How French Health Care Compares To The US System

Health care is becoming a big issue in the 2020 elections. The Democrats are pushing for a government funded model, while President Trump is campaigning on gutting Obamacare. We repeal the core of the disastrous Obamacare. The individual mandate is now gone. Medicare For All has become a mantra among
left of center Democrats in the presidential race. Health care is a human right not a privilege. I strongly believe that we need to have Medicare for all. I am a strong supporter of Medicare for all. The candidates do have different interpretations of what
Medicare for All actually looks like in America. Those differences aside, it’s essentially a universal single payer system closely modeled after Canada’s health care system. But there’s another national health care system
that gets a lot of attention: France Back in 2000, the World Health Organization ranked it as the best national health care system in the world. A lot has happened since then. But France’s health care system remains a model for universal coverage. Here’s why. Despite spending less on coverage, France has comparable or even better health care outcomes than the United States. The United States has a higher rate of infant mortality. In France nearly four children die out of every 1000 live births. In the U.S. that number is closer to six. France also has a higher average life expectancy
than the United States by four years. And the rate of re-hospitalization in France is 5.3% lower than that of the United States. Lower rates of re-hospitalization in France are likely due to better access to primary care as well
as longer average stays in the hospital. Since France gives every citizen coverage from birth,
this system allows them to get more preventative treatments throughout their lifetimes, which
save on costs and improve outcomes After World War Two French politicians were concerned the country’s private health care system would not be able to handle coverage demands So the country established a model of national health insurance Meant to protect the population against increasing health care costs. The French call their system Social Security but
it is not an example of socialized medicine. It’s not government run, just government financed. It’s very close to being a single payer health care system. This mandatory coverage doesn’t come at the expense
of freedom of choice in medical care. The system is set up to ensure that
doctors are not restricted when making medical decisions. The system covers every doctor every lab every hospital every clinic. They’re all covered and they all have to take the patients. That’s T.R. Reid author of the book “The Healing of America.” He traveled the world exploring different health
care systems and how well they worked. America is the only place where we have what the insurance companies call narrow networks where they dictate which doctors you can go to. No other country does that in every other country. The patient picks the doctor and the system pays. That’s also true for our Medicare system Medicare covers all doctors. So here’s what happens in the United States. Let’s say somebody, a clerk or such at 7-Eleven or
a hotel maid has no insurance or very little insurance and she feels a vague pain on the right side of her abdomen. It would cost your 120 bucks to go to the doctor she’s not going to do that. She’s going to work through it. And three months later she’s in the emergency room with a burst appendix that costs $60,000. And we’ll treat here. We’ll treat her. But if she could have gone to the doctor when she felt that first pain, the doctor could have treated the infection. It would have cost 100 bucks instead of $30,000. The way we do it by definition makes things much more expensive for the U.S. Covering everybody so that people get the care they need when it’s still early and cheap is a much smarter and
a much less expensive way to provide health care. France’s social security reimburses around 70 to 80 percent of medical costs leaving the remaining amount for patients to pay out of pocket. France also has voluntary supplemental health
insurance provided by private insurance companies. In France they want you to know that you’re getting something of value from the health care system so they make you pay and then everybody in France gets about 80 percent of it back from the insurance company. France’s social security also legally requires price transparency. And because the government funded system covers the entire population, it has more bargaining power to keep the prices low. Social Security also has no waiting lists for specialized hospital treatments. There’s also no physician gatekeeping. French patients do not need their general practitioner to
sign off so they can see a specialist. So how does France’s system stack up against America’s? The French health care system is considered one
of the most expensive in the world and yet it’s still half the cost of America’s. In 2017 U.S. spending added up to $10,200 per capita. In France, it was only $4,900. Administrative costs are also much lower in France than in the United States. In France, they’re limited to 5.5 percent of the bill. Whatever the bill is the administrative fee can’t be more than 5.5 percent. In America are private insurance companies have administrative
costs of 20 percent on every bill. And that’s so important to our insurance industry that their lobbyists wrote that into Obamacare, that they’re
allowed to add 20 percent administrative costs. One of the ways the French keep their administrative costs lower is with the carte vitale, a health
insurance card carried by every French citizen. When a person visits a doctor in France, they present their carte vitale so the doctor can look them up in the digital system. The card gives the doctor all the information they need to charge for the visit. French citizens can also opt to have all their medical
records stored on a card for doctors to access and because the system is available all over
the country, it saves time and money. Another way France manages rising health care costs
is by having the government regulate them. Unlike the United States where legislatures are deadlocked
on what to do about health care, the French parliament votes to set new
health care budgets and guidelines every year. But France’s health care system is not perfect. French citizens pay significantly more income tax than Americans. In order to cover government funded programs such as Social Security. Many French employers say high taxes do restrict them from hiring more people. But the United States lower tax bite is countered by the fact that Americans end up paying more in premiums and out-of-pocket expenses each time they require medical care. Additionally doctors in France make less money than those in the United States. French general practitioners make on
average nearly $112,000 a year. In America a general practitioner can expect to make around $218,000. This gap in wages however does not factor in the cost of becoming a doctor in each country. American doctors must take on the cost of medical school while French doctors receive that education free. American doctors also must pay for malpractice insurance whereas such lawsuits are not a big issue in France. A common complaint in France is that certain areas do not have as much access to health care as others. However, France has more doctors per resident than the United States does. For every 1000 residents France has 3.4 doctors whereas the United States only has 2.6. Some French hospitals are also struggling with
the rising costs to care for patients. So what can the United States learn from the French system? France’s social security proves it’s possible to cover every citizen without a government run system regulating
choice and how doctors practice medicine. It also shows that universal health care
coverage can co-exist with private insurance. Basically France has really done it right. As the World Health Organization said very good health outcomes, everybody’s covered – all their citizens, all their elite workers, tourists. And half our costs, so I think they’re doing a lot of things right.

