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  1. I have such painful kidney problems I just need to get rid of my fat stomach need to stop eating sugar and cards

  2. Is it ok if I'm not hungry & have a super huge liver & spleen to the point that my diaphragm are super swollen. I look heavy but my drs are atamous that we need to take care of those issues. I'm ALWAYS tired. Not very hungry but gaining weight & ALWAYS in pain. I can barely bend over & feel so sick after eating. I never have been 1 to consume alcohol, infact I was always the double D ( designed driver). Lately I've had urges to drink to kill the pain. Is that normal? I'm under lots of different kinds of vitamins & other medications for my mental health & general health. A year ago I had a major hysterectomy while hemorrhaging & I only had 17% blood in my entire body. I didn't want blood so I went bloodless during the surgery & left the hospital with only 14% blood in my entire body. I was told that I'm the only one who has survived something like that. I believe that it was my Lord who pulled me through & my total trust in him that got me through. He's so amazing that he's ALL we need. Yet, I feel much pain. I have a liver that can sustain myself & 2 others. That's that I NEVER have been a drinker nor ate unhealthy. I'd love to know why. They've done so many blood testing, took out my gallbladder, uterus, hysterectomy & now this, all within a short time. Maybe, Father is almost ready for my departure, I don't know. I know several of my biological parents & brothers & sisters have died within a short time of each other. It's just mind boggling. I feel for all of us. Love our Lord & God. Don't think everything will not be ok, because I know that it will be as long as you try because our Father & Lord want us & love us. I love you guys. We're the little engine that could.

  3. I love all the advice you offer. I wish you continued progress in your work and life. God bless you and your family

  4. Could you please doctor put english subtitle with each video that you make because I am learning English bit by bit and I can't catch you in many parts and thank you so so much 🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹.

  5. What is your recommendation about coffee ? Will that damage the liver or is it ok ? I try to limit to 3 cups a day.

  6. Hey Dr.Berg, religion aside, it's very interesting to see how close Islam is to what you preach. Islam prohibits alcohol and promotes fasting!

  7. A good or bad liver, is what decide whether we are well or being sick in general. Bad liver is the underlying cause. But doctors never tell that to the pasients, and regular blood test don't show it either. Thank you for teaching us, Dr. Berg, and tells us what we need to know.

  8. i have fatty liver n AUTOIMMUNE hepatitis..plus other diseases..ive stop drinking and pharmaceutical drugs over 8 years ago. plus non meat eater but a vegetarian..
    im just now learning my liver enzymes are lowering..taking along time.. i am living daily in pain from inflammation RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS..but i dont do any pharma drugs. its tough BUT i will ger thru this . bitter veges..acv are awesome.. thank u for this.. im going to get BETTER soon @Dr.Eric Berg DC

  9. @Dr. Eric Berg – this video is a contradiction to your recent video about coconut oil. You said complete no for coconut oil and here you are saying it is good for liver.

    Can you please double check or re-confirm on this part

  10. I just want to enjoy my alcohol :*( I don't think I will eliminate it completly so the body can "adapt" just a bit to tackle it, so the future generations can enjoy it and not get so defeated by it 😀

  11. My husband died from an aneurysm that was found on autopsy. Secondarily, advanced cirrhosis of his liver was found, such that had he not died from the aneurysm, he would've been dead in 2 months from the cirrhosis. He had no symptoms. Testing revealed that he had hepatitis C.

  12. Thanks so much for posting this! I was of the opinion that a few drinks a night or a few times a week, be it Chilean red wine or hoppy brewed beer was healthy… Not anymore more, alcohol is poison! Guess I'm eating spinach and drinking green tea to try and lose my basketball belly and live healthy.
    Ty again ~Matt

  13. So how do we know if the fatty liver is being healed? What are the symptoms or signs that my liver is healing? I don't drink and have been diagnosed with inflammation and fatty liver.

  14. Thank you for your videos. Can you please explain how your supplements get made. I have trust issues with manufacturing companies and their process. Science behind this can help us build more trust in your products. Please, we need this information. Thank you.

  15. Been intermittent fasting for 10 months and lost 70 lbs. Everything for blood work was showing great numbers until now. At my job they did a yearly physical and blood work, they told me my ALT is at 134 & GGT is at 171. I fasted 36 hours before blood was drawn and hadn't drank alcohol for 9 days. Before that I would consume 1 alcoholic beverage every other week. I completely changed what I eat, switching to grass-fed meats, more vegetables, and supplements. I've been going to the gym 2-3 times a week. Not sure what happened and how serious it is other than the lab wanted me to call them right away. Ahhh, almost makes me want to give up

  16. Hey Dr. Berg, I don't know if you will ever see this. But, I have been diagnosed with Fatty Liver. My doctor told me to avoid carbs, alcohols and sugars. She also told me to exercise and to lose weight. So, I started the Keto diet. And, I started going to the gym and getting on the treadmill for exercise. However, to avoid using sugar, to sweeten my coffee in the morning, I use erythritol (sugar alcohol) to sweeten it. My question is, is this considered an alcohol to avoid? Is it really considered a sugar since it isn;t supposed to raise glucose levels? And, if so, are Stevia or Monk Fruit better options?

  17. Dr Berg thanks for sharing this information .I am on keto diet from a month and lost 8kg. I was diagnosed with fatty liver two years ago and haven't been tested again. I'm having all low carb veggies .

