in the section below
I’d love to hear from you if you found this video helpful give it a thumbs up
and if you’re somebody who’s not wearing daily one-time-use lenses and you’ve
just thrown it away then you probably need to clean your contact lens so I
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again this is dr. Joseph Allen here from doctor eye health the channel helps you
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it we’ll talk to you soon

27 thoughts on “How to Take Out Contact Lenses Easily (Beginners Tutorial)

  1. 🔷 QOTD: What was your favorite part of the video? Do you have any tips of your own for removing contacts?

  2. I've had my contact lens get stuck under my eye lid a couple times. It's very unsettling and I kinda really start freaking out when it doesn't come down on its own after a few seconds.

  3. great vid! i was taught to drag the lens down so you dont potentially scratch the cornea… is that a load of rubbish or?

  4. When do you think we'll see the "smart" contact lenses come to market?

    Or the implants that can change your vision, I think by inflating or deflating.

  5. I do the one handed insertion and removal of my lenses. I take my middle finger and pull down on my lower eyelid and then insert the contact lens with my index finger. I remove them with one swift motion using my index finger and slide the contact lens sideways right out of the eye.

  6. Thank you doc for this video, I couldn’t remove my left eye contact lens last week & it got stuck, after I gave up I searched in your videos to see if you had some tips about that problem 😅 I could remove it eventually.

  7. For those that have had their lenses move and get stuck, do you have any idea why? It's never happened to me so I'm just wondering.

  8. Great video! Taking out contacts is easier for me than putting them in. Especially since I wear daily contacts every now and then I have to get use to putting them in every time. Also, I find it a little bit hard taking the second contact off once I already took out the first one since I can’t see clearly.

  9. another way to remove them is pulling your bottom eye lid down with your non dominant hand, looking up slightly, sliding the contact down towards the white part of your eye with your dominant hand and then doing the pinching method.

  10. Hello, when i remove my contact lenses out the both side get stuck to each other and I try to put solution on it to open the both side but it doesnt . I need to open it with my finger very softly. Other wise the side gets torn. Is it because of dry eyes both side get stuck while removing? Please reply

  11. Hi. Thanks for demonstrating how to take contact lenses out. Please take care of ur eyes because you took it out and in many times. Hope u didn't hurt ur eye balls. 😀

  12. I'm new to contacts and have been struggling very badly with taking them out. If I am using daily contacts that I throw away I sometimes end up rubbing and rubbing my eye until the silly thing just ends up on my hand after a while lol. But I only do that if all else fails . I am going to try this kinda rocking or rolling your fingers forward method you just shown. Hope it works I am actually getting very discouraged :(. Also I find if I put some lubricating drops in my eyes before I do this it helps as well is that a good idea?

  13. Hello
    Wearing contacts for about 6 months. Finally getting hang of taking out lens easy.
    Love my lens but do wear my glasses every now and then.
    My go to lens are Biofinity XR Torics . Hardly need wet lens.
    Great channel 👍👌

  14. Great video! Thanks! I do both. Pinch in center and/or pull down and pinch. I have a prescription for multi-focal transparent lenses and color single focal lenses. Prefer the color. More user friendly for a petrified beginner like me. Once I thought my one eye (clear lens) was flipped inside out cause I couldn't see. It had fallen. Tried to remove a lens that wasn't in my eye. Ugh!

  15. Hey, what I do is I just pull my lower eyelid and then I put the lenses but here comes a question, could the constant manipulation on my eyelids cause under eye circles?

  16. Hey 🙂 thank you for your efforts again! I wear lenses about an year. For me only slide method is working for taking out mine contacts.

  17. excellent content as usual. I have a question, the reason I ask is that I get so many conflicting answers to it, that I would like to draw a line under it if possible. I used my fresh pair of biofinity contacts ( monthly contacts) for a few days before storing them in fresh solution. It has been 3 weeks since I have used the contacts due to work circumstances. I removed the contacts from the solution, cleaned them and stored them once again in a fresh solution. I am hesitant to use them but need to. would it be safe to use them at this point? or should I wait for my new lenses to arrive? best regards Jeremy
    P.S I run a grocery store and push eleven-hour days sometimes, is it safe to sleep in them on the odd occasion?

  18. Hello so i bought circle Lens i tried them and lutter them back in the bottle because i didnt have some multi purpose solution and Next day i let them for 12 hours soaking i lutter them and they are hurting my eyes 😥😣 like i feel them on my eyes idk what to do..

  19. Today was my fist time ever wearing contacts, and it just felt really uncomfortable, and my eyes were really sensitive to light and it was kinda blurry, and even after taking them out my eyes still feel ,,uncomfortable”… is it normal since it was the first time or not?? This made me want to never wear them again lol

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