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  1. the French companies complaining about higher taxes but the French companies don't pay insurance premiums for their employees. All insurance covered by the government, all those companies saving money by not paying for the employee health care premiums. It's just an excuse not to hire more people. Maybe the French government should give them the option either pay more taxes or pay employee health care benefits. See what they will choose

  2. My guess is that it’s good to be poor and remain poor in France. Being taken care of from cradle to grave by the government must feel nice. 🧐

  3. I am an ex councillor and full member of the french healthcare system. 20 years ago it was no. 1. It is not now. I am waiting 3 months to see a specialist and then 2 1/2 months for treatment. I pay 234€ additional insurance and 8.3% opf salary. Businesses, most small are taxed heavily for both healthcare and revenus. Some paying as much as 70% on 32000€ earned per an. I know a caterer and a restaurateur who are will not employ additional people and are cutting back their income to avoid the enormaous taxes. Napoléon Macron has imposed 8€billion reduction in healthcare budget while encouraging 3 world migrant with every illness under the sun to come here for free treatment. I have to see my treating doctor before the specialist and I have to pay him 25€ some of which is reimbursed by the state and some by the insurance. Reimbursements can range from nothing to 70% or nearly 100% for chronic illness. There are many areas of france that do not have either enough treating doctors or specialists. Specialist can charge almost any fee they like but only the Governement agreed protion is reimbursed.

    It's a good system, better than the USA, but it's not as good as you say in this report. Finally, in emergency departments of some hospîtals the waiting time exceed 4 hours even in the middle of the night. 12 years ago I was seen in seconds. Too many sick migrants now fill the emergency departments. The french health system is called l'assurance maladie. The Securité social is different entity

  4. Getting sick in France as a foreigner on vacation? pf No problem – you will be helped and don't pay a penny if you have your EID with you. The costs will be covered by your own country later on. See – social security in Belgium – or the UK -where you don't need anything to get FREE care. Where is USA ? Nowhere, like a third world country. But even there I would have been cared for and NOT paying a single dime – because our social security system would pay them. My yearly contribution is only 93 euro (contribution) + 25 euro (tax). It's NOT a totally free care system, but i won't ruin you – NEVER.

  5. The US treats its citizens like it treats the rest of the world …… like dirt . We in Australia pay 2% of our wage to have a free medical system for all . It’s a right not a privilege.

