Are you trying to figure out how to get into medical school? Or just curious about what it takes? I’ve decided to make a very requested series of videos on medical school. So this will be the first in the series, so subscribe if you don’t want to miss any of them. Hi guys, I’m Siobhan, a first year medical resident. Today I’m gonna be telling you my story about how I got into medical school. I know how stressful and uncertain everything can feel when you’re applying to med school and I want to do what I can to try to help you through that. So if you want me to do a Q&A video answering your specific questions, just give this video a thumbs up and then comment below your question and then I can answer your specific question next time. So as many of you know, I didn’t take a traditional path to get to med school. I actually did my undergrad in violin performance before I ever applied, so I was down in Indiana University my major was violin. It was an incredible experience and I would never give that up or change it. I learned so much about myself and just grew and developed as a person. So to give you a little bit of a sense what I was doing back then, here’s a clip of my final recital. So like the big final exam of music school. Oh man, hearing that just transports me back in time. I remember how focused I felt and it was almost like I was underwater, just trying to get to a certain goal in violin. And that at a certain point near the end of undergrad it’s like I came up from underwater and I could start to remember some of the other dreams that I had now that I’d reached a level of violin that I was really happy with. There wasn’t really a clear moment when I knew I wanted to be a doctor. I think big life decisions like this starts a bit of a gut feeling and those gut feelings can grow when you start dreaming about them. Then you start making plans and eventually they turn into a reality. That’s what happened for me anyway. I just want you guys to know that if you have a dream like that, like going to medical school and changing fields, it’s not too late. And you just need to put yourself out there and really admit that this is something you want and then go for it. I’m not gonna lie to you guys and sugarcoat things, it was a really tough transition. And just emotionally even, I kept questioning if I was doing the right thing leaving music after so much time. Had I wasted all those hours of practicing? Was it worth going back and doing more courses in undergrad? Going in volunteering, doing research and there was no guarantee that I would even get into med school. And my big fear was what if I became a doctor, got into med school and then it wasn’t what I expected. What if I didn’t actually like what I’ve gotten myself into? Everything felt uncertain, I remember every grade that I would get felt like it was determining the course of my life. Oh man, honestly that was such a stressful time just thinking about it is making me stressed out again. But I’m really glad that I persevered and got to where I am now, so here’s what I did to get into med school. So first I researched all the Canadian medical schools. And for those of you who are in the States, we have way fewer med schools here, so that was actually possible. I know you guys have hundreds, so that may not be feasible. Then I created a massive Excel document listing all the different requirements at the schools. So then I started scheming about which schools were going to be the best fit for me and my application, how would it shine?! I decided to focus on the ones who only required courses that I was able to take within one year and those who didn’t require the MCAT or only required the verbal reasoning section. So my plan was in the first year I would apply to those schools and if I didn’t get in, I’d write the full MCAT, I would take all the coursework and then apply broadly across Canada the next year. I’m so so so grateful that I did not have to go through that second year. And I got in the first try, but I just wanted to highlight that I had a back-up plan. There are a lot of great applicants and there are a lot of people who don’t get in the first try and I had a plan for a second year, I wasn’t gonna give up. So after I graduated from Indiana, I moved back to Canada and I made this big master plan of mine. And I got involved in sort of five areas to enhance my application. So number one was the violin and I decided to apply to work in one of our main orchestras, so I worked as a substitute violinist while I was taking courses. But mostly it was just because I wanted the opportunity to work professionally as a violinist after spending so many years practicing and working to get to this point. I arranged to be able to shadow and work with some doctors to see what was I really getting myself into. I certainly don’t think you have to do that, but based on my personality I just really wanted to be sure before I put so much time and effort into getting into med school. So three I enrolled in the appropriate prerequisite courses. So I hadn’t taken any sciences in my undergrad, so I just went for the money. I went for the courses that were needed to apply, rather than completing a whole additional undergraduate degree. So four, I wanted to get involved in research and see what that was like. And I was trying to think: What could I offer as a violinist? Are there things that I’ve learned that I could bring to the table in medicine? So I pitched an idea to a surgeon with a great research group and I gave the idea: What if we interviewed surgeons who used to be elite-level athletes, musicians or military personnel? So looking at these high level performers and seeing what kind of mental skills they brought to their careers as doctors and things that we could learn from or maybe even teach doctors. So things around stress management. And how do you perform on stage? How do you deal with stress and pressure in the moment? So the surgeon liked the idea and we went forward with that project. Which was a fantastic experience, because I got a lot of experience, definitely good for the CV. I felt like a lot of other people applying to medical school had some research experience and I didn’t. And it was also something I felt passionate about and it gave me an opportunity to talk about that in an interview. Five, is getting involved in extracurricular volunteer activities. So I felt a little bit weird about feeling obliged to do volunteer, like it felt fake or that I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons, because I had an alternative motivation, like getting into Medical School. But really I want to say that you can pick things that you feel passionate about and are exciting. And it’s not that you’re just in this waiting period, waiting to get into the medical school and your whole life is on hold, but instead you’re actually living out an exciting time in your life. So this is an opportunity to be able to interact and work with people that are going to shape the types of projects you might want to do in the future. So I decided to work in a Children’s Hospital, I volunteered to play violin in a nursing home, I taught refugees English and I worked in a food bank with Aboriginal women. I’ve heard some incredible stories. Those things together I had an opportunity to work with some incredible groups of people and learn from them, so then I felt passionate about what I was doing. I felt more genuine when I was actually talking about it at interviews and when I think back on it, I found that that was really enriching time of that year where I wasn’t just focused on studying, but I was able to think about other people and remember why was I trying to get into medicine to begin with. And that’s to help people like this. So a tip when you have so many different things you’re getting involved in, I would start a document on your phone and just start keeping track of all the things you’re doing. So names of places, people you worked with and dates, so that when you go when you have to do application It’ll be way easier than hunting through emails and trying to figure out what you had done and the exact names of things, so I would do that. In addition, if you have a really really interesting experience one day, I would jot it down, so you don’t forget it in case you wanted to talk about that in an interview. So finally after a year of preparation I applied to medical school and that application goes in around October. And then December you find out if you’re actually getting an interview and then interviews happen in March. So the time between December and March there’s a lot of preparation about how to interview well. So I’ll make a whole other video about some tips and how to prepare and present yourself in the best way. So March you do the interview and then in May you finally find out if you’re going to get into medical school. And I will never forget opening up that email and finally knowing that after all that hard work, all that uncertainty and you know… Going from that little gut feeling that I wanted to be a doctor, that email confirmed that it was happening, so that was such a fantastic experience. I’ll never forget it! There’s so much more I can tell you about applying to medical school and different tips. So that was just the tip of the iceberg, my story. So give this video thumbs up, comment below with any questions that you have that are specific to your application and I will do my best to answer them and help you in the next video. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already to hear about my experience as a junior medical resident and to hear more about how to get into medical school and what med school is actually like. So bye for now and I’ll chat with you guys later.

