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Welcome to my webcast on scoliosis if you’re watching this you’re probably looking for a way for you to manage your own scoliosis What I’m going to show you is ways to straighten stretch and strengthen your back that will actually straighten up the curve here. This comes from Dr. Dave Tiberio and Gary Gray both physiotherapists and researchers. Who’ve discovered ways of using exercises and functional movement to actually increase the optimal healing of the body. What we have here is an idiopathic scoliosis, that means no known cause. If the scoliosis comes from a fracture to middle back or to something you actually can attribute it to, this may not be very effective, but if the doctors have checked you out and you don’t know why you have a scoliosis. This is a really good bet for getting your back nice and straight. Usually a scoliosis happens in this s-shaped pattern. And with this one we’re looking at someone from behind, so it’s like you’re looking at me from from behind. We’re side bending to the left in the upper back, so upper back side bent left, and with that there’s also a rotation. When the back side bends one way, it will rotate to the opposite way. So, it’s side bend to the left, but it’s rotated right and this arrow signifies that it’s coming back to the right here In the lower back we’re side bent to the right and that means we’re going to be rotated slightly to the left So we need to correct those movements So the first thing what to do is actually to lengthen this upper curve here the way to do that, kind of makes sense, the way to do that is to literally put one hand above your head and Lean to the right okay? You can see how that is going to actually lengthen the back And a really good way of holding that stretch is to lean against the wall. So if I face this way put my hand up here and I’m just leaning against the wall, so it looks like this I’m just leaning against the wall The second thing we need to do is to actually de rotate or stretch this rotation here. So you imagine I’m actually rotated to the right To stretch that I would just twist to the left so pretty straightforward I can just face here put my hand on the wall and hold it there So if you can do those you can hold them for about 30 seconds just enough time for the body to sort of start Stretching and for the and the ligaments and the muscles to relax in that area But to make it even faster you actually use a third movement the body does three movements. It goes left and right so we call this the frontal plane, or it can rotate, but it also bends forward backwards So if we use those three movements we’re going to get a faster change So I want to Straighten up this side, so I’m gonna lean to the right Now I want to de rotate this Curve that’s rotated to the right, so I’m going to twist to the left So I’m going to hold that position, but then if I just bring in some bending forward and bending backwards very slowly This is going to stimulate the muscles and the nerves and the ligaments in this area to adjust way faster and just holding on movement. What I’m trying to do is I’m trying to keep the movement – In my middle of the back here I can use my head as the primary driver or the primary leader of the movement or I can use my upper chest here so we’re just like that. From behind Looks like this And then from the front I’ll be leaning this way a little bit. We’re rotating this way I’m just getting my back to move there Okay, so that is the lengthening component of this side length think apart of this curve now Now we need to move on to the lower back I’ve just got a spine over here to show you So essentially we’re like this. The lower back is a little bit bent this way the upper back is bend this way. so in order to straighten out my lower back what I could do is I could just put something under my left leg and that would straighten up my lower back! So we need to stand on a step or on a book or Something about a couple of inches high depending on how bad or how severe your scoliosis is. Now here’s the interesting part Where it’s side bend to the right here. It’s also going to be rotated to the left We need to actually step forward with that right foot because what that does it creates a relative rotation Correctly in the lower back so if I step forward with my right foot. I’m actually going to de rotate my spine from below Imagine If I have two vertebra like this and the one underneath, so this the sacrum at the bottom It’s just rotating forward like this and that’s created relative right rotation. so the thing is rotated left but we want it to rotate to the right and the way we do that from below is by using the right foot going forward So very easily we just step forward with the right foot and we put the left foot on something And that’s the stretch for the lower