How to apply Radara patches by Dr Tash Kanagasabai, Skin Enhance Clinic

I want to show you a quick demonstration of
how to use Radara. In the pack you get enough supply for a month’s
worth of patches and the serum. You open the pack, you find the right patch for the right
side, you put it on, and just press it on gently to make the tiny micro-channels on
your skin. Like so.
Then you take it out, and put it down the right side up, get the serum, squirt out 1pump
per side. Gently apply the serum in the area that you want to treat. Ok?
Next you put the patches back on for it to do its magic!
So by creating these micro-channels which are like little plastic needles (which doesn’t
hurt) it helps to make the serum get into the skin to do its work.
So just need to leave that on for 5 minutes and then its done. You just just take it off
and throw it away and ‘voila’!

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