How Long Should I Stay Home if I Have the Flu? | McFarland Clinic

How long to stay home from school or work
is a challenge because I think we like our jobs, and we want to serve people through
our work, and kids want to go to school. So if somebody has documented influenza, the
CDC does recommend that from the onset of the illness, they really should not be at
work for about seven days from the onset of the illness or until 24 hours after the fevers
have resolved, whichever one is longer. So the challenge of course becomes that we don’t
always go in and get a diagnosis for influenza, but in general people that get influenza,
they feel sick for days, so most people don’t want to go back to work too soon. The whole
idea behind that though is to prevent contagiousness, to prevent shedding of virus and infecting
coworkers or classmates, and you would want them to do that for you, and so they would
want the same to try and avoid getting sick. And so likewise employers and schools should
support employees and students in that people really should not be at work or school if
they have fevers, and if influenza’s been diagnosed, they really should be away from
those community settings for about a week.

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