back Ideally you actually combine them, so you would stand in that right foot forward position with the left foot on a little step Lean to the right rotate to the left just do some very small Movements to the upper back and that way you’ve pre-positioned the lower back And then doing exercises with the upper back You’ve got them both at the same time Now we to think about how we strengthen these movements so to strengthen the upper back I need to get these muscles here with these arrows coming I need to get them to work together like this and that was straight Me up So if I put a weight in my left hand and if this weight was to win It would pull me down this way lengthening these muscles but for me to push the weight up I need to strengthen these or could contract these muscles So I’m going to strengthen them. So in this side bending To strengthen these muscles all I’m going to do is put a weight in my left hand and reach up to the ceiling The weight you use can vary it depends how strong you are and so on but we don’t want to look for much more than 15 repetitions of that but we can also vary the speed and we can vary the weight we can vary how many times you you do it, there’s lots of variables there But generally 10 to 15 repetitions of a weight, that’s kind of comfortable for you to use so That’s strengthening these But we’ve got this rotation through the spine If I hold this up here, you’ve got this rotation to the spine that is bringing these ribs backwards and that can sometimes be seen as kind of ridge or lump on that side so the ribs are backwards here So we want to bring those ribs forwards and the muscles that are going to bring those ribs forwards are the abdominal muscles They come round to the front here, so the way they are going to do that Is you want to push something or pull something from behind you into this movement here So I’ve got a little thera band, stretchy band thing and what I would do is I’d preposition my feet again, right foot forward, left foot on the step or a book And I would just push my right hand so really using my abdominal muscles Against the resistance to D rotate this upper back now you can do both at the same time And so you just hold the weight in your left hand and you just push The right hand forward as your left hand goes above your head so this isn’t a follow on this is just to show you how to do it again you do 10 or 15 of These movements feeling your spine really cork screwing and twisting up into a straight line every time you do that In the lower body the opposite applies. Now remember we’re working from the hips, so it’s going to be a little bit different here So we know that right foot forward left foot up is how I want to be that’s the final position So what we would do is we would start Opposite to that, we would start with the left foot forward and then step back onto a step and one way to do that actually put a Band around your ankle so that when you pull back You’re actually going to resist that stepping back with that left foot and what I’m doing here is I actually standing on some books so that The the left foot starts slight lower than the right foot and so the muscles that lift up his left hip Are going to be really working hard to get up onto the other book which is slightly higher than the one that’s one that underneath the right foot. So they’re pulling on the band and They’re lifting up at the same time So if you use all these movements lengthening this side lengthening this side De rotating here, de rotating here, and then putting some resistance behind it you’re going to Create the correct muscle length to open up the curves and the correct muscles strength to hold those curves as well Now the amount you do these exercises or the number of repetitions really does depend on your sort of physical capability And your pain that you might be experiencing But generally let’s say if you’re if you fit you’r reasonably healthy, you’re looking at 10 to 15 repetitions Every day at this exercise the body responds to what you asked it to do if you want it to change its its position here you have to asked it to change its position the more you ask it the better it gets So it’s like an athlete for example wanting to get fit. They’re not they’re trained once a week They’re going to train every day the reason they train every day is their body is gonna respond faster It’s gonna respond quicker to that everyday impulse or everyday input of weights to make it stronger Same with this if you want to change your back you do this daily 10 to 15 movements all these different planes hold the stretching and Then do the strengthening afterwards hold the stretching for about 30 seconds 15 to 30 seconds start with and then do the strengthening 10 to 15 repetitions afterwards. I hope that helps and I’m looking forward, to everyone having nice straight spines.

