How to become a doctor in the UK as an international medical graduate I The Junior Doctor

hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel today I wanted to take the opportunity to answer a question I’ve
had many times and that is how do I become a doctor in the UK as an
international graduate I wanted to go through the application process with you
today and just give you some more information about each component but
please bear in mind that I myself haven’t gone through this whole process
so I won’t be able to give you any more information than I already have in this
video but I’ll be sure to link websites and forums down below where you can read
up about the topic in your own time before we do any more explaining we need
to clarify a few things the first and most important thing is the GMC this is
the General Medical Council and essentially it is the organization or
body that gives doctors the license to practice medicine in the UK so
essentially if you do not have a license you cannot practice medicine here and
essentially the whole application process is based around getting this
license and then applying for jobs once you have that it is a quite complicated
process and it is different for everyone the second thing to clarify is an
internship so this is a time period just before or after you graduate where you
work within a public hospital with at least 12 to 18 months of work with three
months of that at least being in general medicine and three months of that being
in surgery so you need to get some sort of a certificate or a letter from this
Institute to define all the hours that you’ve worked and the days you’ve worked
so you can produce that as evidence so that’s the GMC licence and internship if
you don’t have an internship you’d need to apply for a provisional GMC license
if you do have an internship you can go on and directly apply for a full license
and I’ll go into what they mean as well the third thing to clarify is the Pete
a B this is the professional and linguistic assessment boards it’s an
exam that’s made up of two parts part one is an MC Cubase paper or I think
it’s based on computers actually and you can sit this overseas in the test
centers that are available on their website the second one which is part two
is an auskey this is where you have clinical scenarios with patients and you
have an examiner watching you this part of the exam is based in the UK in
Manchester so you’d need to fly out to the UK to sit this part of the exam the
fourth component is an English language test and this forms of two different
types of exams that you can take the first one is the IELTS and the second
one is the OE t the OE T is the newer exam and I think it came out in February
but you can sit either to prove that you have the adequate amount of English to
practice in the UK now that we’ve clarified those four things we can go
into the process so just to give you the basics a medical student graduating from
the UK applies for the foundation training program
so this is a two-year training program with the first year being called the fy1
and the second year being called in FY two and when you complete medical school
you get a provisional license and when you complete your first FY one year you
get your full license and then once you’ve completed those foundation years
you can go into training take up trust great posts or live training if you like
now if you don’t have an internship you’d need to get a provisional license
once you’ve done that you need to find an institute in the UK that will supervise you and sign you off
at the end of that year to basically confirm that you can have a full license
and are competent as a senior house officer or a doctor
that’s senior than a new graduate now I understand that most of international
graduates would have an internship and the rest of the application sort of
depends on where you’ve done your medical school so if you’ve done medical
school in an EU country or in Switzerland you’re less likely to be
asked to do the PL AP exam and you may just be asked to do the English language
exam once you’ve done this you’ll be given your full license and then you can
go on with the next part of your application if you’ve studied medicine
outside of the EU or Switzerland you’d most likely have to do the PLA B now I’m
saying most likely because if you do your application and the GMC feel as
though the curriculum that you studied in that medical school fits and a
graduate doctor in the UK and they’re happy with that they may not ask you to
do this exam but this is entirely up to them and it is something that you need
to clarify with the GMC if originally you are not an EU or Swiss national or
at UK national then you’d need to also look into having the right to work in
the UK so you need to apply for a visa and have that visa in your passport as
part of your GMC application down below I’ll link the website to the GMC you go
through a series of questions and based on your personal circumstances and it
will give you a breakdown of what you need to do and submit to get this
license so imagine now you have your license which is the most laborious part
of the whole process you then need to decide what you want to do I spoke about
the foundation program some of you can apply for the stand-alone foundation
year to the advantage of this is it’s part of a training program and so you’ll
be supervised and given teaching however there aren’t many of these positions so
it might not be likely that you get a place secondly you can apply as a trust
to grade SH oh so a trust grade means you’re not within a training program but
you’re just contracted to work as a doctor for that hospital you can still
work within a speciality but you won’t be in a official training program and
this is often the roots that international medical graduates take it
gives them time to get used their NHS build up their confidence build a
rapport and their portfolio and then they go on to apply for training
programs so some of these training programs are the core medical training
CMT GP training for general practitioners and a CCS which is for any
trainings and anaesthetic etc so that was a very brief overview on the
application process for being a doctor in the UK if you yourself have gone
through this process and I currently work in the UK please leave a comment
down below about your experiences exactly what you did the resources you
use and the pathways you took which will be very helpful to those reading the
comment section thank you very much for watching my video and I’ll see you in
the next one bye

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