How Clinical Placements Work

My clinical placements have been in a wide variety of settings. I’ve learned a lot of different things from each of the clinical placements I’ve been in. When we go into clinical we have a lot of interaction with our patients. We go in and usually get assigned one to three patients, and we can do total care. When I’m taking care of patients I am pretty much doing the job of a nurse, and learning in those situations. And of course it’s supervised and I always have a nurse or instructor to go to when I need help. You’re doing everything from assessments to vitals, and daily routine things that they need for comfort giving injections, doing infusions IV’s and setting all that up. So, the interaction, it’s full hands-on. From my first clinical to now I feel much more at ease. It feels great to represent Madonna. During clinical, I would walk down the hall and doctors would say, “Oh, you’re a Madonna student! That’s such a good program.” We just have a great reputation so being able to be a part of that is really special and reassuring for my future and success.

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