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  1. Due to hip joint surgery my left leg is longer than the right leg .. discrepancy about 2 cm.. caused scoliosis .. what exercise is recommend.

  2. I have very minor scoliosis and I'm wondering if this will actually correct my spine no surgically, also does lifting weights and hitting the gym affect my scoliosis in a negative way?

  3. It seems I got this similar scoliosis. My right shoulder and hip are higher than the left side. A doctor diagnosed it a while ago, thinking at first that i had a leg longer than the other, which is the impression it can wronly give. But I kept this condition going long enough and these streching might help. Thanks!

  4. Hi Ed! I have been suffering from right side shoulder pain for about a year now, and found out that I had scoliosis curve in my thoracic spine. I've been trying everything i can to fix my pain. I just tried your exercise and I already feel less stress on my shoulder. Thank you for sharing!!

  5. When you refer to doing this 10-15 times are you talking about the whole circuit 10 – 15 times or do the whole routine once a day? how many times a day would you recommend doing this circuit? Thank you for your help.

  6. Nice video. Thanks. I also have a question. I am preety sure that i have the same uper back scoliosis as described in the picture because my ribs on the right side (from the back) stick out…but i dont think i have the same problem with my lower back because my right leg actualy apears longer when lying flat on the stomack…my right shoulder also sits lower than the left one…what type of scoliosis is this…what exercises should i do than? Tnx

  7. Thank you for the video. II have an x Ray and it shows my right shoulder and right hip are elevated.. I can clearly see the curve in my upper back.. question is.. for the left hand shouldnt press. Should I increase weight? And since my right hip is up. Should I put my right foot back? Thank you again you're a God send

  8. Is it possible for my twisting to be the opposite of how you did the stretch at the beginning? Like if I did it I would need to put my hand behind me and twist that way. Also for pushing the band forward with your right hand wouldn’t it be left foot forward to focus on the twisting motion?

  9. Will these exercises help with scoliosis in the neck area also? The two parts of bone that stick out at the back of your head. They are misaligned for me(one higher than the other)

  10. Incredible, I’ve done these exercises for a few days now and I feel and see results. I’ve been dealing with scoliosis for a long time and had corrections but hit a wall and these exercises have really taken my body to another level of straightening.

  11. How am I supposed to know if that is the correct stance my feet should be placed in with the resistance band attached to my leg while other foot on the book, could this not do more damage if I'm working out/stretching the wrong side of my back thus increasing the percentage of the Curve, the reason I ask is because other YouTube videos instruct you to only work one side of your back for scoliosis corrective treatment( the side that needs correcting??)

  12. I have my right shoulder higher than my left one and kind of tightness in my back around my right rips, are these exercises the right for me? I might have the C and not the S. Thank you so much in advance

  13. I have kyphoscoliosis, I just turned 18 2 months ago. Can I even correct my abnormal spine curvature anymore? And would these excercises help me?

  14. Thank you. My mild scoliosis is to the left looking from the back, could you do a video for that please? Reversing everything you said is a bit confusing to do…..😁😁😁😁

  15. Attention!!!!!!!!!!! Attention!!!!!!!!!!!
    When i first watched the videos i feel like if i do this 2-3 times it magically starts reversing the curve but wait we scoliosis or kyphoscoliosis people has much much stiffer spine which doesn't want to change a bit ,easily .It requires lot of hard work to do the same.that's y changes of 5-8° only achieved.
    If you kyphoscoliosis you need more aware of your posture to do these exercises.

  16. Sir would it be safe for me to do this exercise if I have a herniated disc on my lower back I'm 45 years old ND I have a s curve spine please let me know when u can I wanna do this exercise

  17. @EdPaget, I agree in your video that the upper rib cage would need to be derotated counter-clockwise looking down the spine from above for a right thoracic curvature i.e. backward "C" curve seen from the back. Therefore in order to perform this counter-clockwise derotation the shoulder should move in a clockwise direction (opposite to the rib counter-clockwise derotation). I am worry that by pushing on the exercise belt forward using the right arm as seen in the video (counter-clockwise shoulder movement) actually causes the rib to derotate clockwise more hence worsening patient(s) with right thoracic curvature.??? Your lumbar curvature explanation is correct. The pelvic needs to move in the counter-clockwise direction for the lower lumbar to be derotate clockwise. This is accomplished by placing right foot forward and moving left leg back under traction. This forces the pelvic to move in counter-clockwise direction and forces the body lower lumbar to naturally derotate in the desired clockwise direction. Hopefully my logic is valid since this is my best recollection and understanding of what my son chiropractor taught us 10 years ago. Please, I need someone to validate my understanding. Thank you again for your tutorial video.

  18. I have scoliosis but it's just the lower part of my spine. Is it even possible for me to correct this? Last time I've gotten it check was when I found out I had it… And that was 9 years ago…. Is it too late for me? My left leg is seems shorter than my right… I was told it was mild and I was already done growing when I found out I had it. Yet I grew from 5'7 to 5'9 between those 9 years….

  19. I am 58 years old, three years ago x-rays showed mild lumbar levoscoliosis. What foot is the one I need to elevate for the exercise or to wear an insole? Thanks.

  20. Thank you for this video. Can your online classes be used to help children and adolescents with scoliosis (the video says for women over 40)?

  21. My spine curve is at 44 Degrees S shaped so you think physical therapy would help and I wear a night time back brace

  22. Are you in Los Angeles? I have had back pain for years (more than a decade) and have only just found out I have S-shaped scoliosis. Thankfully it’s only 8 degrees or so, but I wish I caught it sooner. I really believe these exercises could help me, but I don’t want to do them on the wrong side if mine is different. Hoping you’re in Los Angeles!

