100 thoughts on “How Hospital Reacted to Man’s ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Tattoo

  1. It is a tattoo, not a document with a signature on it…
    I would have resuscitated that man.
    What if he was a drunk hobo or something and someone thought it would be funny to tatt that shit on him…?
    Or what if he just thought it would be funny to have that and never thought about actually landing in a hospital with the need to be rescued.
    What if he lost a bet…
    When in doubt just save the damn life.

  2. The whole concept of "do not resuscitate" is kind of messed up.. If someone has a cardiac arrest you need to save them even if they don't want to be saved. Life is precious.

  3. 0:23 can hear all the old hags in the audience going AHHHH , get the female hosts off the show lol notice the instant drama because two women are on there, its not the view lmao

  4. I feel like there’s lots of younger people that would have a tattoo like this as a joke. Jokes about suicide or just wanting to die are weirdly common these days.

  5. as far as german law goes, i am pretty sure you HAVE to save a person's life (according to the best of your knowledge and abilities) in dangerous situations as long as you do not endanger yourself.
    regardless of tattoos.
    regardless of whether you are a doctor or a layman/stranger.
    not doing so could result in charges being pressed for failure to provide assistance.

  6. okay what if he got this during a rough patch in his life. grew up and realized how stupid he was and decided to keep the tattoo as a reminder of his strength without any actual idea that someone would take it literally because that would be retarded.

  7. but like that couldve easily just been an edgy tattoo and like might have not meant to let him actually die

  8. We don't know if the tattoo is just for comedy or not, so obviously you'd just resuscitate him. Euthanasia costs money dude you're not getting away that easy xD

  9. nooo nooo us doctors wont get paid for this bring him back how dare our labors and workers and sheep take there own life we need to reap money from them for 85 years then toss them out when they need us aka obama thanks

  10. He could've sued the hospital if they resuscitated him and woke up thats another reason why they honored the tattoo as a DNR and they knew he had one .

  11. People making jokes in the comments lol but all jokes aside they tell us in medical school that DNR tattoos are valid

  12. What if: the guy changed his mind …had the tattoo as a joke etc?
    You cant even rely on a blood group tattoo.

  13. What a load of horseshit. Courts refuse to acknowledge documents for lack of formality all the time. The so-called ethics committee erred on the side of 'dead men don't file lawsuits'.

  14. Why can't we carry a card, like a driver's license with that information on it? It's a start! Boy that blonde just won't shut up!

  15. What if a patient with that tattoo comes in and their cause for being unconscious or injured is attempted suicide? Clearly the person wants to die, so is it ethical to resuscitate/revive them regardless, even if they do not have an official DNR order?

  16. I would absolutely love to have an RFID chip in my hand w/ some basic information – including my DNR preference. I don't think the Christian conspiracy theorists are going to go for this (mark of the beast is sometimes believed to be a microchip) but I think a lot of people would, at least, want to have the choice. I would never want a chip to be enforced in any way, shape, or form. And there must not be any coercion involved, publicly or privately, including tax incentives or insurance premium discounts. The only problem I can think of off the top of my head is for someone to have a scanner and go by and swipe you, possibly stealing your identity and/or medical information. Something like that might be resolved by placing the chip in the foot where material in the shoe would protect the chip. If a chip like this existed, I'd like to have one because organ donation is extremely important to me and something like the chip would give me a little peace of mind.

  17. you can't consider a tattoo as a legal document

    it's that simple

    you have to have the actual document….end of story

  18. to be damn. America sucks dick. pll are wishing to die because they want treatment cause will bury them in debt. THANK GOD i live in Europe

  19. Omfg just save his ass and if he has problem whit it shoot him into head.

    You fuking humanist are the reason why the world slowli colapsing!'

  20. Can I get one that says "Do Not Stop Trying To Resuscitate" or "Hook Me Up To All Of The Machines, Damnit!"?

  21. "Do not rescuscitate" is nothing short of legalized murder. If a doctor refuses to give a patient life saving treatment, they're a murderer and should be treated as such. Period.

  22. “Do not resuscitate” I thought it was actually smart because life is pain, you get to die not knowing when… plus I dont have to survive paying my debt

  23. tattoo on the chest saying "Do Not Resuscitate", with a replica tattoo of a notorized symbol n the person's signature. that should be a direct order. people need to get themselves notorized:p.

    also the bracelet thing would be good as well.