  18. Thank you, Dr. Berg, for your public service education. I see in the comments that you service has motivated many to stop drinking alcohol. Good luck to those who are going "dry".

  19. I really hope people take this advise into account, but do their own research. While most things here are true they also can be dangerous for making other conditions worse. Sipping apple cider vingar all throughout the day is going to trash your teeth so now you you have a healthy liver bad bad teeth and eventually probably bad heart. Certain foods are also bad for cancer patients or could attribut to giving you cancer like asparagus, certain vitamins and carrots etc etc.Esophageal ph and alchohol exposure can lead to esophageal cancer and kombucha has the effects of alcohol BECAUASE KOMBUCHA CONTAINS ALCHOHOL so some real misinfo here from 2015 as well. You really have to watch your own behind on most of this information, its a money driven industry.

  20. Thank you so much for your informations, it helps a lot! Now i don't drink so much wine, eat vegetables, no sugar. I had a fatty liver: skipped heartbeats, no sleep on my left side, sometimes bad walking even if i did not drink alcohol.

  21. Thank you Dr. Berg you’re one of the best I really appreciate this about the liver thank you so much for all the good information God bless you😊💕

  22. Dude! I do 25-3 lifestyle. For 25 days I do cold showers/morning water therapy/HIIT/Vegan OMAD/NoFap. Then, for 3 days I binge drink/eat animal products/choke the bishop.

  23. I’m going to quit as of today!! I’m so scared my body has been itching the bottom of my feet have been burning and itching. I read that this is a sign of liver disease. I’m going to get blood work done tomorrow and find out in a week the results. I’m so scared. I’ve been drinking a lot of wine lately sometimes a whole bottle. By myself. What really damaged my liver was Tylenol a few years ago.

  24. My son is 21 has heart issues and high enzymes. He doesn't drink but is not very active. He also eats processed foods. He is scheduled for an ultrasound.

  25. Dr. Berg…i was diagnosed with fatty liver 5 years ago. I am on Ursidol and the fatty liver is gone. I eat veggies and eat good food for my liver but I do like to drink 3 glasses of wine a night and i make spritzers.. is that still bad for my liver even though the alcohol is diluted with seltzer and ice? I was also diagnosed with primary biliary steatosis but not bad. Should i stop drinking the wine?? Thank you for this video.

  26. Hello Dr. Eric, enjoy by ur videos. In this case I've fatty liver very much healthb conscious about health take veg food , green vegetables, fruit, no sugar, diary products …even then no improvement…balloon type belly goes on increasing, too much heaviness beneath the rips not only towards the liver side even towards the left side as such. If possible please suggest what should I do for to reverse the fatty liver. Thanks a lot

  27. Do you ever stop farting when eating cruciferous vegetables? My dog is scared of farts. It's been chaos in the house since I started eating them. LOL

  28. Kudos to every one of you who quit drinking alcohol! the other things that will give you a fatty liver are bad eating -sugars of any kind including fructose, glucose, dextrose, etc, simple carbs like crackers, chips, etc. These turn to sugar in your body and the fat collects around the liver. I stopped drinking decades ago but my diet was really bad. Working on it now. Give up these things and you will also lower your cholesterol and greatly lower your triglycerides! Stay sober; life really improves without the alcohol if you are prone to alcohol addiction!

  29. Our prophet(PBUH) advised us to always sleep on the right side 1400 years ago..every action of HIS is a blessing for us 🙂

  30. I ave seen some videos in YouTube which says that fatty liver can be also reversed with Keto Diet. Please suggest and advice if this is true.

  31. how about consuming a grass-fed grass-finished cow liver, would consuming a liver help heal your own liver since we are animals? Vegetables scare me, humans are not designed to digest plants, kale and spinach can cause kidney stones, inflammatory vegetables like tomatoes are no good and anit-nutrient plants are not good..what are your thoughts on the truth of plants ?

  32. I will be having a fibro scan in January to rule out hemochromatosis. Inherited this genetically. Working to get rid of my fatty liver.

  33. Stopped drinking on 6/22/2014. Need to stop eating refined carbs, processed foods, vegetable oil (fired foods) and different sugars.

  34. If i were to make vegetable smoothies, is the benefit still there, if I don't immediately consume it? It's not exactly convenient blending them at the office.

  35. I am so grateful for what Dr. Berg puts into this video, this is life-saving and one of the most important videos out there to educate people on keto journey, I thank Dr. Berg from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to sleep well on my right side.

  36. Haha hahaha the bitter greens the kale and spinach. hillarious Berg….

    Bitters are bitter gourd/bitter melon. Get some ampalaya and some seriously bitter herbs ones that are hard to eat have them with some egg it helps.

    This is why I refuse to take Paracetamol etc (acetaminophen) etc 99 percent of the time bad for liver.

  37. Happy New year! Watching from Bridgetown Barbados, Dr.'s say you can have a glass of red wine, is that bad for your liver as well?

  38. I didn't stop drinking. I toned it done a lot. Now I drink once every 3 months or so and then I keep it under 10 glasses of alcohol and drink some water with it so I don't get a headache, and my liver wil have a lot of time to restore itself while I'm healthy foods like lots of green vegetables every night. The supplements seem unnecessary and expensive to me. Buy vegetables instead.

  39. Never tasted alcohol except when they fooled me in church saying it’s the blood of Christ. But got some liver problems.

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