    P.S. doctor gave me a back brace but I’m 29. Should I wear it or not?

  23. I need some help. Can you please contact me when you can? I watched both your scoliosis videos that explain whether the spine curves to the left or to the right. I was told my son’s spine curves in a C shape almost like a hunchback. Which routine do I follow or do you have another video that discusses the hunchback C shape spine? Thank you very much.

  24. can someone help me please i wanna ask i have lower back scoliosis and can i use this technique while sitting ? to put book on the floor and use the exercise

  25. Im a S&C coach and have been lifting for years. So my back is quite strong. I took a photo of my back noticed i had a curve in my spine, with a dropped shoulder and pelvice.the owwww sh*t moment came.

    I have had some back pain since i was 16 but never thought anything of it hhahah.
    I attribute the reasons why it never got worse or really effected me to the shear amount of gym i do. My back is not weak. However, a structual issue is still a structual issue.

    Im now doing the exercises to see if it changes. Will come back in few months to let you all know

  26. Had no idea you were still active. Found this video like a year ago but was too afraid to act because I was afraid I would worsen it. Found two different completely useless physiotherapist and doctors are no help either.
    The former just wants me to train but they offer me bad exercises and programs. O ly progressing weight once a month. Was a total waste of money and half a year.
    Doctors just say surgery and nothing else. Finally found a PT that offers "scroth method" have you heard of this?
    Either way I would like to see more of your paid option since people in my country are incompetent. They just waited for my curve to worsen instead of acting due to ignorance I guess

  27. My doctor told me I had scoliosis when I was younger " minor " scoliosis I'm 29 now and I'm in pain all the time I really have no idea what to do I'm going to see my doctor ( havmt been since I was 18 or 19 ) and see what's going on. The pain / discomfort is terrible

  28. Mr Edward Paget. I would like to thank you for this very informative video. I have a thoracic curve to the right and a lumbar curve to the left. Is my condition similar to the one you described in this video. If yes, would you recommend I try those exercises?

  29. I have a thoracic curve to the right and a lumbar curve to the left..My thoracic curve rotation is 6 and lumber curve rotation is zero . You push right hand toward to front to turning spine to the right by using rubber but our right shoulder comes towards the front but we dont want to this .so how can I control to not come to front my right shoulder.My english is not enough to explain my question ,I hope you understand me .

  30. Hello, I have a right dorsal scoliosis, and my hip is turned to the left, I would like to know how I should perform the exercises for these two problemas. Thx!

  31. Hi, I’m 16 years old and was diagnosed with scoliosis probably like 3 years ago and they first Xrayed me and at that time I had about a 30 degree curve I believe (thoratic I think) . They put me on the brace but I didn’t wear it like I was supposed to but the following year after the year I got diagnosed, they told me I wouldn’t have to wear it because they thought I was basically done growing even though I had gon up a few more degrees. And just last year I was at about 40 and they keep telling me that I should be fine. Now that I’ve started back dancing a bit more my lower back is kind of hurting every now and then, here and there and idk what to do. I try to stretch every now and then but I’m not absolutely sure which stretches will work best for me. But I’m trying to reverse this scoliosis altogether because I hate seeing my rib cage stick out and one side of my back poking out and my body leaning to one side all of the time. I just believe if there’s a safer solution than surgery then I should take it :)) I just want to return back to normal and be comfortable while doing so. If you could help me, I would appreciate that . I’m based in Mississippi also

  32. Hello Doctor,

    I am 39 years of age. The illustration you have is very similar to my own scoliosis issue. However, my left hip is higher than my right hip which in turn give me a leg length discrepancy making my right leg seem shorter. Would I stand on the book with my left foot or would i stand on the book with my right leg?

  33. Hi doctor, I’m 15 years old and I was diagnosed with scoliosis about 4 years ago. My spin curves to the left and I was assigned to do exercises 3 times a day. These exercises consisted of holding a stretch where I am stretching to the right for a minute and hanging on a bar for a minute. I have only done this exercises for probably a month all together. I sometimes have pain in my shoulders and lower back because I sleep in a wired sleeping position. My ribs are also uneven. My ribs on my back are also uneven too. There is a slight bump on my back which makes my back uneven. I am pretty sure my curve degree isn’t over 30 and I want to lessen it or keep it that way. My question is what are some easy and simple exercises that I could do to treat my scoliosis. Also another question is how could I make my ribs and back even again. Lastly if you could inform me on some important if there is any that wasn’t mentioned in the video. Thank you so much and sorry for the inconvenience.

