100 thoughts on “How Can You Spot Fake Perfume?

  1. That's why I don't wear cheap perfume. I either get it made from scratch with the oils I choose myself or just pick from a select few designer products.

  2. Lol if you’re buying fakes, you deserve whatever comes to you. Respect the designers and yourself. If you can’t afford it, work harder lol

  3. Interesting, I bought my friend a Daisy perfume at Walgreens because i forgot her bday. I dont buy them there for myself because I want samples/points/rewards for my purchases. It was an emergency but I won’t do it again. I thought it would be safe, just old

  4. That lady talked about aluminum being sprayed but yet women deodorants have aluminum… that cause alzheimer's with time…

  5. I wish some jr high and high schoolers could've heard that last bit. Stop spraying Axe when you haven't bathed or showered! Oh man does it make the stench worse.

  6. Ebay is where many fakes are popping up. A new bottle of Creed Aventus from a full time seller at 75% off is obvious. But one that is opened and is missing a tiny amount, is easier to believe — and its almost always individuals unloading the fakes that they foolishly bought a week before.

  7. Dont buy from perfumery India. Customer service is so shitty that you will stop trusting online players altogether. The one I received has anomalies in Guerlain bottle and they are not willing to take it back. Been held up from 10 days now.

  8. Los perfumes originales son igual de malos que los falsos. Han sido analizados en laboratorios y se ha demostrado que tienen disrruptores hormonales. Y hablo de los originales. Pero claro, tienen que vender y para eso tienen que desprestigiar a los clones.

  9. Department stores do not keep fragrances on shelves for longer than a year (plus they're baking under those hot lights), so they're then sold to other retailers. That does not mean a bottle bought on the "gray market" is four years old. The websites that sell them get so much rotation that the average bottle is only a year or two old. And it usually takes three years for a bottle to go bad. That doesn't mean it will if you keep it out of the light and heat. It just depends on the perfume.

  10. Yes if it didn’t come from Macy’s or Sephora the shit fake! Airports? Fake ! Amazon! Most likely highly likely FAKE!

  11. You missed out on one point..that is if you buy some of the newer batches frags…its highly likely reformulated..thats why people hunt down older batches..which are pre reformulation version.fake and older formulations are not in the same category.but ya dont buy frags from shady shops or websites…esp where prices are too good to be true

  12. I've been ordering my perfume from Fragrance.net for years and they're the best and affordable. Real authentic fragrances at affordable prices💕

  13. I have purchased two fragrances from my job. I work at a drugstore myself!!! Are they safe to use????? Someone please tell me!!!! I'm very concerned!!!!

  14. Fake perfume contains cancer agents LOL! Way to sell scare tactics to get you to purchase 70 dollars versus 10. Cigarettes are good for you and America needs more oil too.

  15. I don't believe there are bunches of fakes out there. What you are chancing with discounts is that they are older or not stored properly. Also, a perfumes formulation gets changed every few years on average. If you are comparing a newer formulation against an older formulation, they may be highly different. I also believe perfume manufacturer's have "seconds" they might sell to the gray market. Something was a little off on the printing or formulation of a particular batch run.

  16. Question 1: Can a cheap perfume (e.g. Charlie White by Revlon) be fake? Or only expensive designer perfumes can be fake?
    Question 2: Can perfume smell a little different if it was made in different countries? Can authentic perfume be produced in several different countries at all? For example, I've seen Hugo Boss Hugo Woman perfume made in the UK, but I've also seen the one made in the USA. Are they both authentic?
    Question 3: If perfume's color is darker than it's supposed to be, does it mean it's fake or it means it's gone bad?

  17. The department store perfumes may not be fake, but they're not as strong as the testers. You spend $80 and get it home and they wear off in about 30 minutes. It's a bait and switch!

  18. I bought 2 fan de fendi perfume. One has a suble depth of the notes in it. The other one doesnt have that but smells similiar. I dont know if you can tell unless you have both bottles in front of you.

