How Dr. Morton Uses AcuPlus In His Clinic

Hello Dr. Craig Morton here with You know a lot of people ask me Dr. Morton how do you use AcuPlus in your
clinic? You know I’m known for spinal injections. I’m a board-certified
physical medicine & rehabilitation physician. For the last 10 years I’ve
treated patients non-surgically with pain primarily by doing image guided
injections. I’m partnered with a lot of orthopedic surgeons and my goal is to
help people before they get cut on or to at least avoid getting cut on. So
probably over 80 to 100 patients a week are getting a spinal injection and if
you haven’t had one you probably know somebody who has. I mean this is an
example of the needle I use what we’re basically going under an x-ray and I’m
driving this big needle all the way into people’s spine trying to deliver a
cortisone injection where the area is inflamed. But my ultimate goal is to avoid
even getting to this this part. You know I don’t want to get people to shot unless
they absolutely have to have one. So the first thing I do with patients is try to
address: A) Why are you hurting? B) How can we safely get the pain under control? and C) How can we prevent it? So once we’ve identified was hurting I frequently have
patients start a rehabilitation program and exercise, even with a personal
trainer a physical therapist or chiropractics but I need to get the pain
under control. So my options are pills or non pill
options like creams, ice, heat, and I always want to do whatever I can to
avoid side effects. We know that medication can help sometimes
but we always have to be careful because it will affect your kidneys, your liver,
your stomach, if you’re taking a pill for a little elbow pain it’s gonna go
through your whole body but we just want to tackle the elbow pain. We don’t want
to have medicine flowing through our whole body. So I typically have patients
start AcuPlus 4 to 5 times a day. I’ll have them apply it to the area that
hurts for 10 to 15 seconds and after a few minutes they’ll start to feel that
cooling effect and my hope is that their pain will come down enough not just to
enjoy their day and have decreased pain but I want them to
do the rehabilitation and the exercises that are going to ultimately heal it. So
that’s how I use AcuPlus to decrease the need for pain pills, to facilitate pain
relief while we’re trying to rehab it and get it stronger. So I don’t have to
pull one of these guys out and stick it somewhere. So I hope that helps. Know that
you can use AcuPlus on your day to day routine to decrease pain, improve
function, and hopefully avoid shots, ultimately avoid surgery. So I hope that
helps and hope you have a great day.

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