How to ROCK your Nursing School Clinical

hi I’m skinny Keene elastics I started
evening news last night it has quinoa rice and Chia it says a
serving size is 26 sticks servings per container 6.5 I’d say I had
three servings last night what’s up guys welcome to my channel I’m nurse Blake
and in this video I’m gonna talk about how to rock your nursing clinical number
one be on time if this is your first day at a clinical site make sure you get
there early enough you never want to be late I remember the students who would
always come in late and I just be like yeah like I always remember the late
students who would come to clean up go and it would drive me crazy and actually
some clinical and structure and actually some clinical instruction I can’t why
can’t I talk today let’s try this again and actually some clinical instructors
will send students home if they are late so if it is a new clinical site for you
I recommend you go there a day or two early just to make sure you know how
long it takes for you to get there and you also know where you’re going but
sometimes people aren’t gonna go there or the day before I get it I know so
instead I wake up really early that day and they make sure I get there really
early and typically I’m either on time like right on time or 45 minutes to an
hour early but with me I always know every morning I need to go to Starbucks
the drive-through to start my day right so I always make sure I calculate that
into my time if you have to drop off kids at school you need to stop and get
an energy drink make sure you do that beforehand and make sure you do that
early you never want to be at clinical wait item number two do your homework
you should have a basic understanding of what the patient’s you see on this
clinical are going through what medical conditions they have what type of
procedures they may go through what medications they’re on and what their
outcome is or what is their discharge education
look like so if you’re gonna be doing clinical on a med search floor that
specializes is oncology make sure you review your oncology section in your
textbooks make sure you really study up on that patient population if you’re
gonna be going to a cardiac floor you better make sure you know your basic
cardiac conditions medications and procedures you never want to arrive at
clinical unprepared because you’re caring for these patients you’re gonna
have patients and families that you’re gonna interact with and care for to give
them the best outcome and to give them the best experience you have to make
sure that you’re ready and prepared so always always always review what you
need to before clinical so you’re ready not only for yourself but more
importantly for your patient item number three make sure you bring all your
nursing equipment with you you never want to leave a stethoscope or a pin
light back at home because then you can’t complete your patient assessment
and then you have to end up asking your professor or the nurse your following or
another student for their equipment and then you’re just taking equipment off
the floor and out of someone else’s hands so always make sure you’re ready
and prepared so the night before clinical make sure you have all your
stuff and put it in the bag that you take to clinical with you
so things I always like to take at clinical or a stethoscope a pin light my
medication drug guide my notes on that patient population and what I need to
expect anything else you can think of anything else you need for a clinical
like scissors I always make sure you have scissors with me so you don’t have
to borrow it from somebody else set all your equipment out early so you don’t
forget anything at home and don’t leave your equipment somewhere where you’re
gonna forget it when you walk out the door because then you’ll have nothing so
you can even go ahead and put it in your car the day before so you know you have
it with you and so that you’re prepared for clinical item number four ask
questions this is your chance to ask as many questions as possible if at any
time there’s something you don’t know don’t pretend like you know it and don’t
ever think you don’t need to know it ask this is your chance you’re in
nursing school clinical is the time where you need to learn as much as
possible this is gonna be when you make mistakes mistakes are gonna happen
you’re not gonna remember something that’s all okay because those things you
go through are gonna help you become a better nurse but you have to learn from
these experiences and if there’s something you don’t know feel free to
ask ask a nursing student asked the nurse you’re following ask your clinical
instructor and they’ll be able to help guide you and give you a direction or
answer and if you think that you know it all and you don’t need to ask any
questions I have a tip for you always ask yourself why why is this
patient sick why are they in the hospital why are they on this specific
medication why are they on that dose why is that patient going to the procedure
why are we drawing certain labs on this patient and if at any time you don’t
know the answer to that why question that is a chance for you to ask those
questions you’re a student you’re supposed to learn you’re paying to be
there a nursing school to learn and you never want to be ripped off right if you
order a Starbucks you don’t just leave it on the counter and let it get cold
and just walk out without it you want to take your Starbucks with you because you
paid for it that’s the same with your education look at it that way you’re
paying to be educated so if you have questions ask them and it not only
benefits you asking questions and gaining knowledge is gonna benefit the
patient and their family and last time I checked that’s why we’re in nursing
school so we can help patients and we can help families item number five stay
engaged listen I know I was in clinical you’re gonna have time that’s downtime
where the patient’s you’re caring for there may nothing be going on there may
not be a lot going on with your patient so it’s really easy to just sit behind a
computer and pretend like you’re charting or go chatting with one of your
nursing school friends about the day how boring and slow it is and never say slow
in a hospital because once you say slow you know what they say it’s gonna get
really busy or if you ever say oh it’s really quiet
in here that’s the q”-word never say that nurses will look at you
and be like oh what have you done and once you say those words you know crazy
stuffs gonna happen it’s gonna get really hectic that’s just an extra tip
never say slow or never say quiet but if it does get a little slow the patients
you’re caring for don’t have a lot going on I challenge you to keep yourself busy
that whole time if your patients don’t have any procedures going on
ask other nurses on their floor what their patients are going through and if
there’s anything that you can observe or a skill that you can practice
tell your Clinical Instructor you haven’t practiced Foley’s or you’ve
never inserted Foley I’m sure they will help you seek out that opportunity keep
yourself busy always stay engaged and I’m sure there’s always something more
that you can learn about your patient so really dig through their chart don’t
just look at the last note but look at every note don’t just look at the last
labs on that patient look at every lab and really see their trends and by
staying a gauge you’re learning you’re asking questions there’s something
special about inquiry and as a nurse and a nursing student that is a skill
enquiring is always learning because it is so busy to just get caught up and oh
it’s just another clinical it’s another eight hours but clinical this is
hands-on experience you get to be with patients and Families you’re in the
hospital setting there is so much to learn I’ve been working in hospitals for
eight years now and I’ve worked at many different hospitals I think I’ve seen it
all but honestly I haven’t and whenever I am in the hospital I try to learn more
about every process my last point I want to make let’s say you know you want to
be in the neuro ICU treating adult patients when you graduate and you know
that’s your job that’s what you want to do don’t think that your clinical on
labor and delivery is just a waste of time because it’s really not anytime you
could be with patients caring for patients there’s always something that
you learn and things that you learn on L&D
floor or on a pediatric floor you may not think it’s important but these
things may come back when you’re treating patients in the neuro ICU so
take every clinical as an opportunity an opportunity to learn an opportunity to
grow as a nurse again it’s not about us it’s about what we can learn to care
better for our patients that’s the main goal in clinical settings nursing school
we think the main job is to just get good grades and pass our NCLEX but
really it’s so much more it’s really about the people and the patients we
care for so think of every time and every minute and every second you’re at
clinical is a way for you to learn to care better for your patients because
that’s what matters and that’s why we became nurses and I think there’s
something so special about always wanting to learn thank you guys so much
for watching my video I hope this video in these tips will help you rock your
next clinical and give you some extra things to think about make sure you
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46 thoughts on “How to ROCK your Nursing School Clinical