  19. if you buy from the mall you get the real stuff, so I don't buy form other sources, I've had problems with cheap perfumes, sore throat, eyes stinging etc, even going through the mall where perfumes are me and my son can get lightheaded and not feel well. Can't go through the soap section of the grocery store, because those same fragrances are at work. I bought a dryer sheet at a discount store, it was from mexico and I swear it was in my basement in my small apt, when I got home, the first thing I smell was that, it came up the heater registers, I had to get rid of it. I'm very particular of what I put on my body because we just can't handle many things. The FDA and EPA they allow many chemicals to be released to the industry that uses them and it's a shame. Even those plug ins make us sick, sometimes a baby crawling never gets rid of the cold, because mom put a plug in to mask the diaper smell. Be aware and use less. It does wreck havoc on hormones and probably pregnant women risk damaging the baby. This is an industry that makes tons of money so it's not like we can force the gov to do more studies, you just have to be proactive.

  20. What was the answer again??
    Oh wait, wait, I know, i know! The little daisy in the corner was crooked! Dam, I should have known that! Anyone know what the chemical was in the fakes that is harmful and carcinogenic?

  21. I bought 3.3oz Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose from Amazon. Turned out to be a fake. The smell is way off. Smells more like alcohol with the light scent smell. That fragrance is hard to find now which is why I got it on Amazon. Won’t buy another perfume there ever.

  22. This lady is full of propaganda, she's so full of shit when it comes to the grey market. Don't trust eBay but sites like fragrancenet are totally legit. I've never seen a 5 year old bottle in the gray market, if there was it'd be more sought after. That 3 year rule is a ploy. There is a seal that breaks when you first spray a perfume, these fragrances last a long time if stored correctly.

  23. She dont know what she is talking about. I purchased colognes from second hand stores that are just as good as those in the department stores.

  24. People have to bathe or shower before applying colognes or perfume to the body.they need to have classes like personal hygiene in the schools and the colleges.

  25. I'm sure they are some fake perfumes and colognes out there they are trying to sell to the public.people need to be more aware of what they're purchasing.

  26. Just don't buy your stuff on the street or from people you don't know enough about on Ebay and other outlets. Buy at only places you trust or with a good reputation.

  27. You just cannot spot the difference between real and well done fake unless you are using the same fragrance for years or you are in the fragrance business.

  28. You can always spot fake fragrances just by looking at the tubing.
    In higher end Christian Dior and Chanel fragrances, the tubing to the atomizer will be somewhat tricky to spot, and you absolutely will not be able to see the tubing if you’re more than 5 feet away (except for what part of the tubing is above the liquid)
    If the tubing to your Chanel or Dior is visible, even the part that is submerged in the fragrance, it is fake. (Unless it is VERY vintage, it is fake)
    Never buy any fragrance from EBay.

  29. Take a fucking shower.
    Nobody smells good when their body oder resembles shit with a hint of flower.
    It still smells like shit.

  30. How did I come to this video!!! For crying out loud I'm on a frickin budget!😂

  31. Yeah, my doctor always warned me about fake perfume and cancer. Thanks for helping the "Industry" make hundreds from pennies and turn $1 million investment into $100 million with just a mil and a name. Why do all the celebs want in on this racket???

  32. Where do you put in the batch code? On the manufacturer site or where?🧐
    Pls help & I appreciate it 💗

  33. The best way to tell is overall quality in the packaging. Even the cellophane that wraps the box is cheaper on the best fakes. Another one that I have found that consistently works is to pick up the bottle by the cap. The fakes bottle will stay on the table but the authentic perfume bottle will be supported by the cap. I buy from Sephora, Ulta and discount houses online and I have never gotten a fake bottle of perfume but I have been stung by eBay sellers, Amazon and on MassGenie but I always got my money back too.

  34. Propaganda. I have been in fragrance diversion for nearly 15 years and the goods that one buys as a CVS, Perfumania, or Target are no older than the goods in department stores, especially if they are the moving sellers.

    The "Planogram items" don't change often and what sells, sells. It's not just sitting and collecting dust for years.

  35. interresting… Aluminium in perfums are bad, but ok in your vaccine??
    what they forgot to say, that real perfums have ingridience that could cause cancer too

  36. Chanel has never been on the gray market. I fucking wish it was. Just got a fake spicebomb and holy hell is it legit looking

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