100 thoughts on “HOW KISSING PUT ME IN THE HOSPITAL (pictures)

  1. Do you like this kind of chatty video? Yay or NAY let me know. SORRY MY VOICE IS ANNOYING IM STILL SICK (it’s called Hot Potato Voice, google it!)

    Also: my mum is an amazing mother and I am obviously exaggerating some of the sentiments she made because it’s entertaining. She looks after me very well n is one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met.


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  2. God I had that when I was 13! And i had horrendous tonsilitis (bacterial kind) when supposed to be taking my PhD viva/interview thing (~10 yrs later). Thank God I didn't get both together!!! Think meself lucky now. Was off skool at age 13 for 3 weeks or was it 3 months? Ages anyway! Went back to skool, couldn't do swimming lessons – sat on sidelines – and people thought I was faking it cos I looked normal…..till I just tilted my head slightly and you could see these Massive – I mean MASSIVE – swellings sticking out the side of my neck! "OKAY, OKAY…. put it away", they said backing away….

  3. I had the same thing my ex gave whatever that was to me twice I had to go to the emergency room. Its fine we broke up

  4. Deadass, I watched this when it first came out and I have finals this week, and get this: mono. Hopefully I don't get it as bad as you did 😩. My first symptom is the sore throat and you're supposed to drink stuff… Yeah wish me luck

  5. I feel bad for how much I laughed at this like I legit cried the whole time 😂but for some reason I was getting serious Catherine Tate vibes and I have no idea why

  6. I had mono a couple weeks ago and I'm getting sick again and I'm dealthy afraid of having another mono flare up

  7. I got a job at Starbucks and shortly after I finished my training, I started getting fatigued and tired in the same way. Eventually, I ended up calling in to my first couple shifts and the manager just told me not to come back. On top of that, it was my first semester at University (1800 miles away from my family and hometown), and I had a really tough semester in general. I found out during break while at home that I had mono. I remember getting into fights with my girlfriend at the time (long distance) because I told her I hardly had energy to call her at the end of the day especially when trying to manage all my classes. It was the worst 3 months of my life

  8. It’s not a delusion it’s hallucination 😭😂 Delusion is when you have an unpopular opinion and hallucination is where you see things like the kpop group 😭😂 love your videos! You’re so hilarious love you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. 13:58 my eyes….my soul…..are u growing teeth in ur throat………fungus bich………
    Ahhhhh (im sooooo sorry that happened to u)…….why……😱😱😱😱😱🤢🤮🤮(😊)🤢🤢🤮😵😵😵😷😷😷☠☠

  10. I just want to hug u sooo bad….😭😭😭. I soo sorry that u went through this……i imagine that shit is hell

  11. Ok no joke though elena, I feel so bad for u for going through this but I was cracking up cus ur just so entertaining 😂

  12. Weird! This sounds EXACTLY like what I went thru the last time I had the flu!…I even lost my job of two yrs cuz of it! It was horrible I don't even know how I didn't die cuz I was choking on like my own saliva…I wonder if I got misdiagnosed…

  13. OMG! those tonsils were real bad!!!! Like I'm not grossed out by that at all, its rather concerning…anyways, Im gonna get my tonsils cut off soon in a few months so yay!

  14. Just fyi I won't kiss my girl unless I get married and that maybe the last time because if she wants kids I'll do that and don't ask me what that is wait till your 20 or 19

  15. Hey everyone! Remember mononucleosis is very common and doesn't always end up as terrible as it is in this video. Virus causing it is carried by most of people, but sometimes when you're exposed to it for the first time you are sick and that's called a mononucleosis. It's very very common – many people even had it as a child and because it is very light when you're young, never knew it. Also remember virus doesn't spread only by kissing- it is in saliva so like sharing your drink or something could get you too so don't be afraid of kissing people lmao. Also once you are sick with mononucleosis one time you can't have it later its like once in your life

  16. I love how straight forward she is she's like
    Hey hoes, I need money so I'm making a video, how are y'all?

  17. Mums are awesome, ain't they? I mean…mean…I MEAN…who else stands BY you when you're sick just in case you might need SOMETHING…ANYTHING?

