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  1. After hearing your story , I couldn't love your philosophy towards life more. Being positive, experiencing everything and loving your own career are things you teach me in this video clip. Though I am not a doctor, I think your suggestions are suitable for every job. Thanks for sharing your life with us. Looking forward to watching your next video!

  2. Ammm… hello im kenneth from Philipines… i have only one question….can u still be a doctor even u dont have enough money to spend with ur tuition fees in med school?? If yes.. how?? If no..why???🙂coz i really want to be a doctor someday not because to brag out the degree that i will finished but i want to be a doctor to help for those people who are sick… and to help for those who are in need…..

  3. Dr Mike : *talks about his efforts and journey to med school passionately and in full story-telling mode.
    People in the comments section : hIs sHirT gOnNa riPpeD oUt


  4. Thanks for this video I’ve been a nurse for 3 years now and I’ve been contemplating if I wanted to proceed to medicine or take a nurse practitioner program. It took a while to decide but I finally decided to take the NP route. I would love to hear your take on NP culture where I know there’s a lot of stigma out there regarding NPs having their own practice and are not overlook my physicians.

  5. Hey Mike I really enjoyed your videos that I have watched and now I'm at a cross because u got me very interested in medicine but I'm an engineering guy myself my name is bokani I'm from a country in African called Botswana and I'm finishing my last year of high school

  6. I received my MCAT grades a while ago, and now I'm applying to med schools and your video made me less nervous about med school. Thanks for sharing your story

  7. One important thing I wanna note, about university in general: SELF STUDY. University is not school. You don't have teachers feeding you every bit of information. What I mean by that is, you are NOT supposed to understand everything just from the lecture. That means two things; First, don't be discouraged because you don't understand it, it's normal. Second, work towards understanding it. Ask the other students, look it up online, go to the library, and if nothing else helps, ask the lecturer or his assistants. If you immediately give up and then look for paid private lessons as first option, that's lazy and university probably isn't for you then…

  8. Can u do a vid about studying plz I have bad memory and I cant figure out how to get better with studying like if u have the same problem

  9. It reflects so much that you actually love what you do.I have never seen someone speak about their work so passionately and it shows that you deserve whatever success you make. This was an amazing video.Thank you!

  10. I’m pretty young, (an 8th grader) but I’ve had my mind set on the field of medicine my whole life. I don’t really know if becoming some sort of doctor is what I will stick to once the time comes that I need to have my career set in stone. I’ve always been interested in things like the human body, how it works, and why certain things happen, but I always hear from the people around me, “you know the process to becoming a doctor is hard right? But I know you can manage that”. Now, whenever the topic of, “What do you want to be when you grow up,” comes into the conversation, all of my friends’ first reaction is “oh yeah your going to be a doctor I just know you are”. (No I am not exaggerating this) It feels as if my love for this field has turned into a title that has been given to me just by simply studying it on my free time. The more I look into the process, the schooling, the time needed to become a doctor or something similar, I get excited not gonna lie, but there are the people that expect that of me. What I mean is that because I am one of those people that do well in school, they always tell me that they know I am going to achieve this big goal in my life. I don’t know why but now it just feels like another expectation I have to live up to. This sounds pretty dumb and I know probably no one is reading this but, I don’t think I have the ability to live up to these visions/ideas people have of me. Sorry for ranting I’m just another kid that loves watching Mike’s videos, I’ll take my leave now.

  11. My mom was the same way. She moved to America and completed medical school for the second time without knowing the language. I watched her struggle first hand and it had really shaped me and inspired to become the person I am today.

  12. Road not taken

    I have always wanted to be an animator,
    colours, stories, art, were always in my heart,
    but i couldn't say that out loud
    as didn't wanted to be a already failed child.
    could not see where this road would take me,
    people said
    'take medicine,
    the road may be tough
    but it will lead you to heaven, as several others have reached '
    this is when i became lost
    I choose the road most taken and that made all the difference.
    Now, i may be earning right but my heart isn't.

  13. I wanna be a Doctor because I want to help people because my passion it’s to share and give a reason, help with that reason to live life it’s that good enough?

  14. Your story is very inspiring and encourages people to work harder for their dreams. I love medical studies but I also love law and that’s why I’m doing law school. The journey is long ahead of me, but we can definitely learn from each other and I appreciate your videos.

  15. Hi I’m Marleigh Melucci I’m 16 years old and I want to be a dermatologist. But I am worried about the schooling because I have an IEP for my learning disability that I got from this neurological disease that I have no idea how to spell. Anyways I want to pursue the field of medicine, I just don’t know if any schools would except me.

  16. I suddenly feel so blessed being able to go from high school to med school coz the UK doesn't require undergrad – that goes to say the admission tests were not great and weren't something you can prepare for…

  17. I'm the same even i can learn my lectures on 1.5 or 2x speed
    I'm listening to this video of yours also on 2x speed it's like my habit now 😂😂😂😂

  18. how beautiful you have that experience you had I would have liked to be a doctor … I really consider your words of encouragement very important and wanting to help is what really matters … every time I admire you more Dr. Mike

  19. I want to be a doctor but when I think about the time it takes to complete I get really terrified. Is there any way to comlete the programmes faster than their real duration by hardwork?

  20. What if high school students that want to be doctors they dont have no one believe in them and they dont have hope anymore how they can get through this ?

  21. You are so passionate, it is contagious. While I am not in the medical field, watching this video reminded me of the fire I have to keep to stay on my chosen track. You are such an inspiration, Doctor Mike. Keep the fire burning! ✨

  22. Loved this video. It made me think how I wanted to be a doctor but ended up going to law school. Makes me wonder what it would've been like

  23. I wanna get into med school (it's called MBBS where I live) because I wanna find out more about pharmacology, immunology, anything that can align with my interest of working towards finding a cure for HIV, Rabies, AIDS, etc that millions are suffering from right now. And more interestingly, how to fight against superbugs with the help of bacteriophages! Study bacteriophages.. Also wonder if there are virus-phages maybe? That would be awesome though..

    And I believe that these are good reasons to be a doctor.!

  24. I'm 27 and just applying to a D.O. Early acceptance program this year, will matriculate by 28. You make me feel old Dr. Mike. Any advise on how to handle the burnout I'm getting trying to keep up with these kids?

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