How To Get Your Ex To Meet Up With You

Hey there, this is Clay with This is going to be a little bit of an unusual
video. This is going to be on how to get your ex
to meet up with you. And at the end of this video, I’m going to
be telling you about how we’re going to be doing a online workshop, where I help you
craft messages to send to your ex to communicate with them, to get the two of you talking,
to get the two of you having good interactions. So, if you want to take that towards meeting
up in person, you can do that. I’ll give you more details about that towards
the end of this video, if that’s something that you’re interested in. But I was actually originally going to do
this video as a live stream, but I just wanted to get this out quickly because my inbox is
really flooded as you’ll find out why in a little bit. And I’d really need to get to as many of those
emails as possible before the end of the day today, so I can go on my weekend without going
insane and worrying about what my inbox is looking like. But anyway, we’re going to talk about how
to get your ex to meet up with you. So if you’re wondering how to get your ex
to meet up with you, you’re probably past that stage of getting your ex to talk to you,
right? You’re in communication with them and now
you’re wondering, okay, how can I get from communication that’s maybe sometimes good,
sometimes bad, sometimes a little bit shaky, sometimes it’s okay, sometimes it’s great,
sometimes it’s terrible, or whatever, to the point where the two of you can actually meet
up, spend some time in person and all of that. And so, what we want to look at is a couple
common mistakes that people make at this point. The first is that people are often relationship
focused when interacting with their ex. That is to say that they are trying to interact
with their ex, text their ex, communicate with their ex, all of these sorts of things,
with the intention of getting into a relationship with them. And I get it. I’ve been on YouTube since 2011 I think, and
I’ve helped people with relationships since 2009, I’ve been around for a long time. I get that you want to be in a relationship
with your ex, but you have to understand that if your ex believes that you want to get into
a relationship with them above actually hearing them, understanding them, connecting with
them, and all of these sorts of things, then it’s going to cause them to pull away. It’s going to cause them to think that the
two of you want different things. It’s going to cause them to think that the
two of you are on different wavelengths. And it’s going to cause them to be hesitant
about interacting with you, about opening up with you, or about meeting up with you. So you don’t want to be relationship focused,
what you want to be is connection focused. And I know that if you think about this, this
is kind of a little bit of a mind shift for a lot of people, but if you think about it,
you don’t want to be in a relationship with your ex just for the sake of being in a relationship,
right? You don’t just want to be able to tick the
box and say, okay great, I’m in a relationship now. You probably want to be in a relationship
because you think it’s going to give you something. You think it’s going to give you some sort
of connection, some sort of closeness, some sort of bonding, some sort of whatever. Maybe you want to feel that bond that people
feel when they settle down and start a family together, or when they travel the world together,
or when they spend those quiet moments of life together, whether that’s coffee in the
morning on Sundays, or glasses of wine in the evening, or whatever it might be. That’s probably what you want. And just know that going for the relationship
is not necessarily going to give you the connection that you’re looking for. There are a lot of people who are in relationships
who just don’t have any kind of connection. They’re just putting up with one another. Maybe you know some people like that. And that’s not what I want for you. So let’s not aim for the relationship hoping
that it gives us the connection. What we want to do instead of being relationship
focused, is we want to be connection focused, we want to focus on aiming for the connection,
knowing that if there is going to be a relationship, it’s going to naturally and organically evolve
out of having a strong connection. And so what you want to do is you want to
focus on all those things that you want, the closeness, the emotional bonding, and all
of that stuff, and let go of the idea of trying to force the relationship to happen. If you think about it, this is probably how
things happened when you and your ex first got together, when you first started dating. You probably weren’t scheming on your first
date, how can I get this person to commit to me, to marry me, to do whatever. You were probably just like, okay, here’s
an attractive person, that’s great, but do we have anything in common? Do we have any shared values? Do I like them? Do we have personalities that are compatible
with one another? All of these sorts of things. And as you started to discover each other,
you started to connect with one another, and as you started to connect with one another,
you started to feel closer to one another and as you started to feel closer to one another,
you started to see a future with one another. That’s probably how it happened. And that’s probably what your past looked
like, hopefully. And when you get back together with your ex,
when you move towards just simply communicating with them, and move towards actually getting
to the point where they want to meet up with you, that is what you need to keep in mind. That’s what you have to focus on. So, there are a couple of different ways that
this can look and can unfold. Obviously you want to start by messaging your
ex, most likely through text messaging, it’s how people do it these days. If you’re old fashioned, you call someone
on the phone or whatever, that’s totally fine, go ahead and do that. But most people text message these days. Now there’s a time and place for text messaging,
I wouldn’t recommend that you do all of your communications through text messaging, but
most people are probably going to want to start with text messaging, and you want to
keep the conversation and communication light at first. And then once you calibrate to where your
ex is at emotionally, that’s when you can deepen it down to a deeper emotional level. And then of course there comes a point in
time where you outgrow texting as a container for communicating, and you need to graduate
up to something else, like a phone call, a video call, or a meetup in person. And that would be a great segue to getting
together in person. You may go from texting directly to meeting
up, you may need to have some sort of intermediate step, like talking on the phone or something
like that, so that you can deepen that emotional connection a little bit more. But that is more or less what it’s going to
look like. And as you are communicating with your ex,
you’re constantly moving to deeper and deeper and deeper levels of communication. And as this happens, it becomes more and more