  1. It is funny that you posted this today because I just had orientation for my first clinical. Your tips will help me make the most out of the experience. I will definitely share the video with my classmates.

  2. Another great video 😊 I just finished orienting a new nurse to our surgical unit, she asked soooo many questions and kept apologizing for doing so. I told her "I love your questions they keep ME on my toes. Your questions help me be a better nurse!" … and on a side note, I love the wall art!

  3. Can you do a video on how to ROCK preceptorship??? I just started and I could use all the tips and tricks I can get :):):)

  4. As a senior in my last year of Nursing school, I remember how terrified I was our first clinical rotation, but to all the student nurses out there, you are apart of the patients care team too, just like the techs, RN's and physicians. Confidence will come! & its all about teamwork.

  5. I loved this video ! I’m VERY anxious about starting the LPN Program, but this helped put that to ease some ! Thank you 🙂

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  14. Buy your stethoscope from a store or website that has a good return policy. Some people can use any stethoscope (even a really cheap one) and hear everything, while other people need to try several stethoscopes before they find one that works for them.

  15. I’m an OT student on my last clinical rotation and I work with several student nurses on the cardiac and pulmonary floors they’re amazing to interact with and we brainstorm a ton about patient care 🙂

  16. Two weeks in to clinical at Clinical Clinic Foundation ortho, spinal, TMI’s… the staff is wonderful and I love taking care of my patients … I know I am just learning but sometimes people just need someone to talk to and encouragement in life’s trauma and trials… anyone can pass out pills but sometimes empathy compassion and understanding can do so much more 💙💙💙 today is a great day to have a great day💙💙💙 touch someone’s life today and your whole world will change

  17. Wow. If we were late, even one minute, you would be dismissed for the day and get a write-up. I can't believe there are some that don't do that.

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