How much Lip Filler do I need?

Hi this is Dr Paul from Amara Aesthetics and
todays video is about Lip Fillers and the Lip Injection Fact File. This is the final one which is the most difficult
question to answer and the one that I get asked probably more than anything else. When someone comes in for their first ever
Lip injection treatment they want to know how much lip filler should i get? So everybody who gets their lips done for
the first time walks in you can see them looking around the clinic looking at me kind of going
is this place the kind of place that churns out dodgy looking lips. They’re nervous they don’t want to look weird
and overdone. Thats normal thats the way that everybody
feels the first time they have it done. I found a picture recently and that picture
really although I believe its editied I dont believe the first person is the same person
as the last person, – maybe i’m wrong. But I like this picture because it really
shows you how much you can expect from 1ml of Filler. A lot of people they’re caught up with the
idea of doing 1/2ml of Filler. You can do 1/2 a ml of filler but the reason
I like this particular picture is because the difference between the first and second
is about 1 ml. Second to the third is about 1ml of Filler,
3rd and 4th again 1ml of Filler and that how much of difference you get with 1ml. I think a lot of people that come in for their
first ever Lip Filler think that if they get 1ml of Filler that they might jump from the
first to the last picture in this series. It doesn’t work like that if you have smaller
lips like the first picture you can jump up maybe 1 size. But you wont jump all the way to the top. Another misconception that people have is
that its possible to jump from the bottom to the top. Yes it is possible to put 5mls in somebodies
lips but i don’t think anyone should in fact the max I ever do is 2 mls and thats usually
with my arm twisted. I think that most people should get a jump
of 1 or 2 steps on the scale. They shouldn’t jump all the way across the
scale because the more you put in the harder it is to preserve the structural shape of
the lip and keep it looking natural. Putting too much in- yes you can get the size
but you might have a Pete Burns kind of look rather than this lovely, nice lip shape
we have in the picture. So I hope this picture helps you understand
how much Lip Filler you should have, I think most people can really get away with 1ml of
Filler, it looks very natural . A lot of people will be disappointed with 1/2 ml. So thats todays video If you have any other
questions or comments pleased post them below and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel
and check us out on and I’m in Harley Street in London and Merrion
Square Dublin. Thanks for watching bye bye!

76 thoughts on “How much Lip Filler do I need?

  1. Hi, the difference between the first picture and the last picture is 4 ml altogether or 4 ml in upper lip and 4 ml in lower lip? Thanks

  2. Dr Paul is awesome!! Saw him yesterday in London for my consultation and can't wait to go back in a few weeks to get it done! 🙌🏽 #youtubefan

  3. I started with a half a ml. And, slowly working them a little bigger. I agree 100% with you. A little at a time would be the proper way. My opinion too. I have a small top lip.

  4. great info. now, the picture being referred to is something who used 1ml between both lips for each step up, is that right? if I were to just need my top lip filled slightly to match the full bottom lip, might 0.5ml be suitable for that case? 🙂

  5. My lips are very similar to the 3rd pic I want a little work on my top lip I think it's SO pretty when both lips are close in size

  6. Each needle is 1 MlL Juvederm ? and it does both upper and Lower ?? something is wrong then because my Friend had hers done today , The Dr only filled upper and she looks weird ? Used Juvederm

  7. Fuck off making women feel shit about themselves for profit. You've created a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

  8. chicks want thick lips, big ass and darker skin (tan). basically you wanna be black like us but your still rascist deep down. so I'm starting to think isit jealously!!

  9. Will the lips go back to their natural shape without any loose skin after 12 months If not renewed ? ( excuse my english )

  10. Question – Why do people have this done?

    I'm honestly interested and I want a great insight as to why people go through with it.

  11. Thank you for this truthful and educated video!  I just had my first experience with lip Volbella.  Very natural looking.  I want to go back for a second injection.  In your opinion, how long should I wait for the second injection.  I want fuller lips, but want to be safe as well.  Thank you for your time doctor!  🙂

  12. this video helped me so much.I will do my first lip filler and I will ask for 1 ml injection.I would like to know how often should I have my 1 ml lip filler?every 4 montha or early?thank you

  13. There are no studies of the longterm effects of botox and fillers. Of course they will tell you it's safe, they are making a fortune on the back of people's insecurities. People are free to do whatever they like to their bodies however,There is no regulation of plastic surgery and it's advertising in Ireland. So go ahead, walk into the propeller.

  14. Great explanation, been wondering that same thing, if you could go from thin to massive in one sitting, good to know you can not. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  15. The thing about fake lips is you can always tell it's FAKE no matter who does it or how much filler you have, and without any lipstick it looks infected. Thank you god for my lips 👄

  16. Very informative. Someone tried to sell me 3 syringes on my first visit! Needless to say, I'm shopping around for someone else…

  17. Me sister went and got her lips done the same place she gets her nails done. She looks just like Pete Burns. She doesn't even know how many mls she got, but by the looks of them pictures she got at least 5, and all in her top lip. Got nothing in the bottom lip and had naturally small but nice lips. So now she has one tiny bottom lip and one giant top lip which she can't move. She won't listen to family and thinks she looks great and is looking into getting whatever else she can done.

  18. my lips are like the #1 pic. ive hated them my entire life and have ALWAYS wanted to get them filled. I would like them to look like #4

  19. Is it possible to get filler just in the bottom lip? I have naturally full lips but would like the bottom like to look slightly larger than the top x

  20. First time I had them done by a doctor they looked crap. 2nd time I found a fab place and a new girl who wasn't a doctor or even a nurse and they look Amazing! I've had 2 lots of 1ml with her.

  21. How long should we wait between each time we go in to add another ml? I mean like between visits, how many weeks or months between injections? Thank you

  22. Amazing thank you! I'm getting my lips done tomorrow. im between second and third picture, more so second. Im getting 1ML but paranoid as I don't want to come out looking like the fifth picture!

  23. Area round my mouth were good but then I got teeth braces bcz of which now my mouth looks flat so will lip fillers helpful

  24. Doctors ALWAYS try to get at least one syringe. Why???? Time is money baby!! End of story. Otherwise they would do what the patient wants? You will also hear a lot "oh we can save the rest" again why? Money Honey they want the full sale. I got a HALF syringe in my lips once and looked CRAZY! ( for MY face) I now only do a 1/4. Hard to find offices who offer this. Why because it's no where near as much money.

  25. You notice though the last picture the top lip lifts up like a duck. It may look good from the front but the side looks like a duck. Kylie Jenner’s surgeon said in order to avoid that you would also need to get fillers in the skin around the lip as well.

  26. i honestly just want a little bit in my top lip because i have little volume and from the profile my bottom lip is a little more pushed forward. getting it done tomorrow. wish me luck.

  27. my lips where small. something like picture 2. after 2 appointments (1ml each time) my lips are bigger than the last picture

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