and more obvious why the two of you would want to meet up in person. You’re going to want to meet up in person. It’s going to seem self-evident because interacting
with each other feels good. It’s going to seem like the next logical thing
to do. So that’s what it looks like. That’s the rough roadmap for how it looks
to get your ex to meet up with you. I want to also talk to you a little bit about
a online workshop that I’d like to be doing with you, potentially, over the next, over
in March, early March, 2020. You never know when people are going to stumble
across this video. But this is what it’s going to look like. This is how it works. This is the details on that if you’re interested. So it’s going to be called the communication
clinic. What we’re going to be doing is we’re going
to be working with people to help them to get from this point where they’re contacting
their ex towards having a great positive interaction. And I want to work with people who are having
a hard time communicating with their ex, to help them to have a positive interaction that
eventually could lead towards meeting up in person, which could lead towards multiple
meetups, which could ultimately lead towards getting back together. And we’re going to be doing this in early
March. Let me just bring up my calendar really quick
so I can double check the dates for you, but we’re going to be doing this on March 10th,
which is Tuesday. It’s going to be a three day workshop. We’re going to be doing this on March 10th,
which is Tuesday, March 12th, which is a Thursday, and March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, which is
also a Tuesday. Also happens to be my grandmother’s birthday,
my late grandmother’s birthday, passed away three years ago. But anyway, we’re going to be doing it on
those three days. It’s not going to be an all day thing. It’s probably going to be two to three hours. That’s what I’m hoping for. We’ll go as long as we need to within reason,
but it’s going to be about two to three hours each day. I don’t know about the times just yet. I’ll give you more information on that once
they become available, but my intention is to have these sessions, we’re going to be
doing a little bit of teaching, a little bit of instruction, and then we’ll also be looking
at people’s messages that they’re sending to their ex, or planning to send to their
ex, things that they want to say, things that maybe they’re ex is saying back to them, looking
at how to deepen the emotional connection, looking at how to actually have a positive
interaction, how to navigate their ex’s hesitation, all that stuff. So if you’re interested in that, there’s a
couple things I want to put into place, first and foremost. Number one, this is not for you if you’re
not in contact with your ex right now. If your ex has blocked you, if your ex is
not willing to talk to you, if your ex is not willing to communicate with you, this
is not for you. There are other things that we have, other
ways that we can help you, definitely other videos on this channel that has over 600 videos
right now, but this is only for people who are in communication with their ex. The reason for that is because I want to give
people a result during this workshop. I want to give people results during this
workshop, and I cannot guarantee that you can get results during this workshop if your
ex has blocked you, if your ex is not communicating to you, and all that stuff. There are ways that you can get your ex to
talk to you, but I want to play this safe here. Another thing, I want to really get to know
your situation first, to make sure that we can help you. So if you’re interested in this, there’s a
link in the description for this video. I will also pin a comment in the comment section. Just so you know, the enrollment for this
workshop is $500 U.S., so if that fits your budget, then this might be worth it for you. If it doesn’t fit your budget, then there’s
other things out there for you, but this is probably not the right thing for you. So anyway, that is what’s going on. If you want to participate in this, if you’re
interested, please go ahead and fill out the form that I’ve linked to in the description
of this video, and I’ve pinned a comment to in this video, and we can go ahead and start
a conversation to see if we can help you to have a positive interaction with your ex,
and to see if maybe this communication clinic might be a good fit for you. Just know that I’m recording this and I’m
posting this on a Friday. We have been getting a lot of emails over
the past couple of weeks. Also, specifically emails about this communication
clinic. I’ve sent information to my email newsletter
about this so they already know. So we’ve been getting a lot of emails. Our email inbox is kind of backed up. And because it is Friday, we are a small company,
we do take weekends off. So if you submit an application, if you fill
out the form or something like that on Saturday, Sunday, whatever, just know that you’re probably
not going to hear back from us until Monday at the soonest. We are backed up. It might take us a little bit longer, but
I’m going to do my best to get through as many emails as possible before the end of
the day today, so that I can start my weekend with a calm peace of mind, instead of freaking
out knowing that I have 50 or a hundred emails in my inbox. Anyway, if this is something you’re interested
in, you might want to check out that link down below. But anyway, take care. Hope you have a great weekend, and if this
sounds like something you might be interested in, hey, fill out that form.

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  1. Thanks for watching. I know it's not for everyone, but here's where you can get in touch with me about the Communication Clinic:

  2. I met up with my ex 3 weeks ago she told me the things she has done she feels has put a nail on our relationship and if we try again she feels it will be the same….she brought that up not me… I told her you dont it will be the same shes also in a rebound….so that really confused what do I do??

  3. My man broke up with me in june, we haven't seen each other since july. I'm doing Law of attraction really good and have gotten some evidence. But nothing that I imagined about us so far. We are in good contact via social media, texting, both of us are reaching out. He also wanted to know my opinion of his new bought house in which he moves in in April. but no calls and every time I ask for a meet up (every 2 months or so) he always comes up with strange reasons? IE he's busy, or "he will meet up some day" bla bla stuff. I don't know what to think about. I know he's just reacting to MY old thoughts and believes, but we haven't seen each other since july. there should be no Problem to meet up? I also took him off the pedestal 6 weeks ago and put myself there. Since then he opened up more. I've let go, enjoy my life and sometimes don't even freaking care about him anymore. But it's still wird that there are still no falls or meet ups! He's not in a rebound ANYMORE, but distracts himself with crafts since weeks. Please help?

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