  6. Can you really compare a country you can drive across in a day to the USA. There are both tremendously populated areas an sparsely populated areas. France's population is much more homogeneous, where there are multiple cultures in the USA. Finally, the fact that most in Congress are bought and paid for by the corporations, does not give me a feeling of optimism. Better would be posted prices everywhere, private doctors, outside testing facilities and hospitals.. Routine care should be paid by the consumer and everyone should buy a catastrophic loss policy for anything that involves a hospital admittance. When the costs are transparent and the consumer has skin in the game, the costs will improve.

  7. T.R. Reid is wrong about Medicare covering all doctors. Not all doctors accept Medicare. Surprised me when he said that since he's an expert.

  8. And yet the folks in America still believe they live in the 'Best country in the world' Wake up America, it could be a 'GREAT DEAL' better.

  9. France doesn't have to take care of 350 million people, like the USA, a third of which are indigent. That is now changing with their love of the flood of Islamic immigrants who are low income so won't be paying anything into the system but will require services. We'll see how long they can survive the consequences of their love!

  10. I'm…skeptical of this clip. Just one example: the Washington Post author claims that in all other countries, patients get to choose their doctor, and that "medicare works the same way – medicare covers all doctors." This is misleading because there are many doctors that won't accept medicare because the reimbursement is way too low.

  11. The stats would be be more accurate if they took into account that American food is toxic and causes many diseases in the American population.
    French citizens aren't systemically exposed to toxins from the womb to the tomb as we are.

  12. Socialism in the US is a swear word. Socialism in Europe is a fact, a blessing, and 100% distinct from communism.

  13. My country in Africa is way better than JewAmerica clear the swamp for the benefits of people

  14. Don't blame the government, you guys decide who get's in house, bernie has been fighting for this since day one but you laugh at his ideas, find excuses for it not to work even tho it works in all the 1st world countries, there is absolute no reason america wouldnt be able to run under a universal healthcare system. If you are for private insurance im assuming you are inbred or just very ignorant to the fact.

  15. You hear the word citizen, How can the US even make a healthcare system like France when we are not even allowed to ask on a census if you are a citizen of not? If tomorrow a system was put in place so US citizens got healthcare the Democrats would freak out because non-citizens wouldn't be sent a medical card and wouldn't be covered. The US has become one crazy place over the last few years. They are blurring the line of what it means to be an actual citizen in an actual country with a border.



    And when you provide linked articles that prove He/she/it wrong, they have such poor reading comprehension, they have no idea that they are wrong.



    People can be so stupid, they have no idea when they are even wrong. Even when you send them 10 article links that prove how wrong they are. LOL


  19. If ANYONE WANTS TO SEE AN EXCHANGE BETWEEN AN IDIOT AND AN INTELLECTUAL; check out the exchange below between LILOU and I.

    I keep telling her she is wrong and providing in excess of 10 article links proving my point, but Lilou either can’t read or is too stupid to understand. She keeps saying the same thing without any proof. Stupid people are so weird.

    (Her uneducated nonsense takes place near the end of the 145 comments).


  20. Under Obamacare have gone through five doctors, four who quit their practice, went from a good insurance with low co-pay to a forced crappy plan with high deductible!

  21. Lilou ou


    If Europeans were grateful to the USA for subsidizing their militaries, it would be one thing. But ungrateful makes Americans want to pull out of Europe and let it go to hell in a hand basket and have our turn at FREE HEALTHCARE and FREE UNIVERSITY.

  22. Why does these news media never tell the whole truth. While the French system may be good, where does 94% the innovation, 92% the of the new lifesaving drugs come from? The USA, while EU like to wag their finger they should be grateful to the US consumer paying for the new drugs that are copied. On avg it takes $20 billion to get a new drug from a whiteboard to a final product. The French are not paying for it but they do benefit from the research and development.
    The French tax burden is the 2nd highest in OECD nations, French public debt is 90.3% of GDP 29% more than United States, Government debt per person is 24% higher than the USA and only 65,139,963 million citizens, they are paying for their healthcare but its not upfront.
    I'm not saying anything bad about either system both have their merits, It depends on the wants of the country, but 1 thing to consider that is very important. If the USA goes down the "Single payer system" most of these lifesaving drugs and procedures will either not be invented or be significantly delayed at the cost of how many lives?
    The numbers have shown that the government of the USA has always been the reason for higher costs. Government overreach, 350,000,000 population and entitlements are problems that need to be solved. Maybe a hybrid between the French and USA systems.