  34. Hey doc, it Is possible having a rotation in vertebras but don't having scoliosis? What I mean exactly Is I have a rib bigger than the other, so i want to de-rotate my column

  35. Hey doc, thanks for this great video.

    I am a 22yo guy doing kickboxing and some parkour.

    I have a relatively good physical condition so if I do these by pushing my limits can I get rid of my scoliosis and how long would take? After the scoliosis do I have to do these exercises afterwards? For how long?

    My doc told me this couldn't be fixed it can only be stopped was he right?

  36. Hey Edward, I am 20 years old.I had no pain.but my posture is so bad. When I go for anchoring people start to ask me why I am leaning towards one side.Could you please help me to figure this out?

  37. Thanks for trying to help!

    I'm completely puzzled by your video though. My scoliosis looks like this: which is the curve you describe in your video, I think. My left side is rotated forward and I have a huge lumbar bulge on my left bottom spine, where my spine is curved to the right side. If I make a step back with my left food like you describe it in your video, my rotation actually gets worse. Making a step to the front with my left food derotates my spine, if I pull my shoulders back at the same time.

  38. I have spent hours going from website to website, why don't these people MAKE A DVD!! I can't keep coming back trying to do an exercise, surely they could make dvds?? I found two on prices are ridiculous.

  39. This is actually the only video that address the rotation…. nobody even mention the rotation, they all believe you put a foam roll on your bent side and you're done… thank you Sir.
    Anyway I need those thera bands… even though I'm having great progresses without.

  40. Im not sure about one thing, from 1:52, "rotation" proper side. My friend has RIGHT side thoracic scoliosis (lumbar spine is ok, surgery in childhood). When im standing behind him and he rotate body to the left, my feeling is that his right convex goes to the worst curve, maybe im wrong but it looks like that. Could You explain me how exactly it works, from 1:52 dont You rotate Your body in opposite side ? Thanks for help

  41. why is the drawing on chalkboard saying lumbar is side bent to right rotated left, when its clearly in drawing bending to the left? It is backward.

  42. THANK YOU! I did these exercises with my friend who was having intestinal pains for a few months after her scoliosis got worse and she could not eat anything without pain. It took about a week for her symptoms to go away when we did this every day and we continued for about a month and she has since quit her exercises and had no food pains.

  43. How can I tell if my scoliosis is to the left or to the right? And therefore to understand that video follow. Thanks

  44. my right clavicle is out of the way, and the right chest bone is also visible, what can I do? sometimes I can not hear from the column.

  45. Wonderful video thank you, may I ask for links to research papers or studies that actually show a long lasting real reduction in curvature when doing these kinds of exercises? I hate to be that guy but I've found a lot of disappointment with these kinds of ideal solutions in the past I'd like to see some actual evidence that it works. Thank you!

  46. why right foot forward? if the rotation is left (lumbar spine) putting my right foot forward suggests an increase fo that rotation!!!

  47. hi doc. im 22 now and i was diagnosed with mild dextrouscoliosis. so i want to ask if there is a posibility that my spine will be strengthened. thank you

  48. Hello, Doctor! My curve is in this shape and the upper degree is 43 the lower one is 32. I just turned 21. If I do these exercises every day morning and evening, do you think can I reduce the degree? I never had pain cause i have always done stretching or some yoga, but I was looking for options to reduce the degree.

