How I Got Into UCL Medical School l The Junior Doctor

hi guys I’ve just come back from work
and I thought I’d record a video for you and about how I go into medical school
so I going to medical school as a graduate and I’ll be telling you about
my story so going back to me as a child I always wanted to be a doctor and I
didn’t know why every time someone would ask me what do you want to do when
you’re older I would say I want to be a doctor and they’ll be impressed but I
just have no idea why I later realize it was because I enjoy leadership I enjoy
working in teams and I enjoyed problem-solving and I just generally
enjoy biology and the human body so basically medicine and so when I was
16 17 I came to that stage where I had to start you know my own levels and
applying for medicine I was very oblivious to all of the requirements and
somebody’s requirements were quite new for example when I applied the UK
cattles failing you had no idea about it before the first before the last month
that I had to sit it and same with the be mat same with the interviews the
personal statement and my school was a very familiar with students applying for
medicine and which I think it helps when they do because they know exactly what
how to prepare you and they can guide you in what to do if they’ve had
previous successful candidates and they’ve just 20 to follow in their
footsteps for example but my school didn’t and I was one of the first to
apply so they weren’t very helpful in terms of preparing my personal statement
and preparing me for interviews and which isn’t their fault I guess you know
but that just didn’t really help so I didn’t have any work experience I think
in my personal statement I just wrote about my personal experiences in life
and how that once helped I decided when to gene medicine and even
though I got the grades it was not successful
my UK cat was really bad not surprising because I didn’t really have time to
prepare for it I know you can’t really prepare for the you cat but and just
getting familiar with the format and B map etcetera so one interview that I did
get that here surprisingly was in Cambridge so at that time I’m not sure I
still have it now Cambridge had a scheme where if you came from a disadvantaged
school so a school that was performing low in there but then you’d be
considered separately than other students because essentially your
achievements I’ve seen higher than those for example who likes better schools or
private schools or have private tuition so they gave me an interview through it
through that scheme and I went through like three mini interviews on the same
day and I should go through this first stage I wasn’t accepted outright by got
put in something called a pool where if any of the colleges had spaces they
could take me out of this pool of students and accept me and that didn’t
work so I got that far then I got lesser things you know the classic very sorry
Bob Lowe unsuccessful blah blah so at the end of my first year of applications
at in the sixth form I was left empty-handed and I was
determined I thought I got the grades I know where I went wrong I didn’t have
work experience I didn’t prepare for my UK cat said you know what I’m going to
take a year out and I’m going to reapply so I did that and this time around I got
a job at a pharmacy I started volunteering and at hospitals
I was helping the catering staff and and just doing like patients feedback
questionnaires on iPads and down in the clinics so I think you’ve actually gone
through the hospital and got specific life experience where you have CRB
checks etc you’re not actually allowed to be involved in any of the clinical
work or shadow any clinical stuff which was fine
and expectancy any rain so I did that and then I watch for my UK cats I got
better score than last time which a score that walk could and I could
actually it was a decent school and high but it was something that I wouldn’t be
embarrassed with applying for certain medical schools except the UK cat and I
did to be mats at the time I wanted to get into UCL and and UCL wanted a
specific score on the written component of the B maps of secured an interview so
I don’t get that and usually only place I’ve powerful with the B map so that
option went and also one mistake that I did was when I approached Nottingham I
noticed afterwards obviously that they wanted an A for chemistry whereas I had
a B and I hadn’t noticed that that was that on their entry requirements they do
say a a B but they’re pairing they specify that they want the chemistry to
be an A so that was an outright you know rejection and I was quite annoyed at
myself that I because it was my fault to be honest and and I think that year I
got an interview with some George’s and because I’d gotten so far at that stage
I was so panicked I was thinking this is it you know this is the interview if I
get past this and I’m going to get into medical school and it was just so much
pressure and I was stuttering and I was just misinterpreting questions and just
real climbed back with stupid irrelevant things and I was a very surprised that I
got rejected but so I got through I can’t remember what my fourth option was
but essentially I got rejected again and at that point I was very unsure about
why I’ve done my work experience I improved my personal statement by
getting some of the doctors on the walls to read them I’d improved my UK cat and
I was just lost you know I wanted to do medicine and medicine it the only thing
I ever wanted to do so I felt so lost I was like what do I do with my life and
where do I go how do i direct myself do i reapply do I just go to another degree
do I completely forget about medicine I tried twice now and another thing is
it’s a bit I felt embarrassed because people around you know that you’re
a Cheever and they know that you are applying for medicine and when it comes
around to people asking you so oh what happened I don’t know for me I just felt
it was such like all my achievements and all my hard work just went to waste and
that’s such a bad way to think about it because getting into medicine or doing
medicine isn’t a definition of your achievement and how good you are
academically and you know how good of a person you are but my 18 year old self
at that moment was just so disappointed so embarrassed so I thought I going to
UCL I went are going to biomedical sciences the UCL because that was my
fifth option and so that’s why I did so I started and the first few months were
quite hard I’m just generally adapting to
University and its way of teaching and the requirements but because it was so
heavily like biology and biochemistry and modules which are quite similar to
what medics do in their first year and I was really upset thinking you know for
medical students are sitting a few lecture theatres away from me and
they’re learning literally the exact same things as I am right now in first
year and I’m not one of them I’m just doing biomedical sciences and that was
quite hard but then I soon kind of got out of that and I was you know indulging
in my work and I made friends and first year pass the second year passed and it
all went quite quickly actually and I was doing well which was motivating me
and making me feel good with what I was doing so come to the end of second year
some of my friends were applying for medicine and they said why don’t you
apply and I was just so disheartened with the first two times that I’d
applied that I was a bit scared too because I didn’t want that feeling of
rejection again but I thought you know what a third time lucky if I get in I
get in and I’ll do medicine and it’s meant to be if I don’t then I’ll do
something else I’ve got a degree I’ll do teaching which is something I also
really enjoyed you know I can do something now and a bit wiser words oh I
didn’t feel like I was in a black hole and I was lost I actually you know
thought I could do something and so yeah that’s what I did we all applied and I
Reese at the UK cat again I did the Bema again and I so in terms of why did
differently so obviously apart from the fact that I had a degree and I was
applying as a graduate and what I did differently was not just focus my work
experience in like just a hospital setting I tried to do different things
so the first thing I did was go to volunteer with and a charity kind of
that gives dance lessons for and children with disabilities so we were
just volunteering and supervising the kids whilst they were preparing for
their end-of-the-year show so I was I was there once a week and helping with
that which was quite fun apart from getting slapped in the face by one of
the kids whilst they were on stage because they’ll bit overexcited and
everyone saw it quite embarrassing but funny as well I was never angry with the
charge you know she had autism and it wasn’t something she meant and but it