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  1. I feel like it's so unfair that you got in when there's people like me who excel at instruments and languages but chose to take hard science courses in uni and got lower grades because of it. If I had done an easy program like English or Spanish and taken only medical school electives my chances would have been way higher. Nobody told me until it was too late.

  2. What is your opinion on a single mom going to medical school? Also can you work while going to medical school or would that be crazy?
    I'm a single mom of 3 boys and I live 3 hours away from my family. I work full-time and have already graduated for Medical assisting on the dean's list (I did that as a single mom, away from my family, going through divorce, working full-time, and dealing with my oldest being hospitalized 3 times). I am now in my second year of doing pre-reqs for nursing, still with all the above hurdles minus the divorce and hospitalization of my son but now dealing with my mom being diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. Not to give my whole life story or anything, just trying to show that I am pretty accustomed to having more on my plate then I should. Anyway, any insight you can give would be greatly appreciated. I just found your channel last night and am obsessed! Thank you for doing these videos!!

  3. Hi Siobhan! I always come back to this video when I'm feeling down. I am a sophomore in college and I just started my pre-med journey this year, and so often I feel like I'm not smart enough or that I am so behind because I did not take a lot of sciences my freshman year. I am also an artist and I love to write. My goal was to be an English major (which I still am + prereqs) but I began to realize I had a deep interest in medicine and biology. Its been hard to adjust, but- knowing that you were able to do it after undergrad makes me feel like I have a chance. Despite what I keep hearing I want to work hard and push through. Hope you're doing well, thank you for making me feel like I can really do this!

  4. I’m hoping and have applied to read Economics and Politics next year, but I just love these videos! I find it so interesting and have shown so many of my friends hoping to study medicine and they have found it so useful! Greetings from the England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  5. Hey there, you have inspired me so much. I can’t even imagine doing anything besides medicine when I am older. I am 13 years old and I’m very passionate about being a doctor. I hope to work as an ER doctor or a pediatric trauma surgeon. I have found that I work really well under stress and there is so much you can focus on in those kinds of jobs.

