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Hi everyone! My name is Aura (DoktAura) and welcome to my channel where I make videos for aspiring and surviving medical students
and doctors here in the Philippines. So if you’re considering medicine, or you know someone who is. Or maybe you’re in the middle of med already and you’re still clueless on what you’re doing. I think it’s important for you to know how
long it takes for you to complete that road to MD. Disclaimer – it may take longer or shorter depending on the person or program. but what I’m about to give
you is just a basic outline (the minimum) “minimum” but it still takes a long time! Anyway – let’s start! The journey starts as early as high school when you pick your course and your college. and I wish I knew that earlier but no. Hmm. But let’s start the official count after high school. So there’s college. This is your pre-med. Four years of pre-med. Any BS or BA degree, as long as you complete the required number of science units to qualify for med school. Also you have to take the NMAT exam. After college, you can take some time off. You can work. You can travel. You can rest. You can – just stop and really think about what you’re getting yourself into. Really think about pursuing medicine. But some people, including myself, we just go straight to med school. Before we get the chance to change our minds. Now med school. Med school here in the Philippines is usually four years. Depending on the school, the first two to three years is usually spent in the classroom. doing lectures, quizzes, reportings, case discussions, lab work, research, more quizzes, more exams, etc. until fourth year comes. Fourth year is always Clerkship or Junior Internship. or on-the-job training in the hospital where you get to rotate in different rotations in different departments and find out what you’re really interested in. Now at the end of fourth year, if you get to pass your comprehensive exam and you fulfill all the requirements of the different departments in your hospital You get to graduate with an MD So you’re a medical doctor but only by education
it’s good it’s at four and we’re late What good is that for? Eh – almost nothing. Maybe a few hundred likes for your
graduation picture on Facebook but aside from that, not much more. You have to continue with your Post-Graduate Internship. That’s one more year of clinical work, still in the hospital still kind of as a student, but more level up than the Junior Intern. Now after your internship, you spend two to three months for intensive review. Intensive as in you gotta hide in your cave and never come out, not until you pass the board exams. You take the Physician Licensure Exam and if you pass that, finally – you’re a licensed doctor in the Philippines. This time, that’s worth something already. You can stop there if you want. You can be a general practitioner. Pursue other things. There are so many other things a doctor can do after med school. Or you can take the long road well-traveled – residency. Residency is when you study some more to specialize in a specific field. That’s another three to five years of
learning but this time no longer in a classroom setting but in the hospital. Then there’s another specialty boards after residency. so if you pass that, then that’s the time you can call yourself a.. dermatologist, a pediatrician, an internist, a general surgeon, an OB-Gyn, etc So after residency – what’s next? You can start a private practice, work in a hospital, or both. Maybe start your family life cos you’re actually going to start earning already by this time – albeit minimal. Or you can study some more! Go! There’s more! You thought it was finished? You can still do Fellowship training. Fellowship is when you sub-specialize. So for example, after internal medicine, you’re already an internist but you can subspecialize into Cardiology, Infectious Diseases, Rheumatology, etc. There’s more. There’s a lot more. You know, medicine really is a life long learning thing, so to answer your question. How long does it take to become a doctor in the Philippines? It takes – forever. But the minimum is, if you add that up – Four years pre-med (college), four years med school, 1 year internship. Maybe three to five years residency, two to three years fellowship. That’s more or less fifteen years I think. But just like what they always say. “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” And my personal mantra – “If they can do it, so can I. And if I can do it, so can you.” That’s it for now! If you like this video, please click LIKE, click SUBSCRIBE, and most especially if you have
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61 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take To Be A Doctor In The Philippines? || DoktAURA

  1. ahh. tanong ko lang po. Ngayong k-12 na po tayo ate. Ganun parin po ba ang mga years na gugugulin mo para maging doktor? o nag-iba na po? Yoooooo notice me pleaseeeee…..pakisagot po. hihihihi

  2. I always wanted to be a doctor since I was in primary school and now I am already a graduate in business… then suddenly again, I thought about it all night and I still want it… 😢 PERO SHUTA MAHIRAP LANG AKO 7K TUITION KO IN COLLEGE NAHIRAPAN PA AKO! 😂

  3. "Kung kaya nila, Kaya ko din"- DoktAURA
    nakaka inspire naman💖 parang ang sarap maging doktor kahit mahaba yung pag aaral mo💓💖😍 Thank you DoktAURA for the video.😊

  4. I wanted to be a doctor someday,and after watching this video of yours,im kinda fascinated with you and with your words,its inspiring me to pursue my dreams more :>

  5. "kung kaya nila, kaya ko rin. And kung kayo ko dapat kayo nyo rin" Ahhhh sarap sa ears 😍 Fighting, future Doctor's! ❤️

  6. how about a general idea of the cost? my step daughter there in the Philippines is 13 but dreaming of being a doctor, she is top of her class and I have put her in a private school, what sort of budget should I be saving to get her through without her having any debt? Really appreciate you putting this video up, thanks so much

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  8. This motivate me to pursue my dream. To become a pediatrician. Even though i think its hard pero wala naman talagang madali pag dating sa ganitong bagay. So even though im still in hs i want to study hard to pursue my dream. Thank youuuu

  9. Main course ko talaga is Medicine i really want to become a doctor pero mahirap lang kami pwede ba yun or hindi? Ayoko kase mahirapan yung family ko kakahanap ng pera 💔

  10. hi po! I am thinking to become a doctor(specifically being surgeon) but I am already 24yrs old and I took up BS Psychology last 2016. May I know po what subjects should I be good at? cos I know for myself that I am not good in academics but as you say,"kung kaya nila, kaya ko din" so I am thinking twice.😅 hope you'll see this po.😣

  11. I'm an accountant working in the corporate world for 2 years and I am not happy with what I'm doing. I am considering medical school. What can advise can you give for someone like me?


  13. I'm very curious po. When you're like in the residency stage, are you still a student who pays tuition fee or not anymore po???

  14. Wala akong problema sa tagal ng taon ng pag aaral pra maging doctor . Kso nagdadalawang isip ako dahil sa pera na gagastusin at bka d ko kayanin. Tagal ko ng nag iisip ng propesyon na pipiliin ngunit doctor tlga e. Khit i down man nila akong mahirap at d ko kakayanin , takot rin ako baka d pumayag magulang ko dahil sa pera

    Pwede pa Rin po ba akong pumasok NG Med School kahit graduate ako ng BSED Major in English kahit Di po ako nag Pre med?

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