How to Establish a Competitive Advantage For Your Aesthetic Clinic | Pam Underdown

– Who would agree that
they’re really good at what they do? Quick show of hands, good at what they do. Oh, you all put your hand up. (audience laughing) But who would agree that their marketing and their profits reflect how
good they are at what they do? Is there a gap? If you think about it, are there
lots of companies out there that have great marketing
but perhaps aren’t that good at what they do? Yeah? Yeah? Do you think that there’s an opportunity, to have great marketing but be good at what you do at the same time? But a lot of people, especially medics, especially doctors and nurses, they almost have a fear
of getting out there, being on video, putting themselves online. There is often a fear of being judged, not usually non-medics, I have to say. There’s a little bit of a fear with medics sometimes but you know,
raising their head above the parapet to be online on videos. But if you don’t, you will be left behind if you can’t demonstrate how well you’re gonna look after your patients and how good you are at what you do. Hello. (laughs) – [Audience Member] To your point there, you talk about people
who’ve got great marketing, with aesthetics there’s
another limb to that. It means they’ve got very effective, very (mumbles). – Oh, absolutely. I didn’t want to open up that horrible can of worms but I couldn’t agree with you more,
there’s a lot of people don’t want to put themselves out there, because they feel
sometimes they’re gonna be compared to that cowboy, if
you like, that shouldn’t be marketing in that way, I
couldn’t agree with you more. So imagine they might have great unethical marketing and not be very
good at what they do. So if you know you’re
amazing at what you do we need to get your marketing
doing that selling for you. Who finds it hard to sell themselves? There’s ways of doing
it but if this is you competing on price, discounting too much. If they’ve got skin, you’ll treat them, trying to be all things to everybody. Competitors stealing your patience, those unethical ones, price
discounting, people not returning. You feel like you’re limping
along, not time, no money or worse, both. There’s a big gap there and that means that
you’re not standing out from the crowd in a way
that matters to your clients and patients, not to you. So, what is your competitive advantage? so think about it because of how many people are in the industry,
people doing treatments they shouldn’t be, there’s
a lack of differentiation from a public prospective,
not from our prospective. (mumbles) becoming more widespread, the bold line is much fuzzier, because a lot of people think, “why should I go
to them instead of them?” And they quite often don’t see
any real difference between clinics and practitioners, and they think (giggles) who said somebody
walking into a clinic saying, “Oh, I think you
should do this, this and this” they’re trying to tell
you how to do your job. Yeah, so they think they’re
better reformed than you are. So there’s a lot of mixed messages out there, there’s a lot
of confused consumers out there, yeah, and there’s
too many price discounts too many people that
obviously doing it that shouldn’t be, but ultimately
if you can’t stand out from the crowd,
neither will your income. Agreed? Yeah, so. Don’t compete, differentiate, create niche and build
a brand and a following. Can you tell I’m an avid reader? So I’m just gonna give
you another book now, one of my favorite authors,
who’s heard of a guy called Daniel Priestley? He wrote (audio skipping) his third book, “Oversubscribed: How to “Have a Queue of People
Lining up to Do Business “With You,” if you really
want to get to (mumbles) marketing that’s a really good
one to build a following., (audio skipping) questions
home with you (audio skipping). What do you do that’s
better, what do you do that’s different and
what do you offer that no one else does, ’cause
ultimately what we all want to do is get to this answered. Why choose you? It sounds a really simple one and a bit like Chris
said earlier, most people go on the top, “I’ve been doing this for “15 years, I’m great,
I’m been in (mumbles), “these are my long list
of qualifications.” That doesn’t matter, it’s what the patient or the client thinks
that matters, but your marketing must demonstrate
ideally at least two to three, ideally three, unique differentiators, that when we do this with our clients and
our group chain we spent the whole day helping you pull this out of your head and pop it onto paper, ’cause it’s really hard to brainstorm your own brain. (giggles) So we help you do it. So think about this,
what’s your competitive advantage, what do you want to be known? For when people introduce
you to other people what do you want them saying about me you, not me, you? Do you want them to say “This is the amazing lady that makes “my skin look incredible.” That’s one way of doing it but are they gonna remember that? Or could we be a bit more unique about it? I’ll show you an example in a second. Now when I said about for those that feel uncomfortable selling
