How Do You Talk To The Doctor In English?

Okay so I thought it might be really
fun if… You’ve seen my videos, right? Yeah yeah
You know I have costumes?
Yes! Let’s imagine you come to London and then you have a pain or some problem
that you really need a doctor for What do you do? How do you describe things? What might your doctor say and how do you understand everything? and like that, we’re in your doctor’s
surgery! studio magic! this is my doctor surgery, but it’s very similar to the set we
were chatting on It’s so similar but it’s not! So one thing I love that you do
on your channel is that you’ll watch an episode of house and you kind of try and
diagnose the patient but you explain it in such an easy way. I thought
maybe we could practice something like that I’ll have a symptom and maybe you
can diagnose me?
Sure, let’s do it! In this scenario as well if you
are struggling with English we always have options to get interpreters as well
you know in hospital we can often get another member of staff who can sit in
who may be able to speak the language or we can get people on the phone so that’s
always an option we can use So that’s an option then?
Absolutely! You could have an interpreter?
Exactly! Perfect. But! You should try! Why not? So first of all whenever we talk to a patient the first thing we want to
explore is ask you about what’s brought you in so Tell me about what’s been going on.
Tell me about what’s brought you in today. Okay well for two days I’ve been having cramps so notice grammatically I said I’ve been
having cramps I used present perfect because it’s from
a past time until now I’ve been having cramps okay so with all symptoms
something that a medical thing that’s going on that’s what we call a symptom
with the doctor we want to explore that symptom in more detail okay so with this
particular one and ask you where do you have the pain and it feels like it’s in
the bottom of my stomach in the lower part of my stomach okay so the stomach
we actually think of being quite high up but actually people think the stomach
means the whole of the abdomen whole of the tummy as well but we can use it
interchangeably so that’s why it’s important for us it doesn’t matter if
you use these language terms we have to identify that and find out so I might
say can you show me where you’re having the pain so you could get me to point
out I told you I was stupid so but no that’s really interesting so
in English we say my stomach or my belly just this whole area is my stomach or my
belly mm-hmm right okay cool so so I know where the pain is now right and I’m
a and you’ve given me a bit of a hint that’s been going on for two days so
with this I’d want to know what I’d call the Fido so I want to know its frequency
so I’d ask you how often do you have to paint it’s about every every hour and it
lasts about 10 minutes okay good so within that as well you’ve also given me
the duration so that’s the D and Fido so you give me the frequency so how often
you get it and you’ve given me the duration so when you get it how long it
lasts for so the eye is for the intensity so I’d like you to give me a
score like how at worst how bad is the pain okay so in general it’s about a 5
but last night it was so bad that I fainted too faint means you lose
consciousness you fall over or another phrasal verb to pass out so I could say
last night the pain was so bad I passed out ok so I want to explore those
symptoms of what led you to pass out but we’ll leave that for the moment so the O
stands for the onset so tell me about what happened when it first came on okay
so for about a week it’s been hurting a little bit but progressively over time
it’s it has been getting worse okay fine so with this particular symptom I’d want
to ask a few more questions we actually use a slightly different framework but
this isn’t a medical thing we’d normally use Socrates so a few more mnemonics to
explore but one of the things in Socrates is does the pain radiates
anywhere so radiate means does it move from one place to another so you said
the pains here so does the pain go anywhere else and yes it’s moved to the
side now okay fine and have you had any changes in your urine or any changes
opening your bowels nope they are beautiful
very good so we will kind of end that particular roleplay thing there right
because we kind of I’d worry about something like an appendicitis so you’re
a young person with abdominal pain that started centrally and is now radiated to
the side now and that’s what we’d worry about in that circumstance and you’d
also have other symptoms so feel generally unwell fevers but because the
pain made you pass out you know that’s the type of thing we’d be looking at
okay what happens next like what questions would I expect yeah so then
I’d want to know about any medical conditions you have so your past medical
history how does that question go so I’d say anything that you see your
doctor regular belt or any medical conditions you have will say no cool and
