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– [Rene’e Klamut] My name is
Rene’e Klamut, I’m a nurse coordinator at Rose Medical
Center in Denver, Colorado. And we do the hydrogen breath
testing. You have been asked by your physician, to do
this testing and you will receive a kit, either by
pick up at the hospital, or in the mail. When you receive your kit,
it’ll come in a box like this. Inside the box, there
are several components. The first one is the tube
where we’ll do your sample. It’s a breathing sample. The second part, there will
be 10 test tubes that look like this. There are labels for the test
tube, and we’ll go over how to label each one of these. There are two pieces of paper. One of them is the instructions
for the diet that you do the day before the test. The second one is about the
test and also describing the equipment inside the box. The last component are two
bags, that when you complete the test, you put the tubes in the bag. Put the tubes back in the
box and mail them back to the hospital or bring them back personally. So, we will demonstrate
how to get a sample. Right now, we’ve labeled the first one with the number one at
the top for baseline. We put our time and our date
and also we marked which test; and of course, you’ll
fill out your name also on there. Bev’s going to demonstrate
how to get a sample. Bev, if you’ll take the device there. What I’d like you to do, is
when I ask you, I’d like you to take a normal breath in, and then you’re gonna put
the device in your mouth and slowly breath out into the bag. Once you breath out into the
bag, you’re gonna take this sample which I’ll hand it to you now. And you’re going to puncture
it in the tube underneath. Continue blowing, count one to
two seconds and then take the tube out and take the
device out of your mouth. I’ll walk you through it as we’re going. – [Bev] Okay. – [Rene’e] Take a breath in.
Put that right in your mouth and slowly breath out to the bag. Now take the tube and puncture it into
the bottom right there. Continue breathing out. One 1,000, two 1,000, take the
tube out, and you completed your first sample. Once you’ve finished your
baseline sample, put it aside, open up the solution that
you’re going to mix with six ounces of water. Once you’ve
mixed it, there you go, nice liquid right there. Drink the entire contents,
wait 20 minutes and obtain your first sample for the test. Bev, let’s go ahead and try
that one more time here with the sample. Take a breath in. Slowly blow out to the bag. Take your tube that’s already
labeled with your time and your date. Puncture that keep breathing
out the whole time. Count one, two take the tube
out then take the device out of your mouth. Repeat the sampling every 20
minutes until all the tubes are used and the test is completed. Once you are finished, place
the tubes in the bubble wrap, place the bubble wrap in
the box, and return to the hospital.

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