themselves, I get that it is quite hard to do, so
the best people to do are that your patients and
clients, use testimonial videos, get them to do
the selling for you. I chose, give me
someone’s name, apologies. What’s your name sir? – [Audience Member] Andy. – I chose doctor Andy, are you a doctor? I’m just guessing, yes oh good guess. (giggles) I chose doctor
Andy because he spent an hour with me, he really listened to me, he didn’t push me into
treatments I didn’t want or need, we came up with a really bespoke treatment plan, we took
it nice and gradually, I felt really comfortable with him. I even got his phone number when I saw him a couple of weeks later
and he didn’t push me towards somebody else
that would deal with my question, just things
like this, think about the standards, stuff that you do without even thinking about it, and get your clients and patience to
sell you in their video testimonials talking about you. That’s gonna attract more people
to your practice, then you go, “I’m great, I do this, I do that” or we do this we do that,
what do I call that one we, we, we, incontinence marketing. (audience laughing) To anytime you feel
yourself going, “Whoo great, “we do this”, just remember. (laughing). The more you can use the word you and make it client focused, patience focused and
not about you, the more you will attract people to your clinic. Now, don’t forget equipment,
devices, treatments on their own are not
USP’s, please don’t put pictures of machines,
pictures of products, Illumina. (giggles) It’s what the product
does, it’s what the machine does, it’s the results, like Chris says, use stories, use videos, really showcase. Isn’t it much better if
you did a nice little video going, these are
the Illumina products that I use, this is how I do it,
a nice little show and tell. That is gonna sell more than a picture of a product, agree? Yeah. So you’ve got a unique approach, because think about it, why you
got into the industry in the first place,
why you do what you do. I got into this industry
so 2005 we obviously had a business where I
made every mistake in the book, lost loads of
money, it was a nightmare but I do what I do today
to help others not go through the same challenges
and traps that I fell into, and to not make
the mistakes that I did and waste the money that I did, I’ve got a really compelling
reason why I do what I do. Why do you do what you do? ‘Cause you’ve got a unique approach, no
one else is you if youm find yourself comparing
to other competitors all the time, think about these questions. I hope you made a note
of them or took a picture of the slides, but a
really good example of how to differentiate with the treatment with aesthetics, so some
of you might have heard of doctor Victoria Manning and doctor Charlette Woodwood, so
these two lovely ladies were some of my first
clients in the early days and when they first started
they were two female GPs, still working
part-time at a tiny little clinic in the new forest
near me, near us. (laughing) In the south and they
knew that they wanted to stand out from the crowd and differentiate but they did it with a
combination treatment that they actually called The River Lift. Now their River aesthetics
and to get The River Lift you got to go see them,
now it’s the combination of treatments but
they’re easily remembered and easily to market,
that is much better for your clients and patients
going hiring and saying to their friends, “Not only did I see this “lovely man who really
looked after me and gave “me great skin, but
actually what I had was “The River Lift,” that’s
much easier for them to remember to talk about you, rather than “Went to see this lovely
doctor don’t know what “they did,” we need our
patients and clients to really promote us and talk
about the ones that will. But to do that, could you
think of a signature treatment? Could you differentiate that way? Doesn’t have to be this (mumbles) and dancing unique amazing thing. But could you put your own angle on it ‘Cause I bet there’s
something that you do better or differently that if
you combined it with other treatments you’d get a great result. Have a story around it,
showcase your videos and before and afters, and actually
really start positioning that as a signature treatment. Could be you differentiate
based on service. ‘Cause there’s a lot of
big clinics out there, lot of big chains and there’s private
individual clinic owners. You’ve got a lot more
that you can actually do quite quickly, you could
easily say, in your patient promise, your client promise “You’ll only ever see
me, we don’t push you “into treatments that you
want or need, you will “have my number, should
there be any inquires “afterwards,” there’s a
lot more that you can do as individual practitioners than the bigger clinics can.

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