then I’d ask any previous operations you’ve had okay and I had my tonsils
removed a few years ago is that relevant it is relevant because although it may
not be relevant to this body system we know that you may have had certain
medications certain anesthetic drugs that we know you’re probably comfortable
having again okay so then after we’ve done the kind of looked at your past
medical history and past surgical history I talked about any medications
that you’re on so I’d ask you any drugs that you take regularly so this is an
interesting thing so you said drugs now if your doctor asks you about your what
drugs you take probably you don’t mean heroin that would still be important to
tell your doctor but when we talk about drugs we’re not talking about illicit
drugs so drugs you smoke or drugs you inject we’re talking about medications
you take okay treat medical conditions right so do I take medication we don’t
say I eat a pill or I eat medicine we’d say I take the medicine or if it’s maybe
long-term I could say I’m on the medicine name so I don’t know last month
I was on antibiotics for an infection fine and then within the when I’m
exploring your medications I’d want to know about any allergies any drug
allergies okay perfect now if I have an allergy I use this structure I’m
allergic to name of thing so this is true I’m allergic to penicillin
okay I’ve just told everyone how to kill me
that’s all right we won’t be giving you that you should
be given in that you could also say I have an allergy to penicillin or I have
a penicillin allergy so the last thing we talked about in the history after
we’ve done the drug history we talked about your family history so ask you if
you have any medical conditions that run in your family
nope we’re pretty we’re a healthy Bunch good good good and then we’d ask about
your social history so I’d basically keep it very open so I’d say what job do
you do I’m a teacher yeah and I say have you had any foreign travel recently um I
went on holiday to Italy okay and but no we’re sort of outside of that
in the last few months no cool and then I’ll ask do you smoke
cigarettes no have you ever smoked cigarettes no okay and do you drink
alcohol yes so they’re not ask you what you
typically drink in a week um maybe I have one or two beers a week okay so one
or two pints of beers yeah okay fine so there’s about three units in a beer so
I’d say you have about six units of alcohol a week so that may be relevant
but in those quantities cool okay and the last thing we should be talking
about is any concerns you have so how are you feeling is there any particular
worries you have because very often people know it’s not just they come with
illness they have preconceived ideas and worries about why they’re coming to the
doctor right it would always be an opportunity so I’d say is there anything
worrying units brought you in today yeah I’ve probably got cancer that’s always
my that’s always my worry if anything hurts I’m dying
I’ve got cans and I’ll google it you’re so right
google often doesn’t help these things because caps can have lots of symptoms
but a doctor will be able to take a look at the whole picture and be able to
reassure you okay so I don’t have cancer with the given symptoms here it would be
very low down on – okay good that’s that’s put my mind ease so then after
we’ve done our history would then do an examination of you so in this instance
with the abdominal pain we’d probably want to take some observations so check
your blood pressure check your heart rate
measure your temperature and a few other things and also want to have a feel of
your tummy or your belly as we said earlier and then from there organize
some investigations like blood tests and possibly a scan you as a patient you
might say I’m going to have a blood test or what would you say is a doctor how
would you tell me that so we can say I’m going to take a blood test or take some
of your blood or take a blood sample it’s it’s very much a take action
because you’ll give it us something right you’re not borrowing and finally
might I need surgery okay for with this particular condition yeah we’re thinking
about absolutely I mean that this would be an emergency so if you were presented
to your family doctor we’d want to refer you into the hospital for these blood
tests and for the scan because we can do that very quickly we can’t do them in a
GP practice straight away and then from there you will certainly be under the
surgical team to rule out the possibility of needing surgery okay but
if I do need surgery the way I can say it is I’m going to have surgery or have
an operation or have an operation seat now you’re an English teacher that’s it
so let’s get out of your practice let’s go of your surgery yup and we’re back
back in the studio I asked you guys to send me your questions about medicine in
the UK and any medical questions that you might have we’ll answer them for you
so let’s have a look…

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