How to Read a MRI of Cervical Stenosis with Spinal Cord Injury | Spine Surgeon in Colorado

we’re now going to discussa patient with
a cervical herniated disc herniated disc
in the neck and this person ended up having some
spinal cord injury because of it so on this side view MRI we saw on
the normal one again brain is up here this is the spinal cord coming down
through here again the white stuff cerebral spinal fluid these are the vertebra and again these are the discs we can look down at the C five six
disc here and we can see that there is a disc herniation back here you can see
it’s compressing the spinal cord and that spinal cord compression is
causing this patient some symptoms of a condition called myelopathy or spinal
cord dysfunction we can see the cord itself has a
uniform color until we get here where we can actually see some increased white or
signal change within the cord which is an indication of some problems with the
cells within the cord we can look at it from the top down view
and again this yellow line shows us where this cut is and this is normal
here you can see the spinal cord surrounded by the csf with the nerve
exit zones and as we march down the spine we continue to see that the spinal canal
is nice and wide open there’s still plenty of cerebral spinal fluid around
the cord up until the point that we get to the injury where we can see the herniation is
causing significant deformation of the spinal cord and if you look carefully
you can see this white area in the cord and if we go down to the level right
below the herniation you can see the white area over the cord
injury level within the cord at the level below
but this is the level of the herniation that is causing that compression this is a stir image of the spinal cord this is very similar to the T two image
that we saw where the water was white you’ll see with this stir image the
water is still white but the fat back here and the fat in the bones is
suppressed it allows us to see inflammation with
a better vantage point and again if you follow the spinal cord and you see where the injury is you can
see all of the edema in the cord because of this herniated disk compressing the
cord this is a comparison of the injury
cervical spine to a normal cervical spine in a normal cervical spine you can see
the spinal cord is free all the way down there is white csf on either side and
this white signal of the cord which you don’t have at the normal level

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  1. I am in for C5/6 anterior disc removal much the same as this video can this also cause pain when I tip my head back,I am unable to do that It feels like I have pain lower down in my neck,I have been told I have Osteophyte bone spurs different levels.

  2. Emergency! Please can anyone tell me how this herniated disc can be fixed or be healed enough. I have the same problem!!! thx.

  3. After all of what I've found out about this, I'll never see another chiropractor. For those that like them, and want to continue, is their wish- & not not against that, but for me personally, after what some people going through this that I know, I think I'll stick with orthopeadics, thanks! -__-

  4. i have killer shoulder and elbow pain once i was walking up the steps and fell down lost feeling in both legs for about 5 seconds it was if i was parrelysed in both legs could this be from my neck

  5. Thank you so much for posting this, it was very informative and easy to understand. I have sustained injuries to my right shoulder/right upper back area at work and recently had a MRI done in the course of figuring out what the cause of my pain is. Thanks to you I now have a better idea what I'm looking at and what questions I'd still like to ask my doctors. Cheers!

  6. How are you dealing w/ that? Have you had any improvement w/ any physical therapy, surgery, etc.? I'm sorry to hear you're dealing w/ that. 🙁

  7. Dr. Corenman personally replies to all messages posted in his forum. Please move your question to AskSpineDoc (dot) com for a response.

  8. ive had shoulder problems for 4 months mri showed my shoulder was perfect nothing wrong what so ever i get pains shoulder down to m y 2 last fingers is this a sign of neck problems? also very bad pain at times almost 24 7 unless im sleeping no pain when i sleep 

  9. HI Dr.Corenman, I'm going in for a cervical MRI again. I have severe pain my neck and think I may have injured my spine around the area that's just starting to go down the spine. I think around the c7 area.  CAn you tell me how far down the spine they scan for a cervical mri? I think the injury is right on the line that they're scanning and they're missing the major injury but don't know how to tell.  I don't know how far they're scanning.

  10. Hello Dr. Corenman i was wondering if i could Email you results of my MRI, i watch your videos and have learned from them a great deal! 

  11. Sir I am suffering from low back pain since 5 yrs Should I do the operation or is there any other way to get rid of it

  12. hello dr. i had acdf two months ago in c4c5c6 please tell me when its the appropriate time to have an mri to the spine thank u

  13. I have 2 discs like this as i fell on the top of my head after falling onto concrete when i was 9 years old. I also have an impinged and trapped nerve on my left side, arthritis is there also.
    The spine specialist did not operate said he had seen worse , no i did not punch him, but said carry on with codeine but do not stand on chairs or go up ladders as i would lose up to 60% of my left side if i fell.
    My GP's refused me an MRI for over 20 years until a ENT doctor sent me,thank God. I would like an operation but i think it is more about cost for them , if i had the money i would go private.

  14. Do you have ear clicking when swallowing or turning your head right or left, and do you have ringing in your ears ?

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  16. Is it top down view or down-top view.Scans usually look from the caudal to cranial end unless pt is lying prone.

  17. Is that a central cord injury because the central area of the cord is edematous and the spinal canal also seems to be blocked.

  18. Hello sir left pair Central disc examination C5 C6 spinal canal Naveen 7 – 8 right side C3 C4 7 -8 mm left side C4 C5 8 – 9 left side left hand pain chest pain Vertigo

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