was a nice icebreaker I used in the interview so it wasn’t all bad and then
I did some volunteer work at a nursing home so it’s nursing home had like
activity days on a Wednesday I think and and they want to volunteer to come on
that day to just help pack things away you know just coordinate things and
supervise people and so I did that which was quite nice and then on top of that I
and then from work through insert GP so the way I went about it was I didn’t go
to admin and get put on a list and you know fill out the looser form I just
went straight to my own GP i booked an appointment like I would if I had a
problem medical problem and I went to see him and I said look I’m going to
apply for medicine and I really want work experience at the GP practice would
you help me and he was one of the partners of the GP which is quite
important and so he has a say so you know he went straight to admin explained
the situation and he got everything rolling so within two weeks I was
sitting in his office with him and observing him like examining patients
and seeing patients which was quite nice and I think what else that I do I think
I did some more volunteering work in a hospital
so in general I got a big variety of experiences so I got kids I got the
elderly I got GP practice I got a hospital setting so I had a lot
to talk about in my interview and then so like I said I set the beam again and
thank God that time I did meet the school for the written component for UCL
and I got an interview and yeah so what happened to us I think UCL was the first
interviewed I had and I went to it and they treated me like any other student
don’t you treat me any differently just because I was already at UC oestrogen so
the same I can’t quite remember the questions they asked me but basically
one thing that they did do was go through the written exam so they
actually get a copy of the B map examine me do the written part and they use that
I mean to usually ask you questions about things you’ve written and just
basically and trying to start conversation trying to get a feel of
what kind of a person you are and you’re in your strengths and weaknesses etc so
I did that and I didn’t think the interviewer particularly well and I
actually thought I would have gotten rejected so the week after when I got
like an email you know the dreaded email where it says I like that’s going to
change to you Cass and I thought oh god either some either you still have
rejected me no I thought I was somewhere has rejected me already because you
still can’t apply to reply to me this quick and also something else has
changed so I went on and I notice I saw that it said successful next UCL and I
was ecstatic but my friend who also got a notification the same day got a
rejection from UCL so I wasn’t able to be so happy because she was upset
obviously but inside I was just you know just happy that I actually liked it
happened and after so many years of applying and then just doing a different
degree it felt really odd and then I got an offer from Southampton as losses
from their graduate course so Southampton is one of the unions with
and on the graduate course I think they don’t actually call you for an interview
they just use your new capsule in your personal statement and they either
accept you will reject you and so I got accepted from there as well without
having to attend an interview which is quite nice so after I got Southampton a
new cell I just rejected all my other interviews
so I go on interview from Warwick I think which I and you know decline
because one it was a bit far for me to travel and also it would have been a lot
of preparation because their interviews are more like coffee base so kind of you
have different stations in working groups and there’s people observing you
so it’s not a one-to-one interview and I thought you know I’m not going to put
myself I was in final yet biomedical sciences at that point and I said I’m
not going to put myself through the stress when I already have to offer so I
rejected that no common brought the third one was mal but so I had two
offers one of them was Southampton for four years and one of them was UCL for
five years so UCL is a usually a 60 of course but if you have a degree you have
the option of skipping the third year which is the intercalated year and
that’s what I did so I thought should I go 2010 and you four years and be done
with it a year earlier then that meant moving out on my parents home and then
having to pay rent and so I chose the same London one because I didn’t have to
move out too because I already had friends for biomedical sciences also
going to new CL which was a bonus and just you know London is the city that I
grew up in and I’m not I don’t do really well with change so I thought you know
it’s better for me to stay on and looking back now having done eight years
of UCL through three years biomedical sciences and five years of medicine I’ve
never got bored because it was always a different setting there’s always a
different lecture theatre and during the last three years we were in different
hospitals all the time so I can’t sail got bored and you know what you do get
wiser when you get older when I look up myself and I was younger I thought why
did you restrict yourself so much on this one thought they each want to do
medicine I know maybe it’s easy to say that now that I’ve gone through it and
I’m in my second week as a junior doctor but the most confident thing I think is
just to say to yourself if it’s meant to happen it will happen no matter what you
do even the worst applicants get in and that’s because if it’s meant to be is
meant to be and I think so I think backers why didn’t I get in first time
round and even though the second time I applied you know I thought it was all
right and I just had a good chance and reason being is I didn’t think my 18
year old self would have been able to cope with the stress of medical school
so you know other 18 year olds do very well and but meeting looking back I
don’t think I would have been able to do well at medical school which are being
so naive and just being a stress head and so I probably would have got into
medical school but then not being successful in having to drop out which
would have been even worse for me because I would have felt like even more
failure so having done another degree and just being wiser and just being
familiar with the university setting and really helps and I thought now that I’m
a junior doctor when I work I’m sure than with so many people who are like 23
24 now I’m going to be like the one older and into 27 but actually you’re
surprised to see how many graduates they were and actually doing graduate
medicine is such a common choice and if you apply for a medical school where
it’s five years having a degree beforehand gives you extra points when
you’re applying for your junior doctor roles so when you apply for the
foundation program I think I got like three or four extra points just for
having a degree and that just gives you a head start and a boost up for
everybody else for example those applying especially if you want to get
into some way like London so it really helped me and so yeah I don’t know what
else to say if you’ve got any questions leave them below know and happily answer
them because when I look back I didn’t get any help just because there weren’t
people around me that were applying so it was quite difficult and but now that
I’ve gone through it all and I’ve got the experience and I’ve gone through it
off gone through the ups and downs I’m glad it happened this way so if
there’s anyone who’s thinking of applying as a graduate or you know you
did maybe like you didn’t fail to get in and you just want to do a degree before
that’s absolutely fine and if anything it helps you in medical school because
you’re more mature and now when I’m on the wards I get a bit more respect than
I’m any of my other colleagues who are in the same position because I’m older
which is always nice and so yeah I really enjoyed doing medicine as a
graduate and I didn’t expect it to be like this when I was 18 I thought I’m
gonna get a strange medical school be finished with it imma start work you
know get on but life isn’t always how you plan it to be but in the end
eventually it’s fine and when you look back you can appreciate why things
happen the way they did and ultimately you become a doctor so if it’s something
you want to do don’t be put off by failing come on guys I celled like twice
and I apply to medical school three times and now I’m working in London
which is one of the most hardest sceneries again too so don’t give up if
you really want to because you’ll always regret it in the future you’ll always
think oh why didn’t I do it one more time and so yes I mean if you got any
questions and I’ll happily answer them for you

