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Hello. Today I’d like to discuss some points
to consider when choosing a rehabilitation facility for you or your family. My name is Dr. Chen. I’m a physician specializing in physical medicine
and rehabilitation, with a focus on medical and neurorehabilitation. I’ve been the Medical Director here at Ballard
Rehabilitation Hospital for over 20 years now. I’d like to start with that very important
distinction that we are a hospital with the strict licensing and accreditation requirements that all
hospitals must have. It can be very confusing these days because
there are skilled nursing facilities and even nursing homes that put “rehabilitation” in
their name. But they are not hospitals, so this limits
the scope of care that they can provide. A hospital has a much higher nurse-to-patient
care ratio and a much higher level of physician supervision and oversight with rehabilitation. SNF regulations only require that the patients
be seen by a physician once a month. At Ballard, patients see their physicians
every day and we have the distinction of being the only free-standing rehabilitation hospital
in the Inland Empire. Our model is that patients are actually assigned
two physicians: a medical rehabilitation specialist like myself, and also an internist or pulmonologist. This allows us to accept a much more medically
complex patient. The rehabilitation physician supervises the
team of highly-trained nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists
and the team’s single focus is to improve the patient’s independence and [for the patient] to go home. For better or worse, we have very much become
a data-driven society. At Ballard, we are very proud of our patient
outcome data. As an acute rehab unit, or hospital, we are
required to submit our outcome statistics to a national database to be compared with
other units in the region and nationwide. We’re very proud that despite taking more
medically complex patients compared to our peer facilities, both regionally and nationally,
that we have a shorter average length of stay, higher levels of functional improvement, and
a higher percentage of our patients actually discharged to home, compared to both other
rehab units in our region and compared to other rehab units across the country. We’re very proud of our facility and we love
to show it off. Please come by to Ballard and take a tour! Thank you.

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  1. Dr. Chen is a sweet, passionate, caring and knowledgeable physician. Patients and hospital staff interactions with him show that he is a great man!. Dr. Chen, please keep the good works

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