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well we’re back continuing our discussion
with doctor corenman about back pain and neck pain if have it here’s the science
behind it he is with the steadman clinic and earlier we were looking at a few slides
that were showing kind of the anatomy of the disc and looking at
a diagram of someone bending over just to give people an idea
of a what is actually happening you know what are the physics behind a bend and
a pickup the next picture here really shows what’s happening in a simple diagram using the lever in the fulcrum
again going back to high school you know anatomy and physiology what happens is
is that if you’re lifting and the load is close to your body if you look at the diagram up there of
the little man that you see on the top is your muscles pushing down and it
doesn’t take a lot of energy to hold or lift that when the muscles in the back are
pushing down but if you look over on the right side if the load is away from you
what you’ve done is you’ve increased that lever arm and now the strain on
your back is ten times more and so when people say load close to
your body this is the reason it is a real actual physical reason so if we can go to the next picture this is a MRI and you’re looking at
a disc from the top down you literally almost take a samurai sword
to cut somebody in half to look at their spine its really cool so this MRI the big round or oval
structure on top is the disc and if you look you see that line that goes down
from the center to the bottom that’s a tear in the disc this person when
he lifted lifted incorrectly and unfortunately tore the disc and this creates
significant back pain this is where back pain comes from is the tear in the disc and then let’s go to one last slide this is my favorite picture there’s an
artist a medical artist named frank netter this is called the homunculus of
the brain it’s a fancy term but it really means this is how our sensory system is
distributed meaning that you can tell on your index finger
exactly where your sliver is but when you come in with low back pain all you know
is low back pain you cant tell me it’s the L-four five disc on the right nobody does and if you look at the diagram it’s
because of how we’re wired you can see the tongue has ten times more receptor
cells than the entire lower back does so the reason why we can’t tell where
lower back pain is or what it is is simply because of how we’re wired
ok so when you have people come in and say i have low back pain and so many people in the united states have back pain and
it’s amazing how many people will have it 80 percent will have disabling back pain some time in their
lives so sometimes it can go away naturally with rest maybe some exercise
what do you recommend for people well most of the time if you just rest
it a little bit and you take it easy maybe take some
anti-inflammatory over the counter motrin and aspirin it’ll probably get better but there are
some people who develop a longer term chronic problems and that’s where you
need a good core rehab program that we talked about the last
time physical therapy chiropractic things
like that can be very helpful to get you back going that because we live very
active life styles out here and we dont want to be sitting at home absolutely not ok
well doctor corenman thanks so much for your time and explaining more
so no twisting and no keeping the weight far from you bring what you’re
carrying in close to your body and lift with your knees if you want to learn more
about this you can go to or contact doctor corenman
at 479-5895 at the steadman clinic

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