  24. My dad had "do not resuscitate" on his hospital notes and he was still resuscitated and baught back twice he was really angry they baught him back the third time they let him go the man suffered chocked to death on his own not a nice way to go layed him down in a bed he hated sleeping in a bed 😪😭

  25. The thing is- this May be a good thing, but it brings up possibilities of more miscommunication. In my opinion, this doesn’t harm nor help us, it just brings more confusion.

    Next thing you know a murderer in a court explains how his victim had the words ‘ stab me’ on his neck. It just confuses everyone.

    I’m sorry I’m bad at explaining things


    Listen b*tch..you resusitate me & if I live I WILL SUE YOU so to pay for my brand new hospital bill

  27. This lawyer…oh my goodness "shut up"! Let them finish their statements. You so hungry to have the floor…jus shut up and listen. Damn you were irritating.

  28. I have a DNR tattoo, wear a DBR bracelet, and carry a DNR card in my phone, which is always with me. If anyone resuscitated me successfully I would sue the NHS.

  29. it's not a demand. it's a fan tattoo for Ciids album Do Not Resuscitate. Ciid is a Florida artist and he is amazing

  30. When it comes to “Do Not Resuscitate” orders, it is important to remember patient autonomy. Autonomy means that the patient has the ability to make informed decisions about their medical care if they have the capacity. They must understand the consequences of their actions as well as make and communicate that choice. In a normal scenario of getting informed consent from a patient, it is important to have a physician-patient conversation covering the possible forms of treatment, alternatives, risks and benefits, as well as consequences. However, in an emergent situation, consent is implied, and physicians may presume that patient in question would consent because delaying treatment to obtain informed consent may put the patient at higher risk or result in death. The only limitation to implied consent is that if the wishes of the patient are known, implied consent is not to be followed. Although a tattoo may not be the ideal form of communication in the case of a life or death situation, the patient clearly did make a deceleration of his choice in the matter, and the physician is obliged to honor the wishes of the patient whether or not he/she agrees with that decision. Many people have suggested it would be best to check with the patient’s family to see what their wishes are. However, since the patient’s wishes are clear, and he was able to communicate that when he had the capacity, the family’s opinion should not play a role in the decision process. Hopefully, with the prevalence of the electronic medical record, some type of online universal system will be created for those who do not wish to be resuscitated, in order to confirm their wishes as well as be available for health care professionals to find and access quickly. Regardless, any form that a person chooses to communicate their wishes should be respected.

  31. As soon as I saw the title I thought, "tattoos are permanent and people can change their minds after getting them. For this reason and for legal protection I would not listen to the tattoo." But they brought in the ethics committee which I guess protects them legally, plus they found the DNR which definitely does. I don't think the ethics committee should be putting to much weight on how severe the illness is because then aren't basically making the decision themselves on what life is even worth living? I guess doctor need to start telling patients they help sign a DNR to keep them on their person at all times

    Also I agree with a comment below. That woman needs to let people finish speaking.

  32. My mother asked me to tell the hospital doctors not to bring her back, I told her no I wouldn't, because what if one of her lungs collapsed and she could be on the ventilator for a few weeks for her lung to heal and she would be alive, but she signed the papers DNR and her lung collapsed and she died they didn't even try to save her, she was pounding on her lung, telling the nurses she couldn't breathe and was scared and wanted help, I have alot of guilt about this , I wish I had lied to her and said ok mom no problem I will make sure they don't bring you back, so be careful about signing DNR ,s

  33. A lot of ppl will get mad if you live after you save them if they are DNR
    but you can’t save dead from oops

  34. What when Someone had a DNR. Collapses in the street. Is resuscitated by paramedics and then spends the last few days on a ventilator because there was no notification of a DNR. I think DNR tattoo is a good idea.

  35. If the DNR tattoo needed to be notarized, he could have a notary heat up their notary stamp embosser (or whatever it's called) and brand him with it. Easy peasy.

  36. Set up the real DNR paperwork then get the tattoo on your chest, arms and legs along with yoir full name and the signature of the lawyer or notary who signed the paperwork. Can't argue with all the info. That's my plan the day I'm told I have cancer or some other fatal illness or on my 6th b day whichever comes first

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