  23. In France, do you need to see a GP like in the UK, or can you see a clinical specialist like you can in the US and in South Korea?

  24. Belgium system is similar than France. We have the best hospitals in the world. It cost lots of money but it brings medical science forward. The rich can pay there healthcare in america but the poor they die of cancer that can be treated or it make them bankrupt. In Belgium it costed 3 568 euro for each citizen. I am happy that it is something like this.

  25. It's all really simple to solve. You don't need insurance companies. One logical way is to use that which produces the most sickness, as verified by scientific research, and take a percent of each purchase then fund Medicare for all. Since large percentages of disease is diet related, junk food or really any food would be the place to start.

  26. Why Americans hate national health care system?

    Because it smells like socialism

    That's what happens when you let hatred make your decision!

  27. The question to ask isn't weather or not Americans healthcare is bad, but why is the healthcare so expensive?

  28. Medicare for ALL, period!
    Money out of politics
    No more regime change
    Clean water for everyone
    Big pharma brought back to reality
    Environmental actions now
    Term limits in Congress

  29. Wake up americans! You're being scammed big time. Canada has one of the best health systems in the world. Perhaps as good as France.
    It was time for my annual physical in Canada. I phoned for an appointment, and they took me 2 days later………………….now that is service! Cost = zero. Monthly medical payments = zero
    Blood testing a few days later …..cost = zero

  30. This sounds amazing, to get near 80% reimbursement for medical fees. And physicians get paid well to to focus on patient care you don't need to worry about referrals or administrative BS. And their college is damn near free so they're not saddle by school day due to the baccalaureate system in France. Unlike here doctors our Sabbath like that and focus on making as much money that's possible to pay off their debts and try to become wealthy off of healthcare. This was fascinating and a cool report.

  31. I have been on the French and Canadian health care systems. I have been happy with both. I could never see myself having to live under the US system.

  32. Nitpick: The statement "no other country uses a private insurance network system for healthcare" made by the author guy is not accurate, or taken out of context. The Philippines has the same system, which closely mirrors the healthcare model of the US.

  33. Injured my spine at L4L5 hiking and it cost me $12,376
    Went to school to be a forestry service ranger $29,000(incomplete due to injury) sacrificed insurance to afford school<my part time job didnt offer insurance but my fulltime did befor I was in school>but now I dont have either but I do have massive debt and massive depression. Im now stuck in retail with little hope of being able to return to school.

  34. I "have" insurance but am afraid as hell to use it. It's a type of 'Walgreen's' care system where you go to a store and they do the basics. Anything beyond is going into uncharted territory. I remember when you went to the doctor and you never even saw a bill. Anyone who says America's health care system is the best in the world is seriously delusional or rich.

  35. As an Air Force veteran, you can't compare apples to oranges. If you want to see how the US government handles healthcare, look at the VA. It's not uncommon for veterans to commit suicide in front of the hospitals because they can't get the care that they need in a timely manner due to being undermanned. While I was in, I had a buddy who had to fight to get a referral to see a private doctor for pain in his leg because he wasn't getting the care that he needed on base. Long story short, the care that he received from the private doctor was way better.

    Our healthcare is so expensive is because it's already socialized.

    Edit: Also, I would like to point out that I have the "opportunity" of using the VA but would rather pay insurance, which makes up less than 1% of my income, and have copay to see a private doctor. Since I'm living in a state with no income tax, my overall healthcare is actually cheaper than countries with universal healthcare.

  36. Hospitals and doctors are not a free market. Medical in America is a nasty mix of free market and socialism. Doctors and hospitals are constantly committing fraud. Charge you the price of a box of gloves when they used one pair, etc. Doctors with patients on federal/state paid medical hit the jackpot and schedule countless pointless test and procedures. Hospitals say they are losing so much money yet the doctors are driving $200k cars, live in a $800k house, etc. Free medicare for all will be a wide open door to give that doctor a $300k car, $1.5M house over night.

