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  1. What are your thoughts on chiropractic services? I have heard there is no medical science that backs its validity? Is it bs or can it help you?

  2. For those who are considering DO school vs MD school, what has your experience as a doctor with an DO degree? Is there a stigma about it after school?

  3. Was wondering on lifting weights I've heard that children should not lift weights till around age 13 because at younger ages bones and muscles are not developed enough to withstand the occasional over straining

  4. Dr Mike! Drysol for the pits. I used it for appx two years a couple of years ago and I’ve had dry pits ever since. Trust me, I had the same issue

  5. 0:43 well i know someone that cracked there neck and a blood vessel in there neck opend up and she cant use her left side of her body anymore.

  6. My husband is a vet and every night he has to have some sort of noise in the background but that makes me not sleep how can we fix this problem?

  7. “Is mayonnaise an instrument?” Is a quote from Spongebob where Patrick Star asks the band leader (Squidward) If Mayo is an instrument because he loves mayonnaise.

  8. Can you do videos on hypermobility and any advise medically on the effects of those who work graveyard shifts and the tolls it takes. Thanks.

  9. Well nicotine is a Neurocognitive enhancer that’s in testing to see if it can be used to delay Alzheimer’s, that’s prolly what the cigarette tweet was about

  10. I have a condition endometriosis and pcos I find exercising very difficult because I am in alot of pain all the time but I really need to lose weight do you have any tips?? Thank you xx

  11. Been watching your channel since yesterday and I have to admit I'm hooked to it. It's so interesting that I even spend my lunchtime watching your videos.

  12. 4:51 In Germany you are allowed to drink alcohol when your 16, but weed is completely forbidden.. Someone asked the drug expert of the government why weed is illegal. Her answer: Because it's forbidden🤦‍♀️
    I don't support drugs or something, but alcohol is way more dangerous than weed and this woman is just stupid.

  13. Hey Doctor Mike. I don't know if you will see this but what is your take on menstrual products. I live in Africa and we have pads still made with plastic in them and I don't think I like tampons. I recently started using Cups which I think is fine. But I just want to know what your thoughts are on the options women have and the pros and cons associated. (FYI you look like the doctors in medical drama series.. are you sure you don't have any work romance going on….mmmm?)

  14. you doo look like that guy. . you both are extremely handsome. . I can listen to you ALL day right now. ..gosh. .

  15. Dr. Mike has the Herpes Virus. . .Dr. Mike has the Herpes Virus. . . nana nana na NA ! I have it too. . the lip one. . .Medical Medium says it is part of the EBV virus and I AGREE . . his books are awesome. .read the first one you will like it. . especially because you say your passion is medical mis practice or what ever. . false claims . . .ya ya . . .that. . !

  16. No No No on the botox for your under arms. . . hmm maybe more visits to the sauna. . . .some circulation herbs or GO VEGAN . .. . seriously. . .or fast regularly. . .after you try all that. . which you might have huh? already . . but still no no NO on the botox. . just sweat it is sweet and sexy.. . .

  17. The future of medicine is that we don't NEED it. . ..because we will all grow up into our birthright of know how to take care of OURSELVES. . know thyself is to know how to take care of thyself. . .

  18. Doctor Mike in your next responding to your comments video, would you please talk about SLE,i am a 16 year old that was recently diagnosed with Lupus and would like to gain more information about it from all the different souces i can get.

  19. first of all, your vids are not annoying in any way, I love watching this videos when i'm tired out of my body and am extremely worn out. you just scream positivity since you laugh and smile a lot 🙂 it cheers me up seeing others happy, also you're not losing your charm either, as long as you wake up and like what you see in the mirror, and as long as u keep making positive impact on others lives, like your patients or subscribers, you're as charming as ever

  20. I am a junior college student, I'm in 11th. I have weirdly taken up accounts, commerce, psychology and biology as my subjects bcos of my interest in biology. But I'm the kid who finds it difficult to work hard and the portion for bio is killing me. We had around 20 chapters last term and I'm just passing. Any advice?

  21. Guys I need your help! What question should I ask Dr. Mike? I just want to ask him one so I can hear him say my name when he answers it

  22. For the excessive under perspiration you should buy perspirex. I have excessive under arm sweating and it really reduced how much I sweat. It’s around $20.00 at the drug store

  23. Tells us to stay healthy and tells us all of the health issues that are everywhere.
    (Does keto and talks about getting botox)

  24. Regarding the 21 drinking age: the US has incredibly high alcohol-related death rates among college age kids because of it. 18 makes much more logical sense, even 16 or 17 like europe would help prevent this. If parents can teach their kids how to limit themselves, this problem would become much less of a problem

  25. The Ood are an inherently subservient alien species from the television show Doctor Who.
    They occasionally get mentally hijacked and become evil… generally killing, or attacking the people whom they've consigned themselves to serve.

  26. Dr. Mike I have insomnia and I have gotten meds from my doc but have found that they don't really work or work too well so I started taking melatonin figured our body naturally makes it so It would be a safe bet. Now my question to you is, can taking melatonin on a nightly basis mess with my body's natural ability to produce it making the insomnia worse in the long run?

  27. 7:50 easy solve but your significant other isn’t gonna like it
    Take some of her pads or better options maybe a little awkward but better just buy your own pads and put them under/on your armpits the pad will soak up the sweat and peewhoop no more pit stains

  28. Its a shock that u don't know who is hrithik roshan. He's been the world's most handsome man since years now, not only that he's voted Asia's sexiest since years too. Dr mike should consider it as a compliment that he's being even compared to him. Hrithik roshan is love ❤❤❤

  29. do you know how fun games are? anyway, how much do you think games help the brain Sycologicaly?
    And what is the limit until it becomes bad. Because I play PlayStation with online friends about 9 hours a day. I am pretty much the smartest in my class, and I do homework in school.
    Btw I like ur vids 😄

  30. My doctor told me I had a vasovagal response after actually fainting instead of getting dizzy from a shot and then later saw this video. What a pleasant surprise that you talked about it 👌

  31. Dude, he doesn't even give the TINIEST reason for people to hate him yet some people are still mean. Well, I mean, unless it was like an anti-vaxxer or essential oil healer. ig they may have a reason or whateva.

  32. I always thought that the drinking age was raised to 21 because 18 year olds were buying alcohol for their younger friends, like they are with e-cigs now

  33. Sometimes when i stand up i just see everything black and 2-3 seconds later i see normaly what is that ???and it happens when im laying down and playing on my phone and when i stand up it happenes???

  34. Water is not wet. Something is wet when it's soaked (as much as it can be) in a liquid. Water isn't soaked in a liquid, it is a liquid.

  35. I took care of an elderly woman a few years ago, (I'm a CNA), whose doctor had prescribed a small glass of red wine before bed. How common is this and have you ever seen anyone prescribed wine before?

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