  18. Like literally I don't watch this type of videos 'cause it bores the shit out of me but, this especific one is just….it's all, I COULDN'T STOP WATCHING

  19. wait but if you had tonsillitis from the mono it would mean the tonsillitis would've been due to viral infection rather than bacterial infection so you took antibiotics for literally no reason and your doctor is stupid

  20. plot twist

    me: mom my bone popped out 🤧
    mom: omg im calling the ambulance stay calm sweetie ok
    me: mom it looks strange touches the bone oouuu 🤪
    mom: dont touch it sit down
    me: sits down on beanbag
    ⚠️ to be continued ⚠️

  21. Me : torn my Leg ment in my left ankle at SCHOOL
    Also me : screams like a mental DUCK
    School nurse : runs up to me, are you okay?
    Me : NO R U BLIND
    Nurse : what is ur mums number?
    Me : IDK
    Teacher : here’s her number
    My mom comes to the school
    Mom : what did u do?
    Nurse: she needs to go to the hospital.
    Mom : nah, she’s okay.
    Me : does it look like I am okay I CANT FEEL MY FOOT
    we get home, my dad helps me get into my bed
    Mom : gives me pain tablets and said “u will get better”

  22. when you said it was mono i said " oh I've had mono before" I had it in 3rd grade at 9 or 10 I ended up in the hospital because of it.

  23. Lol 4 years ago I had a tumour in my ear and they gave me antibiotics for a year and then they finally done surgery to remove it and fix the eardrum lol

  24. I had a similar thing. I have something with my kidneys called Nephrotic Syndrome. And i had a kidney infection, Strep throat, Glandular fever, and an infected cut on my arm. So my muh had to take me to the hospital and it was not fun. I didnt eat for 6 days and i couldnt swallow at all so they put me on an IV and that good stuff 😉


  26. One minute she’s saying she has no money and the next she’s saying she might be going to South Korea!?? Lmfaooo

  27. the yoga teacher at my highschool (she's also a health teacher) she keeps telling us to not be drinking out of the same container after each other, and i can understand why (especially now after watching this) and holy shit

  28. I had glandular fever when I was at school. I had it for nearlly 3 months and it definetly sucks. It's actually alot more infectious then people think. The doctor told my mum that I shouldn't leave the house at all until I was fully better. I survived with Warcraft lol.

  29. I had mono in high school and it was the WORST. I told my dad that I wasn't able to go to school because I was exhausted and he didn't believe me either! I ended up in a recliner for 3 months drinking orange juice/sprite and eating mashed potatoes because my throat was so swollen I could hardly eat. My eyes were swollen too. It's just terrible.

  30. I mean i got Mono when i was 12, i had never kissed anyone when i was 12! i mean i was bloody 12, but i also thought kissing was gross so……

  31. I once had to go to the hospital for a nosebleed that wouldnt clot for more than 5 hours when I got there and they had to stop it but when they called the ENT it took almost 2 hours and I choked 5 times on my own blood

  32. Me: Mom I watched a Jungkook oneshot
    Mom: ?
    Me: MOM HELP
    mom: okay just get bleach and drink it

  33. You’re hilarious I’m glad I found you 😂 I love how you act your experiences out when you’re not sure how to explain them

  34. I also got mono about a month after I started dating my first boyfriend. The funny thing was that even though I must have caught it after like the first kiss or whatever, it took it about three weeks to really spring into action and give me the symptoms. Going to the doctor after a week of swollen/sore throat and EXTREME FATIGUE, I got a "uh u just have a cold, here have some of these antibiotics". Two weeks later I literally couldn't get out of bed, had a high fever and red spots all over me – later I found out that those were caused by the antibiotics, cuz basically that's how mono laughs at ur attempt to get better w antibiotics.
    In the end, it was my MOM who figured out it was mono, and not the doctor, cuz my older bro also had had it years before me.
    I was in bed for three weeks even after that, so I guess I had the severe version too, although for me thankfully it was only cuz of the fatigue + swollen throat that didn't want to go away.
    It was really scary, and left me super cautious about the people I kissed after that… Because now I could spread the disease as well 🙁

  35. So she went to the hospital and I was like “Oh it’s probably almost over.” HA NO ITS STILL GOT 10 MINUTES

  36. Oh I feel you 🤣 Two years ago I got it too but was single af and didnˋt even get remotely close to anyones mouth 🤣🤣🤣 still wonder how I got it though 🤔

  37. Before watching this video
    Fuck yeah, i'm so effin healthy.

    After watching this video
    Oh no, my throat feels itchy and sore
    And starts panicking the fucccckkk

  38. When you're a true k-pop fan- thinks she's in a k-pop group and is letting the group down <– why would this be me pft

  39. I had mono for a while before I knew, anyway, my spleen was enlarged and my doctor told me not to get into a car accident and it wouldn't rupture.. well that guy jinxed me and I got into a car accident and went to the hospital

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