  37. How can anyone defend our FOR PROFIT healthcare system here in America after seeing the superior overall results of socialized medicine in countries like France and even Canada?

  38. Almost the same sistem in Belgium as in France. You have basiv coverege for a really basic fee. And it covers 75-85% of cost. It does make one feel comfortable to go to the doctor. If i pay 25€ to the GP i will get 17€ back. Same goes for basic reparatory dentistry like fillings, teeth cleaning and such. It is a great preventive system like one of the guys said.

  39. So your saying that this helps draw in people from other countries and drive up housing prices while you live poor as poor can be and in cities that are turning in to massive slums but hey at least you have free healthcare for all disease from the filth on the streets. Brilliant! Take the total system as a whole and you'll quickly see it's not as this propaganda report likes to pretend. Infant mortality rates and life expectancy have a lot to do with drug use and obesity. Different aspects in sick people percentage wise make for a different number in outcomes. America needs better healthcare systems. France is not the answer.

  40. The health care insurance CEO's in the USA each get more in annual bonuses than they will pay for heath care for a person their whole lifetime.. We pay, and pay, and pay..and still have the poor medical care and the worst health of all the rich countries.. Our Government does not protect the environment for the safety and health of it's population because they have nothing to lose. The health care insurance companies…use our high health care insurance payments to lobby against us instead of using it for our health care.. Trump called health care without the insurance companies, """socialist"… Name calling is pretty much all he's got on any topic..

  41. Even if the US government taxed 5%-10% more in order to expand Medicare, it would be a much lower cost than paying out of pocket. I'm self-employed, so my insurance is $1300 per month for a family of four. That's just the premium. I'd gladly pay more in taxes for universal care. Thanks.

  42. Your mistake was thinking that the government cares about health outcomes. It's all about the money for private interests in America, after all when the person funding your reelection to office profits off the corrupted system anything goes.

  43. I don't know whether anyone else has asked this, but what about trust-busting our health oligopolies to allow for far greater competition and to motivate health care to get better rather than essentially fix prices and screw over the masses?

  44. There's also a mention of healthcare abuse. I can't tell you how many individuals I personally have seen for alcohol detox, meth use, and heroin use. They can come as many times as they want many times getting a free hospital stay as they have no job, no insurance, and no desire to change. Yet, the average citizen who barely if ever uses emergency medical services must pay via his premiums for the schmuck who abuses the ED on a weekly basis. Do you like to work without pay? Didn't think so.. So why should the MD?

  45. USA already has a 2 tier hybrid system… we have the privatized healthcare system that everyone knows about… and we have community health clinics that give free or extremely low cost healthcare that seemingly no one knows about or cares to talk about… I live in florida and had an odd case of food poisoning after eating bad guacamole… I went to my local community health clinic and paid $15 to see a doctor and then I paid another $12 for antibiotics … I'm all better now… that's freaking cheap healthcare… the only downside was that I had to wait 2.5 hours to see the doctor… now if we socialize the entire american healthcare system every hospital will be like going to the community health clinic except the waiting time will be 20x longer…hybrid system is the way to go and we already have it here in the USA… and the community healthcare system is only getting better in the USA we just need to give it time to develop… what blows my mind is that many many Americans don't even know that free or very low cost community health clinics exist and they exist in almost every city in america !

  46. I dont want america to be france. That is why everyone who want free thing got to france. Places where things are free is because large corporation are paying more then poor people and companies rather leave and leave a country with hight unemployment they rather move to a country where they can profit and is fare for their business. I can see why urope is doing this to take our jobs away. So our companies move to france an employ there

  47. For the historical and political point :
    All of these social improvement in France were mostly done under Général De Gaulle (1958 – 1968) and this government was basically an alliance of Left wing and Right wing, a you know what ? People of the right wing backed these reforms, because it's not "communism" it's just common sense, the purpose of te state is to serve its people and insure the citizens can live free and in security.

  48. Well this isn't really a fair comparison since France has 18 times less land mass and 295 million less people. It's like comparing the service you get at a mom and pop compared to a chain restaurant.

