How to Get High AF in Alaska

Hey, this is Trey. We’re in Alaska. Oh, hell yeah.This is Blunt Reviews.A weed travel showwhere we review things to dowhile you’re stoned.So much weed.Just woke up in Anchorage.It’s very, very beautiful outside. We’re at a B&B that’s right on the inlet.We are going to get high,and then go eat breakfastwith Cecelia,who is the owner of the B&B.She’s making us an infused breakfast.Not a bad breakfast joint.So this is a weed friendly B&B,and then some.Cecelia’s making breakfast,so she invited a bunch of peoplefrom the local weed industryto come join us.And because Alaska was thethird state to legalize weed in 2015,they came bearing gifts.I got something for you, I’ll get my basket and bring it out. – We’ll share.
– Okay. All right, sick. This is a cross between Tangerine Dream and Lemon Cake. That’s a big joint. I heard it was a buffet. Whoa, that is a basket.I’m so glad we came here.Care to dab? In a moment.So much weed.Let’s go eat. – Hey, Cecelia.
– Hi, how are you? – Doing all right, how are you?
– Good, good. We have greek yogurt, assorted fruits,granola,and infused honey.Infused baked apples.That’s reindeer sausage.Reindeer sau…Yep.Okay.I dont think I’ve hadreindeer sausage before.Egg bakes with infused salsa,and non-infused salsa.Aw man, that food was so good.Clearly for more than one reason.And between that and the wholeweed party going on,on the roof,I may as well have been in space.So, how do you figure out thedosages for every dish?Well, I always try to do a mix of infused and non-infused.So people can decide theirdose level.It’s early in the day,a lot of us have things thatwe need to do today.So, you don’t want toreally hit it heavy and hard.Nothing today was over 10 milligramper serving size.And that really depends on how much you put on your plate. Yeah, I’m feeling… there’s something going on. But, it’s not super aggressive. And I like this. This is how I want my edible kind of experiences to be. His eyes are at half staff. Yeah.So, this is Cecelia’s B&B.And, it is just fantastic man. It’s huge, the beds were comfortable as hell. I would give this… an 11 out of 5. In terms of blunts or whatever.Now, we’re headed north of Anchorageto Talkeetna.The expedition base for climbingthe famous Denali.And we’re going to go get highand take a plane ride.Denali is the highest mountain peakin North America.Mountains are sick as hellto me man,they’re just really, reallybig rocks that we haven’tgotten rid of.And thank goodness that we did not.We are in beautiful, Talkeetna, Alaska.And it’s,very, very scenic.It’s less than a thousand people here.It’s the smallest town I’ve ever been to.They’ve got dogs,they’ve got mad dogs here.We are going to go into High Expedition really quick. Dude Joe in there, is going to introduce me to a pilot later who’s going to fly me around the bush. And, I’m definitely going to want to be high for that. So… that’s what we’re doing here first. Come on. – Hey Trey, what’s up man?
– Hey, nice to meet you man. Hey man, welcome to the High Expedition. Thanks for having me. – Yeah.
– Yeah.So, just a little backgroundon our shop here,just so you know…This is more than a dispensary,we are also a museum here.The guy in our logo,the guy with the beard,that’s Ray Genet.He was the first ever climbing guideon Denali.This was actually one of Ray Genet’s actual ice axes. So, check that out. Did Ray Genet smoke weed? He didn’t smoke weed. It’s a great question.We like to simulate thatwe’re pioneering thecannabis industry.Just like Ray Genet pioneeredthe mountaineering industry.Is there a certain kind of highyou’re looking for today?Well, we do have these plans today. So, what’s something that’s not going to knock me out? Yeah, so something a little energetic if you’re going to be outside doing an activity. I’m definitely going to point you towards this Grapefruit Juice. Nice high, and it’s going to give you some energy. Give that one a smell.That smell good to you?Yeah, it’s got a…This smells great to me. Yeah, that Grapefruit Juice has got a really nice, solid terpene profile. Well this should do the trick for you, my friend. I trust in you.– All right man,
– All right man,
– see you in a few.
– see you in a bit.
So, that was High Expedition.It’s half a museum and,half a weed store.Which in my opinion,is what most museums should be.I’m just one guy though.I definitely think Ray Genetsmoked weed though.Look at those glasses, you know?There’s a pretty good selectionof goods in there.And I think I’m going to giveHigh Expedition a 4.5 out of 5because, as you could see,they earned it.All right, so… going to go roll somejoints, and then go meet this pilot.Aw, hell yeah.Yeah, it was a good call.This whole scenery from the plane is going to look very, very cool. Going to appreciate the colors a little bit more. Going to be like… They have a lot of trees out here but, I’m going to really be able… I’m going to try to count every tree. If I run into a bear… well this will be a good, last weed to have a smoke. Yeah, I don’t know. Run for the plane? Hope the pilot doesn’t get got. …yeah. Bears are actually extremely good swimmers. Yeah… Yeah, bears… Yeah…. Bears can… I’m pretty sure bears can fly. That’s like the next step in the evolution at least. Once bears start to be able to fly, it’s kind of done for everybody. They’re actually pretty cool, unless you start fucking with their kids. But I feel like that’s most species. A bear might slap you for messing with his cubs. But, when I was four years old my mom was liable to do the same stuff so… Yeah, we really shouldn’t just attribute that to bears. I don’t know, I guess it’s time for this plane huh?All right so, we’re at theair field right now.My level of stress is maybe I don’t know man, I’m high. I don’t want to think about that. Let’s say like a… say like a five to ten percent. I’ve never been in a plane this small. It looks like the Mini Cooper of the sky. – Good to see you man.
– Hi. – Yeah, this…
– Hi, I’m Trey. Trey.My pilot is James Spikes.He’s a cool dude,who flies bush planes competitively,and carries a big ass gun around.Alaska kicks ass, man. Aw, man. So, once you’re out here, what do you just do? So, out here in Alaska, I fly. And then I do a lot of hunting and fishing. Is that what that’s for? This is…yeah, for an encounter… for a bear. This is a Smith & Wesson 500. It’s the largest production revolver you can buy. Oh!Oh, and that echo.– Pretty heavy.
– Yeah. You think that is like 10 pounds? I feel like it’s like, 7 million pounds. It’s pretty heavy. I feel like I have the strength of several men. Yeah, watch out wildlife. Watch out.And you use this in case of bears?Yeah.In case a bear charges me or, if I’m on a kill. That’s your last lifeline right there, to stay alive. All right so, now I guess it’s time to go back to town. So let’s, do this thrilling ass ride again. Yup. This really is the last frontier, man.People just fly planes and,shoot at the river for fun.Talkeetna, Alaska. “City of Dreams”Yeah man, Talkeetna was cool.All in all, I give it 5 out of 5.Weed apparatuses.So, yeahAlaska is great.I got to meet Cecelia,who is about as cool a personas anyone could be.We had to stay at her big housewhere we had a weed infused breakfastwith some of the more prominent peoplein Alaska’s weed industry.I got to see a weed storethat doubles as a museum to afamous mountain climber.And smoke some pretty goodstuff from him.We took a plane ride,and then watched the pilotshoot a big ass gun at the river.To be fair,the river was asking for it.I’m definitely going backsometime soon. But, when I could wear shorts or something.

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