  6. This is honestly so helpful! I live in the UK and you are the person that inspired me to go into medicine and become a doctor, the problem is I should have known that 3 years before now as in the UK the requirements are a little bit stricter meaning I didn't get to do any sciences as an A-Level (This I what universities look for to see if you meet the criteria) I ended choosing something that didn't exactly correlate. You have genuinely helped understand that there is a way around it and I can still get into the medicine field. Keep up the good work!!

  7. I love your channel and appreciate that you take time out of your busy schedule to make these video vlogs. Prior to seeing this video I thought my chances to get into med school were slim given my undergraduate degree is in behavioral science. However, your story has inspired me to take pre-requisites and give it a go. 😊

  8. My children and I watch your videos. Not sure how we even found them. BUT, it is so exciting to watch their gears turn and see them get excited about MAYBE becoming a Dr. one day! (They are 11 & 12) Thank you for your videos!!!!

  9. I feel really connected to your story ! Can I ask how old you were? I am a New Zealander, 30 years old and a music undergrad/post grad teacher. Currently lecturing music at my old school! Same feeling though, a gut urge to change direction completely!! Medicine and Psychiatry is what the gut says. I have NO Pre requisites ! And the research I have done might require me to go back to school for another 2 years before U could even be able to apply to Med School. I am scared. Did you struggle with the pre req science papers? And did they only take you a year ?? Any other underbelly tips for someone that is in a very similar situation to where you were !? Merry Xmas from NZ 🙂

  10. Wow; you're an amazing people's person😂 haha that was a nice preformance by the way. A violinist to doctor. That was so interesting 😅 👍

  11. hi doctor. I'm 22 this year and is pursuing my investment degree. I wanted to become a doctor since i was little but i couldn't figure out the other way to becoming ones. I never had the chance to ace in the field of medicine since i had to obey my parents doing the other field that will surely not bring my qualification to any med school. The other fact is i have to finish my current degree and work after that to stabilize my financial before i can plan for further up esp in becoming a doctor. I'd love to know more if you're willing to share your opinion. Please share with me more. You make me realize that we deserve to get what we dreams of and not to regret in the future. Thank you for your sharing. I'd be glad if there's another way to listen on your advice. e-mail or anything that might be easier. Please educate me more. appreciate that. Thank you so much!

  12. heyyy siobhannn
    honestly you are sooo hreat and such an inspiration to me ❤️
    so im 16 years old in 11th grade,being a doctor has been my dream for so long i have always been so confident and was always sure i would be accepted but now im really scared my dream will never be real. but im still working on it and not giving up.
    but i have a couple questions
    do you need to graduate before entering med school? like a biologie major or something or you should just pass the mcat?
    and is med school really as much stress and presure as others day?
    thank you soooo much for your time ❤️
    you are sooo amazing honestly you are always so positive and so inspiring💓

  13. I feel a lot better now about switching from English to Nursing. People are always shocked because I never expressed any interest in Nursing but it always has been in the back of my mind as my mom tried to get her prereqs done over and over again (she’s a paramedic). I love English with all my heart but after a while I was so uncertain with my future in it and realized it was just a hobby for me because I was gaining more interest in the medical field after I rode on a 24 hour shift with my mom and always talked about her calls with her and watched a lot of nursing and med school vlogs 😂. I’m scared about having to work a lot harder than I did in my English courses (I can write essays in my sleep so I feel like that is an advantage that I gained) and I got a C+ on my first anatomy exam, but I’m determined to kick my study routine into gear and create a stronger routine. You’re so amazing and this video was interesting and made me feel better about my change even though I’m going into Nursing 😄.

  14. You make residency seem so bright and shiny! I know that’s not the reality for a lot of people dealing with the malignant hierarchy within medicine. Can you share some of the darker sides?? Although if you’re in Canada (which I didn’t think but maybe it’s true…?) perhaps it’s much different

  15. How to Get into Med School in America? I'm mentoring someone at the moment

    GPA – must be above 3.0 average, undergrad 3.5 or higher, if low GPA, get a masters in science and it will help you.
    MCAT – get average, even if below average, a high GPA will make up for it.
    Apply to texas despite it being separate process – it's cheap and less competitive. Better chance of getting into residency.
    Research – NOT NEEDED. Only do research if you are into it. I did not – and on my interview, I expressed my love for clinical work and they loved it.
    Clinical Volunteer Work – NEEDED – do what you are patient about because shadowing a doctor and being in a hospital makes a big impression.

