How Is DOCTOR STRANGE So Powerful?

LORRAINE CINK: The secret truth
about Doctor Strange’s powers. We are now taking your Marvel
questions with the hashtag #MarvelQuestions. Yes, that’s right. We got this one from
@itsjennylu, asking, “What are Doctor Strange’s powers? #MarvelQuestions.” Ooh, get ready to have
your mind blown, Jenny, because he doesn’t have any! He’s a real Hawkeye. He’s born with no powers,
no X-Gene, no nothing, nada. Wow, you got really
excited about that. – Nothing!
– Fired up. OK, look, that’s
both true and false. What? Let’s explain. OK, look, as you
said, Doctor Strange, not born with any powers. But he kind of has a power
in that he’s a genius. He is very, very smart. And that has helped him
throughout his life. He started out as probably
the world’s greatest surgeon. Unfortunately he got into a car
accident, mangled his hands, wouldn’t allow him to do
what he was maybe born to do. – Ooh!
– Mm! What do you think about that? So he went out on a quest to
try to get his abilities back. In doing so, he actually
stumbled upon the Mystic Arts. Because he’s a genius,
he was able to figure that out really, really well. He had a great teacher, as well. And so he goes through
all this to become the sorcerer that we know. Yeah, and in fact, he
was so good at magic, he became the Sorcerer
Supreme, the foremost magician in the world, all because
he studied, as you said, super, duper hard. But you might be wondering,
uh, how does that work if he doesn’t have any powers? Where is he manifesting
all this stuff from? That’s because he can
siphon off magic from lots of different elder gods. Talking about the Vishanti. Shout out to the hoary
hosts of Hoggath! I’m also talking about primeval
dark magic like Chthon. He’s like a little squidy guy. Mhm, ch-ch-ch. OK, he’s a big squidy guy. But also, this gives
him infinite power. And he can do sort of infinite
things with that power. He can teleport. He can conjure objects. He can put up
protective shields. He can astrally project
himself from his body so that he is just like a
little, floaty, ghosty guy. Or he can use my favorite
power, telekinesis, where you’re just like, my
phone’s across the room. Oo, oo, oo– sook. [CLICKING] I mean, I like that. But I would be like, pizza us! And the pizza would just, like– BOTH: Pizza. – All right.
– All right. All right, we’ve
got a business. All right, so [LAUGHS]
and as we keep saying, Doctor Strange is
a genius, right? It’s how he learned
all them spells. But let’s say
spells don’t cut it. He also has enchanted
objects or magical artifacts that help him. So let’s start with his
signature amulet, the Eye of Agamotto, that grants
him psychic powers, interdimensional travel, and
various other projections. He can just project
all types of stuff. Then, also, as Ryan is wearing,
his famous Cloak of Levitation, which as the name says, grants
him the power of flight, and front runner for maybe
the best cape in the Marvel U. [WOLF WHISTLING] Then, of course, all this
stuff he stores in his home, the Sanctum Sanctorum,
where he keeps all these magical
artifacts, located at 177A Bleecker Street,
right here in New York City. Don’t visit because it’s
lousy with magical artifacts, like talking snakes. You might walk out a room
and you’re on the ceiling. You don’t know. But what if you just need
something that doesn’t exist yet? Well, then you go down to
what’s known as the Sanctum Machina, which is a
place where you can go and make all types
of magical stuff, or the name of his rock band. Also, I just
love the idea like, it’s fine if I don’t
have everything I need. I’ll make it. Build anything he needs– a magic whatever you need.
– Toaster. [PING]
– [LAUGHS] I don’t know, maybe. Sure. Look, Doctor Strange
is truly Sorcerer Supreme because he uses
his smarts to gain endless mystical knowledge. And now he’s ready to pass that
knowledge onto some new people. Yeah, which is
why he’s starting his own school in the new
series, Strange Academy. Check it out. Yes, with the help of Scarlet
Witch, Magik, Doctor Voodoo and more on his
teaching staff, he is recruiting the next
generation of magical kiddos. Now, would you like to attend? Yeah. Do you have a burning
Marvel question? Kind of. Ask away, and use the
hashtag #MarvelQuestions. Yeah, we’ll see you next time. I’m Lorraine.
– I’m Langston. – I’m Ryan.
– And this is Marvel– ALL: Your universe. (QUIETLY) Squidy guy. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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