How to Inject Your Face Yourself at Home

hi I’m dr. Johnny do you want to inject
yourself at home well a lot of people are in those YouTube videos displaying
that and some people are feeling that it might be a good idea reasonable or safe
I wanted to educate a little bit give you my opinion here and tell you why it
may not be the best idea so home injections are injectors that you might
see on Instagram or on YouTube injecting themselves but more importantly it’s
people with no knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the product or the filler
or what they’re putting in injecting it so what are the potential pitfalls it
can be done and maybe it’s safe for some people but not knowing the anatomy now
even if you know your Anatomy there’s a parenthesis so there can be side effects
even if you know where you’re putting the product but a lot of people who
inject nurses doctors nurse practitioners people who inject a lot
study and continually go to courses to update on Anatomy on pitfalls using a
needle versus a cannula of course it’s very difficult use a cannula on yourself
but it is a little bit safer so that’s some of that one of the nuances of
knowing the anatomy and how to inject around the anatomy a second big problem
with it is where’s the product coming from and not knowing what it is because
we don’t know where came from oftentimes it comes from outside the country it can
be labeled as one thing you get it’s something totally different and I’ve
seen it sometimes there’s they are permanent products or silicon
with inner product and anytime you inject something permanent you can have
permanent products especially if it didn’t go exactly where you want so not
knowing the problem what not knowing what’s in what you’re jacking is a
problem thirdly we’re always changing certain things about what we do with
injections that’s why we go to courses all the time one of the things is that
as an example is cleanliness and of course one of the number-one areas of
people self inject is the lips of course and the oral cavity is very dirty and
what we’re using the clean how we clean in the pre preparation is important to
know often not followed by the home gamers when an infection occurs it can
be problematic very hard to get rid of there’s be no typical changes that occur
in the bacteria something called biofilm and it’s difficult to treat for the most
expert of injectors leave along the home mainland
another problem is we talked about Anatomy but even if you know your
Anatomy you could get an occlusion either by going into a vessel or from
the outside if it occurs most people at home don’t have high Linux or filler
dissolver to take care of that problem and of course the tissue can die point
rapidly so that would be one of the devastating complications so there’s a
lot of reasons why it’s a bad idea to inject yourself at home I think not
being prepared as well for the repercussions and when something bad
happens it’s your face you only get one and the repercussions tend to be
permanent it’s not things that just go away it’s not lipstick it’s not lip
gloss it’s not lip plumper it’s actually going in your body what goes in your
body if it’s not clean can cause infection and in the process and all
those bad things permanent and permanent product put in
the lip or in the skin almost can never be fully removed even with surgery soft
maybe reconsider if your hope you were thinking of injecting yourself at home
love to know what you think below we’re open to everyone’s comment we’re sharing
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think to keep your skin and body beautiful healthy

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