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  1. What would be your recommendation for food/meal options for people with disabilities that affect their energy levels and abilities to cook full meals at home. A personal strategy of mine has been to buy veggie party platters as it's already cut and ready to eat without too much energy/effort

  2. I have a baby last year and didn’t get stretch marks why?? And I was pregnant with her… she was Full term 5lb12oz 17inches

  3. There are wax removal videos on YT that are amazingly addictive to watch and they talk a lot about how the cotton from qtips can build up to. I had chronic ear infections as a kid and i remember the ENT screaming at my mother for cleaning my ears after 4 surgeries and needing another because of it 😅

  4. In high school, I took so much chemistry and anatomy and when I got to college, I HATED it. I took one American Politics class and loved it so much and now I’m a Political Science major on my way to get my MPA. So Dr. Mike is yet again correct.

  5. Uhm blue fin tuna can weigh up to an average of 380kg and average of 2 meters in length. They can even get up to 684kg and a length of 4.6 meters. That's not a small fish. There are other types of tuna that are commercialy fished that are smaller so best to really understand which type of tuna you're consuming. But there are better options that Tuna and Salmon.

    Best fish to cosume are sardines, the atlantic mackerel and herring (this is a fish packed with omega-3, much higher than Tuna and Salmon). These 3 fishes also have low mercury levels, much lower than tuna and salmon.

    Also make sure the fish you eat is caught sustainably.

  6. Fun fact:Construction workers that wear nail bags will develop stretch marks on their hips regardless of their body size/weight.

  7. Doctor Mike: how to get rid of dark circles GET MORE SLEEP
    Me: watching this at 3am and have to wake up at 6:30 for school

  8. My parents always push me to use q tips but I refuse that’s probably why I have only gotten one ear infection in my entire life.

  9. A lot of VS models get pregnant and have babies, but they always come back to the catwalk like 3 months later with flat AF stomach and zero stretch marks… I don't understand… Do these supermodels actually have super genes? Or did a bunch of them hired surrogate moms? But i think Alessandra def got legit pregnant, and then she's back at that stage with the fantasy bra looking like that… I mean, ok, i guess they're called SUPERmodels for a reason?

  10. I like to tell people who have stretch Mark's that they earned their tiger stripes. People with graying hair I often say they earned their glitters. That way it is seen as a positive point if view.

  11. I was about to die laughing when i heard ouooooo! From dr. Mike… Wish it could happen in reality.. With the doctors in india 😛😆😆😂

  12. Question: i am curious on what you think about HIIT exercises because i read a lot of contradictoryt things about it and it is something very efficient for me and i do a lot of intense exercise (especially boxing trainings)

  13. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/mnfr.200700038 "Bioactive compounds in cranberries and their role in prevention of urinary tract infections

    Amy B. Howell

    First published: 29 May 2007 https://doi.org/10.1002/mnfr.200700038 Citations: 151


    Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait.) ingestion has long been associated with prevention of urinary tract infections. The beneficial mechanism was historically thought to be due to the fruit acids causing a bacteriostatic effect in the urine. However, recently, a group of proanthocyanidins (PACs) with A‐type linkages were isolated from cranberry which exhibit bacterial antiadhesion activity against both antibiotic susceptible and resistant strains of uropathogenic P‐fimbriated Escherichia coli bacteria."

    UTIs have a distinct sensation when they're starting and if you eat a large handful of cranberries (including the sugary dried ones) or blueberries (have the same proanthocyanidins according to other studies I found when I didn't have cranberries available) very soon after the first uncomfortable pee you might be fine within an hour. It's such an easy thing to do that has no side effects, that I really think any one who isn't allergic to cranberries/blueberries should just try it out because worse case, you had some yummy berries before you call your doctor and best case, you don't have to deal with a UTI anymore.

    I wish to goodness there was something that easy for gastro stuff. Like "oh, you feel nauseous? Have a peach and you'll throw up once and get all the bacteria out and be better."

