How to Baby Proof Your Home | Tufts Medical Center

There is obviously a lot of worrying I
mean everything is new for us. Little Audrey won’t be mobile for a while, but
her parents have already taken steps to ensure their home is baby safe. They’re
going to explore and they’re going to challenge themselves and that’s what
they’re supposed to do. So, our job is to make sure that we keep things that they
could become harmed by out of their way. Today, mom and dad are getting additional advice from family nurse practitioner Leslie Rideout of floating Hospital
for Children. She starts by explaining the number one cause of preventable
injury in kids. Looking over roughly a 10-year span and 1,600 plus patients we
saw that over half came in with injuries due to falls. Falling off beds, out of
someone’s arms or on the stairs. You could get a gate that that’s expandable
and it kind of just would block you could take it from one side to the other.
Install gates making sure the one at the top of the stairs is anchored to the
wall so baby can’t push it forward. Also keep the floor free of clutter to
prevent tripping while carrying the baby and always fasten the protective straps
on baby’s changing table, high chair and other equipment. Next, the crib. It’s got a
nice tight mattress and a fitted sheet over it there’s nothing in the crib. No
blankets or toys near baby when she sleeps. And be sure window blind cords, a choking risk, aren’t reachable once baby can pull
herself up. You want to think about water temperature right so you want to have
your water heater at 120 degrees. Baby bath should be cool enough to prevent
burns. And speaking of burns. You want to think about when you’re cooking or
anything and you have a pot, right, you want to make sure that you have it on
the back of the burner. Get into the habit of keeping the handles on cookware
turned inward so little hands can’t grab them. The best advice: learn all you can
about baby proofing your home long before baby comes home. Once you get the baby home too it’s a busy time right and so you really- if you can do those things and have them somewhat in place that
would be advantageous.

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