    Interview Process in America
    your scores and gpa don't matter once you get the interview.
    Most doctors don't get to see your scores when they interview you. They pair you with certain people on purpose.
    If you brag about scores it will leave a negative impression. A bad interview will ruin your chances, and an amazing interview will take a below average applicant and give them a spot.
    It's about your passion about being a doctor. Know what type of doctor you want to be and WHY. Show effort you put into it, even though you may change your mind.
    Do NOT say "I'm doing it to help people". Everyone says that. Explain why YOU want to be a doctor and how events in your life influenced it. Stand out.
    Personality matters. – They are trying to screen out crazy awkward antisocial but smart people. Doctors have to be able to interact with patients, they are looking for that.

    Dress professionally but you do not have to wear a pant suit or a skirt suit. I personally wore a business dress that was black and blue, with high heels, and long trenchcoat because of rain. The doctors who interviewed me remembered me for not dressing like everyone else. Dress based on your personality. I'm bubbly and my outfit reflected it. If you love a suit, do it, but add some color. Because when they interview 80 people in one day – you can be forgettable.

    You fail the first try and/or have a break time?
    option 1: get a masters degree in science or public health
    option 2: work at a research lab or medical center such as a "scribe" to show interest

    You fail getting into American Medical Schools.
    Option 1: Apply for DO. Most DO students are able to get into MD residency programs. No one cares if you are an MD or DO from a patient perspective. Patients care about your skills as a doctor. There is a stigma towards DOs, because some MD's don't like competing with DOs. But Competitive MD residencies won't accept DOs. However, you can still get MD training now.
    Also, in europe and other countries, DOs are NOT MDs, so practicing abroad may be difficult, despite DOs and MDs are training together in america.

    Option 2: carribean Schools – last resort. Debt will be HUGE. Stigma will be worse. You are considered IMG – thus have different rules and etc for applying for residency.
    Ex: med school from Caribbean school was mistreated by DO students. rolling my eyes*. I'm the med student like… *dude, you're great. ignore them

    My friend just started at the carribean school – it's rough. But she didn't want to be a DO, and her scores weren't good enough for MD school. However, she loves it despite the struggle.
    So don't give up.

    med school sucks. Residency is awesome.

  16. Such a good vid, no idea why I’m just now seeing this!! Lol. Also had no idea you went to IU!! That’s where I’m going to med school next year 😄😄

  17. i can relate so much to all the stress you said you went through during the process. i’m doing my undergrad in sciences right now and i have at least one mental breakdown a day. it’s so mentally and physically tiring. i don’t know if any of it is worth it and no matter how hard i try my grades are still not good enough. don’t know where to go right now. 🙁 your videos are really motivating me though!! the whole thing looks very rewarding and your personality is bringing my mood up haha

  18. The things you've always pursued, it seems like you were super passionate and went all out for your goals, which is really admirable. What would you suggest to an undergrad student who feel kinda aimless, tries many new things but isn't super passionate about the things they do?

  19. I love watching you! I have so many questions to ask you lol. I think I could talk to you for hours about medicine. Any advice for someone wanting to study Energy Medicine?

  20. awesome video Siobhan! 😀 Very informative! I am a non-traditional applicant too and I was wondering if,when you wrote the MCAT for McMaster,you only answered the CARS section or were you able to answer it all ( Biochem section/ physics,etc..)

  21. All my life, ever since I was 2, I used to gather science books and watch educational videos, I'm now 14 and honestly, your videos inspire me to grow more.

  22. Hi, Siobhan. I hope I spelled it right. So do you actually have to have a bachelors in science to enter medical school?

  23. hey I have wanted to be a E.R doctor but I have autism not to strong but I have the slightest movements in my arm do u have any tips cuz im not sure if I wud do gud in medical school if my arm keeps shaking slightly—ps I have no clue if it has anything to do with autism…just guessing cuz I have autism

  24. When you join medical college or university that day is memorable for every student. MD degree is the best option to become a doctor. All Saints University provide an MD degree program to medical background students. For more details contact ASU.

  25. I can totally relate to that “gut feeling” as well as the uncertainty. I just finished my 3rd yr as an undergrad and completely changed my future career plans to start my pre-med journey. I’m nervous but excited nonetheless

  26. I want to be a doctor and I’m 14 I know I want to be a doctor it’s something I really want to do because one of my sisters is a nurse and my other sister is a doctor

  27. I'm a kid with P.O.T.S. so I want to be a cardiologist and I love planning things so I'm deciding where I want to go to university 😂

  28. I totally agree doctor Shevon ( dont know how to spell correctly but I know it's Irish), continuing, I started medical school at the age of 31 (I'm a Health Carer) now in 2019 I'm 35 and still 2 years ahead of graduation and I'll be 37 ( if not Resting in Peace haha), the point is that I will never regret to start at such age, as a student I already feel blessed enough for what I have learned so far and yet I'll be gifted saving someone's live in the near future ( 2021 if not reasting in peace haha) ! thx for your amazing videos doc!

