How cardio rehab can improve heart attack recovery

Reginald Wilson: July 15th last year I’m sitting at home
on my couch with the remote like most of us do and all of a sudden I felt a
pain in my chest and it started traveling down my arm, up my neck to my jaw
and it was excruciating pain. Then I started sweating.
I had an idea of what this might be because you hear about it all the time
so I called the nurse and she says I need to get to a hospital
right away. Mike Halterman: Reggie came to us about three or three half months ago and he
had some angina chest pain with activity. Shortly after that they tried to
manage it medically and shortly after that he had an angioplasty and stent to
open that blockage that he had. Reginald: No, I had no idea this would be happening to me. I never thought it and was kind of upset when it did happen. I was kind of
mad. Mike Halterman: Reggie was like most patients. He was a little fearful. Most people who come to
see us go through the same emotions of people who are grieving because you lose control of your health a little bit when you have heart disease. The goal of cardiac rehab is to help people recover from whatever they’ve gone through. It could be a bipass surgery or a valve replacement or heart attack. Reginald Wilson: I was rough. I didn’t realize I was in as bad of shape that I was in. Walking around
the track especiall– two or three laps– and my legs were hurting. It’s
because I smoked for a long time too. I smoked cigarettes for a long time.
When I first came in here I had the staff here with me on every piece of equipment and
they wouldn’t make me wear myself out because I wanted to try and prove that
I could do something. I still thought I couldn’t do things and I really
could. A treadmill for example. Oh my god it was really hard. As time went along I could see
myself getting better and they would raise the value of my
intensity themselves. You’re at level 3 now. You’re at level 4 now. The whole time while they’re doing that
they’re monitoring your heart. Mike Halterman: Our goal is that after three months he’s
able to kind of continue his rehab on his own if he doesn’t stay with us in our maintenance program so he knows how to eat healthy foods,
make good good choices and knows how to exercise with confidence. Reginald Wilson: The difference between not exercising and exercising on a regular schedule it’s a big
difference. It actually affects my mentality you know
during the day. I could remember before when I wasn’t doing anything I
wasn’t feeling as good as I am now. Especially about myself, about life, about anything thing. It helps. It does help.

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