How to become a Registered Nurse in Australia? | OBA – Outcomes-Based Assessment

what’s up guys calling all the nurses
around the world this vlog is for you my name is JC and I am Loraine and welcome to our
YouTube channel for those international nurses who are thinking about coming
here to Australia to pursue a nursing career here good news APRA has
introduced a new pathway to become a qualified registered nurse here in
Australia just a bit of background before we proceed to the main topic
opera or the Australian health practitioner regulation agency it’s
basically the organisation that ensures that health professionals such as JC and
myself are following the Australian standards in the Philippines opera is
equivalent to what we call as the earthy but the main difference is that opera
only handles medical or health related professions opera oversees 50 national
boards which includes an MBA or the nursing and we’d be free Board of us
training the nmda specifically regulates the practices of nurses and midwives
here in Australia and ensures that they follow guidelines policies and
procedures to safely practice any way to become a nurse here in Australia there
are two main ways to do it at the moment first you take the longer route and
enroll in a bachelor’s degree in nursing program in any university that offers
the program this is what we did and the second one is to submit your papers to
opera and then they will assess this and see if you’re qualified enough for the
Australian standards and give you the permission to register or refer you to
take up a shorter study time such as CORRECTION: Conversion is actually like Bachelor’s but only takes 1 year and no need to submit qualifications to AHPRA following month and MBA will transition
to a new model assessment in early which they are calling as Oba or the
outcome based assessment this is specifically for people who hold a
nursing qualification overseas but it’s not Indus who the left one up straight
and qualifications this assessment or pathway will entirely replace the need
for a bridging program so in other words they will be facing out the bridging
program soon and you don’t have the Study Club bridging programs will still
continue until 2021 but starting January 2020 they will stop referring people to
do the bridging program instead they will refer you to the Oba so don’t be
confused okay the bridging programs until 2021 are only for those people who
got their referral letters before January 2020 so all nurses out there
from other countries you will have to apply and submit your qualifications to
Opera’s and MBA using the a gos 40 form link below
they will then assess your papers and determine whether your qualification is
equivalent or substantially based on similar competencies to an Australian
qualification if this is the case congratulations you can apply for
registration or number to your nursing qualification is not equivalent or based
on similar competin C’s with an Australian qualification Filipinos
kebabian nurses whose qualifications are only Philippine based unfortunately you
fall on this category so in this case you will then be referred to take the
outcomes based assessment don’t quote us on this okay but we think nurses with
qualifications from countries such as the US Canada UK New Zealand and Ireland
you may not need to do the assessment but again don’t vote us everyone’s
qualifications or papers are still individually assessed at the end of the
day the nmda still has the final say the Oba is a two-step assessment process
so the first ones part one is an online exam it’s multiple choice from what I
know and once you pass the exam you will proceed to the part 2 which is clinical
or practical exam this practical exam is called osce or the objective structured
clinical examination wherein you will be given a scenario and you will have to
provide nursing interventions based on Australian standards after passing the
online exam and the practical exam you will have to do an orientation program
honestly this is a bit vague for me because I called him this morning and
they are in the process of finalizing this anyway as for the fact sheet the
orientation program has a three stages Stage one is an online assessment stage
two has something to do with learning about the diversity of this trailin
culture and stage 3 is apparently provided by your employer based on nmda
throughout life so again guys just to reiterate just a recap oba will start
officially on January 2020 if you do have a referral for bridging you can
actually contact APRA if you prefer to do to do the Oba instead again the
bridging program will run until 2021 so if you do have a referral for bridging
before January 2020 that will still work but if you don’t have a ferrule yet
before January 2020 basically that’s it you’ll have to do the Oba for the
process and fees involved for the Oba I’ve also asked this when I call them
this morning they have not released an official price list yet as for the
Assessors or providers they haven’t released it either and that’s basically
it for now for the Oba oh and by the way we are not really familiar with how the
UK assesses its internationally qualified nurses but we heard it’s
similar to Oba so anyone who’s in said in going to the UK maybe try and
think about coming here to Australia instead through the obeah we have a
video about why we chose Australia so maybe this relates to you so you know
come here come to us and stay ok come over here
more Filipino friends let’s go and not just Filipinos actually yeah not
everyone come here special mention by the way to one of our friends regina
SPMS regina thank you so much thank you so much for his information yes she gave
us this information because she just came here to Australia so welcome to
Australia she already got the referral letter for the Oba and so she will now
be reviewing for 10 weeks because she will be taking the exam so again once
she’s ready she will take that exam then the practical exam and that’s it we’ll
see what happens she gave us the information that the
practical exam happens every three months this information came from her
agency so anyway we’ll be doing another video if we get more information from
the nmda about the Oba process thank you so much ROG thank you so much for your
help we are praying for you and good luck in your exam so if you have any
questions don’t hesitate to write your questions on the comment section down
below and we will try to answer them if we don’t know the answer we can call
opera on your behalf we don’t mind just write your questions we will try as much
as we can to help like the video if you’ve learned
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that want to be registered nurses here in Australia okay thank you so much guys
thanks thanks for watching bye

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    I really appreciate your effort.

    I have a query that what is review program that your friend is currently enrolled in. (You have explained in one of the comments).

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    Thanks for the information guys,
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