  14. I have stretch marks on my boobs because in 8th grade I went from an A cup to a D cup in like 7 months….is that normal? Or healthy? I mean I feel fine and all but people with cancer also feel fine until its too late so idk….help?

  15. I've gotten these weird earaches for a couple of years now, they randomly appear atleast once a month, I used to think that it was caused by me sleeping on my left ear (since that's the only ear affected), but I'm highly doubting that since they can also just start at random moments. I went to the doctor for it once but she didn't think it was serious, I'm still a little sceptical, pls send help.

  16. Dr. Mike @3:20 you stated what you put in your body doesn’t affect your blood PH. This statement is incorrect. What you ingest does affect your bloods PH however the body does a great job in maintaining the “normal PH” of 7.35-7.45. Please be careful how you say things. I feel like you could have explained that better.

  17. Hi Doctor Mike, I really love your videos, I recently start to see all of them 😅 what you mentioned about learn as much as you can before to decide a career is the best advise. I choose medicine at 7 years old I focus on science, enter to Med school and I really, really try hard to be good, after 2 years I realize that is not for me, then study Maritime and Ports Operation… Now I'm working on Finance and I love it

  18. Hey doc!

    Can you do a video/segment on diabetes and the different types and such?

    I'm a type 1, and I am so sick of having to explain to people that I can not get rid of my insulin by exercising, or that it's okay for me to have cake.

    A video about misunderstandings and myths surrounding diabetes could easily take 20 minutes.

  19. I got stretch marks on my back from growing tall. Assuming I grew too fast at one point as a teen, they were just there one day. It was my friend who first notices them and she was like: "Wtf's wrong with your back?! It almost looks like someone's whipped you." Gladly they were just stretch marks. 😂🤣

  20. I can't believe it took me to go to your video one and a half years ago to find out why you sound kind of gangster when you were watching dr mcstuffin 🤣🤣

  21. Hey doctor Mike, can you please make a separate video based on just stretch marks. Especially the red stretch marks located over the abdomen.(stomach) 👍🏼

  22. Wati Mike you would want to be a detective??
    That's sooo cool,well i have recomendations,play Phoenix Wright AND Danganronpa,you're not gonna regret truste me :3

  23. Hey I have all of my vacations done and everyone else in my family also but there are some essential oils that do good no they can not fix terrible illness bit my lil bro uses one every night to make him go to sleep THANK YOU FOE YOUR TIME

  24. Hey I’ve been coughing for 2 weeks now first it hurt,then it started coming in pairs and now it’s turned into both what’s happening?(it’s winter so it might have something to do with that but I’m not sure)

  25. What do you think of "going to Doctor Google"? I think googling a health issue can be beneficial for people with good research skills but harmful to people who don't know to avoid the uninformed sensationalism that so many sites put out there.

  26. What happens if I have an ear infection and I use hydrogen peroxide to clean it??? Cause I don't have a doctor and I usually wait a while before going to the urgent care

  27. The graberry s do help its better then getting antibiotics evry thine you have one I need 4 antibiotics once and now if I know I drink juice and I'm done

  28. Sometimes when I see your face expressions , I see a similarity between You and Hugh Dancy 🤔( By the way I realllllyyyyyyyyyy like your videos 🤩😍) hope u see thus comment🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻plus I draw portraits and I will soon make one for you

  29. Hey could please brief us up with acupuncture, lately I’ve seen most of my friends doing it, just want to how it is beneficial

  30. For dark circles, you should try dermalogica's under-eye serum!! Im Italian and my dark circle's ae form low blood flow under the eye (as most would be) and rubbing the serum under my eyes helps so much – though it has to be done daily as it works as a warming/moving fix.

  31. Hey Dr Mike, you should react to Chicago Med & Chicago Fire, they have very good plot, and very diverse medical cases.

  32. Any tips on how to study effectively when you are overwhelmed? I’m in Psychology and I used to have good grades but my anxiety caught up to me and now I’m struggling to pass.

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