  49. I’m Australian health care system is great except if u need to have surgery if covered by Medicare is free there is a waiting list I can go private which sometimes can be better especially if urgent

  50. America America America oh my beloved country, when would we stop monetizing everything? Any thing that exist, America and it’s politicians, lobbyists and billionaires will cash in on it 🤦‍♂️

  51. on reconnait un pays civilisé à la manière dont le gouvernement s'occupe de la santé de son peuple.certaines personnes peuvent penser que les français passent leur temps à faire des grèves mais en réalité nous sommes un peuple rebel conscient que certains politiques et lobbystes veulent nous utiliser pour s'enrichir et même si cela nous coûte cher on se sent humain et utile pour celles et ceux qui on besoin de soins sans avoir les moyens "Français ou étrangers"…Alors je dis à nos frères et sœurs américains"faites comme nous battez vous pour votre santé votre vie et celles de vos enfants vous n’êtes pas des marchandises.Et pour info beaucoup de pays on copié le système français avec leurs spécificitées bien sur et tant mieux

  52. Healthcare systems in the United States including hospitals of all kinds are burdened by layer upon layer of management for every department. MBAs and MSN level employees at the administrative level are killing the system. Way too much waste and non-essential jobs.

  53. france also has like 1/5 of our population though which probably should have been mentioned in this video somewhere . it's a lot easier for the government to insure 66 million people than 330 million

  54. It's because the French have always had a bureaucratic culture , so doing more paperwork is not going to be "expensive" to them. Here in Canada, the French-speaking parts of the country operate not much differently than in France (although hospital stays in Quebec are very short).

  55. Why does the world health association and/or advocates attribute longer lifespan on average seemingly exclusively to the health care system. First off the current policies, spenditures and programs are not over 82 years old since implementation, the cultures and habits in between populations over the period of a century differ. And a lot of other things might dilute the statistics and the narrative presented. (…)

  56. The White Flag warriors need free healthcare. God knows they have been getting their asses kicked since 1940

  57. This seems to be a reasonably good objective comparison, but when presenting facts about morality it's equally if not more important to consider demographics, genetics, and lifestyle, not just health care options.

  58. In america capitalism rules, and it definitely get's in the way of progress and actually solving the problem. Mix greed with healthcare( an infinite field of complications) you can see how much room for opportunity the insurance companies have to take advantage. It'll never sort out unless our system changes, that is fact.

    "Another way the French deal with healthcare cost is by the government regulations". It's not just another way, it is undeniably the best bottom line way.

  59. When I was in England about 10 years ago on a trip with a US community choir, I developed an earache and had to go to an emergency room near Stratford-on-Avon during the middle of the night. I was seen, diagnosed, treated and prescribed medication, then offered to pay, showed my Blue Cross card (I had the “Cadillac” plan) but they told me that there was no fee, I was a guest in their country and covered under their NHS. Why can’t we have that kind of plan here in the US.

  60. I still prefer the Singapore's system based on Mandatory Medical Savings Accounts and Co-pays. It achieves the same results as France's, but for less than 5% of GDP.

  61. Didn't I watch a video about France's healthcare collapse recently? Jun 14, 2019

  62. French are elitist, they believe they are the great thing just by having the best food, lovers, poetry, music, clothes and medical system in the world. 😉

  63. Something you unforthunately didn't point out: every EU country takes part of a big system of "medicare for all" with some small differences in each one. You can use your healthcare card in all of the 28 EU states! For Free!! Even if you're an immigrant or homeless!!

  64. Did not spend the time watching, but the protests were because the people could not afford to live anymore because the government is taking 60% in taxes and keeps raising them on gas and pollution and air. Not to mention they had 1/5th our population, same as the numerous comparisons to the Nordic countries whom have 1/10th of our population and are used for comparsion by the new socialists aka Dems.

    My other point, our government barely takes care of our vets healthcare through the VA, now take the below stats and multiply times 40 to make it equal to the general population.

    The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is the largest integrated health care system in the United States, providing care at 1,255 health care facilities, including 170 VA Medical Centers and 1,074 outpatient sites of care of varying complexity (VHA outpatient clinics) to over 9 million Veterans enrolled in the VA health care program.

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