  29. Ive always been so envious in a good way of doctors. Ive been told maths arent my strength so i shouldnt study to become a doctor but i think ever sense watching ER as a kid and then later Greys Anatomy i was just in love with the medical field. As an African American i am extremely inspired by Dr Ben Carson for his medical discoveries and overall perseverance. Le sigh…i wish i could do what u do but im just not sure.. i thought ab speech pathology cuz im great with languages and i studied the mouth/dental parts of medicine…but the Doctor title still nudges me🙄🤷🏽‍♀️🥺🥺

  30. I really wanna get into the medical field thank you @violinmd you are really helping me thinking about what i wanna do for my future!

  31. Hello, thank you for the great videos. I am also considering Med school in Canada or the US but I thought it was imperative to go through the MCAT. Can I ask you what are the universities that don't require the MCAT and what is the application procedure without MCAT? Thank you.

  32. Did you ever consider nursing? If so what made you choose medical school? I want to further my education and was leaning towards nursing, but not 100% sure. I’m currently an Emergency Medical Technician and Phlebotomist. I love all things medical and enjoy your vlogs!!!

  33. Greetings from the UK! I come from a family of health care professionals and also went down the Music route. Although I have never really wanted to go into medicine (despite my doctor dad trying to persuade me for years!) I find your videos really informative and inspirational 🙂

  34. i love love love #2! shadowing taught me that i didn't really want to be a doctor, and now i'm on a journey to becoming a PathA!

  35. I needed to see this right now. I just got to the point where I admitted that medical school is truly my dream. I'm getting ready to go back to school at age 27 to finish undergrad and eventually apply to medical school. I know I can do this, so thank you for that reminder to go for it despite the voice in the back of my head saying it's too late.

  36. You are an incredibly inspiring woman! I am a nursing student and just stumbled upon your vlog. Thank you so much 🙂

  37. Hello Im about to start the CNA program that my local community College is offering and im looking forward to it i would love to work in the cardiac side of health care. I have alot of health issue myself inculding heart disease and due to this i have been inspired to help others. Do you know Dr.Phillp Cuculich? Hes my Rhythmn specilist.

  38. I really liked what you talked about having a back up plan! I applied for my nursing program and didn’t get in and felt so crushed. I didn’t have a back up plan! Now I have another plan but it’s so important to know that sometimes things don’t go perfectly and we need to have a plan b.

  39. I’ve been in the culinary field since I was 17. Now 25 having that gut feeling that I want to delivery babies. Ahhhhh

  40. My strategy for getting into Med school has been in place for some time now. I've donated my body to UB Med school. Guaranteed admission.

  41. I am currently getting my BSN and plan to go to medical school after. I love your videos! They are so helpful and get me excited for my future

  42. Im currently in school to become a psychologist(BA) but decided after I graduate I want to become a Psychiatrist BUT i HAVE NO CLUE WHERE MY NEXT STEPS ARE….Do i aply for medical school when I am done I dont knwo aghhhh

  43. So I can shadow a doctor instead of volunteer? I mean can volunteer but if shadowing doctor is enough then I’ll do that. My family have seen this doctors for years and we’re basically friends, so I’ll ask her if I may shadow her for a week or so.

  44. I can't even get into a ADN program, my GPA was a 3.9 but all the programs in my state require special testing just to consider you being able to apply
    I was homeschooled and barely did any chemistry, biology anything that's related to the testing so I'd never make in

  45. My friend just recently applied to Med School and didn’t get accepted.

    He’s been shadowing a doctor for years in Louisville and has maintained good grades.

    He’ll be applying again and I hope he gets in.

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  47. Question: Is it possible to get into medical school with a low average/overall gpa, but a good undergrad gpa? (U.S.A.)

  48. Wow here in Bangladesh we just have to give a 100 marks Multiple choice question exam. From around 60000-70000 applicants only 4000 are chosen based on their exam numbers.It is as simple as that

  49. Hello! I love watching your videos 🙂 I sent a message to your email but I'll give it a try to post my question and get answers from here. I am curious as to where did you take your Science courses ? Was it through a post baccalaureate program? I'm looking into taking another 4 year degree in Life Science but also I wonder if there's another way to upgrade my GPA and take the Science courses for med school without going through another 4 years of undergrad.

  50. hey i do have a question . i just moved to Canada i am living in Quebec . and i want to be come a doctor . So i was looking for university and i have found one Mcgill university which the only school that teach in English and they told me that i have to do 4 years of bachelor degree of any major and after that i can apply for the med .. so my question is what program would u advice me to do to get in to the Med .

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