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  1. I'm applying to UCL this year for medicine and it was so comforting to hear you talk about how you dealt with things even though they didn't go your way!! Just a couple of questions, how come you were so set on UCL in particular compared to Imperial or KCL?? Oooo and do you have any tips for section 3 of the BMAT?

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    how did you find biomed as a subject? i enjoy medicine but i think straight up science as a degree would bore me. i am thinking of taking it if i don't get into medicine and then apply for graduate entry.
    thank you 😀 and good luck with your work

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    Also, do you have any specific tips for interviews at UCL?
    Thanks again! 🙂

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  5. eye opening stuff for me. If my UKCAT doesn't go too well next week it is not the end of the world. Like you said if it is meant to happen it will happen and I'm now seriously considering a year out and graduate entry!

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    God bless you

  7. Hey girl , i do have something that concerns me and would like to get advuce from you. I wasn't studying enough at igcse and just got Bs in sciences and i want to go study medicine at ucl. Do they care about my igcses or is it just the a levels they are concerned about? Btw i have biology chemistry and law (hate maths) and i know that they do appreciate critical thinking subjects so am i on the right track or is this dream already done? Thanks in advance 🙂

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  9. I missed my Ucl offer by 3 Marks and the rejection hit me hard. I can totally relate to the part where you spoke about the embarrassment about everyone knowing and constantly asking …which just makes it worse

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  12. This is so motivational, thankyou. Your advice “even the worst applicants get in because it’s meant to be” is also so true. So many of us applicants are a level playing field – we all have a good degree, good a levels, enough work experience. Ultimately if it’s meant to be you’ll be chosen. I’d like to ask how you stayed motivated for grad med during your undergrad degree, given it must have hurt studying biomed as your second choice degree, and that grad med was a possibility not certainty. Also what do you think would you have done if you didn’t get in? Applied for a job for after you graduate?

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  16. My daughter exactly the same as you at doing medicine as a graduate. She also did Biomedical science first. You're very similar in so many ways, including personality, expressions, and outlook. She's currently in the library revising for her finals and thinking about changing her FY1 choices (again).

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