How to choose an OB/GYN

So when someone’s looking for an OB/GYN, I
think that you should ask yourself what it is that you’re hoping to get from it and seek
out someone that you feel comfortable talking with and someone that you feel is able to
meet your individual needs, depending on whatever it is that you’re seeking consultation regarding. It is a relationship that can be intimate
in a lot of ways for people. It depends on their comfort level and what
they’re concerned about. And for some people it’s a very sort of private
encounter and so you need to be able to feel comfortable. There’s no perfect physician out there and
so they’re going to be some people who you just feel better with than others. And so it’s it’s important to find someone
you feel comfortable with. It’s also I think it’s important to seek
out someone who you can feel is well trained and you can feel is practicing with up-to-date
guidelines and and a what we would all want for what we would all want for ourselves,
which is someone that we would trust sending our daughters, or our mothers or our sisters
to see.

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