  49. Hello doctor i have a lower back scoliosis i guess i am 16 and i just started going to the doctors and he makes me do alot of exercises and I don't know if this will help reduce the degree of my scoliosis I'm so scared😢 also he told me to practice sport so witch sport should I practice ? Pls reply

  50. Hello doctor, I'm having a S shape scoliosis. But I'm not sure which side or how bad it is, although I got xray film at hospital. Could you please have a look at the film and picture of my condition and give me some advices? I 'm not sure which side exercies to follow. Please help

  51. Thank you. I'd really like to talk to someone about my scoliosis further. My curve is pretty bad, l need help.

  52. Hello. I'm 14 years old and I have a 35 degree thoracic curve. I believe it is at T7. I've done bracing for the past year and my lumbar curve has responded wonderfully to it. But now i have a curve in my lower neck. My thoracic curve is the main one. Will that cervical curve correct itself eventually once im out of the brace? It causes a lot of pain now

  53. I've had scoliosis from a young age and it was first noticed when I was around 10. My scoliosis was very severe and the doctors were wanting me to have surgery right away but thankfully my parents looked for an alternative route. After tons of research and different things I tried such as back braces, electro-therapy, and other chiropractic methods. We finally found a upper cervical chiropractor who does the Blaire Palmer method. Their method is based on the fact that if a vertebra in your neck gets misaligned, interference can occur to the nerve transmissions anywhere in your body, which can cause pain in your lower back, knees, scoliosis etc. You may notice a pain in your neck at first, but years later the pain in your lower back can be a result of this, and no amount of surgeries or physical therapy, although they can provide temporary help, will correct the underlying problem. So they seek to analyze and correct misalignments in your neck (mainly atlas) so that your body's nerve transmissions can flow properly and you heal yourself. When I was born my mom distinctly remembered that the doctor had to turn my head in weird way and she believes may have put my atlas out of place and that was probably what contributed to my body developing scoliosis. I've been getting my atlas adjusted for 20 years now and I've almost never struggled with any pain in my back and do not have issues with misaligned hips or things like that. I've just recently started taking exercises more seriously to help correct the curve however many people who go to the blaire palmer chiropractors have corrected their scoliosis through adjustments alone. However, because mine was so severe, I've had to implement stretching and other exercise in order to correct it but the adjustments alone prevented it from getting any worse. These exercises are great and very helpful but I do recommend anyone who struggles with scoliosis or other ongoing back issues to look into upper cervical chiropractors who do the blaire plamer method. I just want to share what I've learned and experienced over the last 20 years.

  54. Hey Mr. Paget, I've been seeing alot of websites claiming that scoliosis can't be cured(as in the spine can't be brought back to original position without surgery) and that the purpose of exercise/physiotherapy is just to reduce pain and progression. I've mild scoliosis since last Sept and I'm in my late teens, is there any hope for me that my spine will return to its original position through exercise?

  55. Sorry, but istn the vertebrae rotated left in thoracik spine and right in lumbal? Procesus spinosus are always rotated on the concave side. thank you for explanation.

  56. Does it work for a 12 year old girl with 60/40 degrees scoliosis? 2 spine specialist said nothing can be done but spine surgery which we really don’t want. Do we look for a chiropractor or phisicaltherapy? Who can help in this case?

  57. So my curves are in the opposite direction, but I also have a neck curve. I have been reversing the exercises for my body. What about the neck curve are there any exercises for it? I could really use the help!

  58. Good Day Mr Ed, I'm King Nel Sevilla, 23 from Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
    When I was around 16 years old. I found I have Scoliosis due to carrying very heavy things, very improper posture and inadequate lifestyle I had experienced. What are the best exercises and kind of food to eat for my Scoliosis Aliment?

  59. Sir, what does this impression means "rightward deviation of thoracic spine which maybe positional in nature versus dextroscoliosis" can you explain it more sir.

  60. Hi, I’m sorry, I don’t understand. For the twisting and lifting part, I don’t know which side to work on. I have a slight curve to the left. Meaning, it’s concave on my right and convex on the left. Do I lift with my left arm or lift with my right arm?

  61. Hi Doctor, My son, 13 years old, just got diagnosis of scoliosis 14 degree today. He got C shaped curve to the Right. (upper back). Could you please tell which side he needs to strengthen? I plan to let him do Pilates moves to increase his flexibility and core strength. Please let me know if it is a bad plan. I appreciate it. Thank you so much.

  62. Hello doctor, im not a native english speaker, i have a slight curve only in lumbar area(to the left) which makes my waist look uneven and i cant really pinpoint what exercise i should do from this video and how i should do them?

  63. doc i have this scoliosis and this is similar to exercices that the therapist also had recommended to me but idk i think it just becomes worst and my clavicles on the right side becomes higher than before?am i doing something wrong?

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