How Air Force PJ’s Perform Tactical Combat Casualty Care | Medical | Tactical Rifleman

all right how’s it going my name is
Stocks at T1G and what I want to do is just briefly cover the synopsis of what
T Triple C means that’s tactical combat casualty care tactical combat casualty
care is basically a priority in technique matrix when you have a dynamic
environment with bad guys shooting at you and you have no protocols like you
would say in a nice lovely hospital setting and teacher will see there’s
there’s three phases there’s care under fire
there’s tactical field care and there’s CasEvac or medivac depending on your
resources so the first thing we want to talk about is care under fire care
under fire your priorities tend to be not taking any damage yourself as a
medical provider but really the main idea is to lay down suppressive fire
depending on the circumstance keep your casualty from taking further
hits further shots or get keep him from sustaining additional wounds and there’s
not going to be a whole lot of medicine that you’re doing under care under fire
in fact one of my favorite sentences in medicine period is the best medicine
during care under fire is superior firepower if any medicine goes on at all
it’s either placing a tourniquet on the X which is where he was injured or it’s
verbally directing the medicine he should do to himself as you can see here
I’m putting all the medic medicine aside traditional medicine aside I’m just
dragging him over to a spot where he is in the proverbial safe space for the
moment and we’re going to get to our other medicine here in a bit when we’re
no longer sustaining fire the second phase is tactical field care tactical
field care means that you’re not necessarily out of danger but you’re not
sustaining direct fire at this point it’s a good time to wipe the sweat off
your brow making hopefully you’ve got a QRF for somebody in for
security while you’re doing additional medicine tactical field care is actually
where most of your medicine is going to take place you can see here that one of
the first things we want to do after we put on the tourniquet
I guess is you want to check that airway make sure he’s got good ventilation is
going in and out in his case he’s going to need a crike so we have placed a
crike in I’ve got my partner here he’s looking he’s checking all the
traditional bleeders at the junctional sites and the limbs and he’s also
putting on chest seals as he finds them from the chin to the bellybutton after
we’ve taken care of the breathing box on the thorax and look at that what we
really need to check is the circulation as well
that’s going to give us a quick snapshot of how well he’s circulating blood flow
when we give him a pulse check and a blanche check underneath a nail bed once
we’ve assessed for shock make sure in his case we’re going to go ahead and
cover him up and get him off to the CasEvac so in our case here we have a CasEvac bird there’s no medical personnel or medical equipment dedicated to this bird
so CasEvac we have our FE here who’s telling us to come on board and once we
get on that aircraft with that patient we’re really going we like the acronym
MARCH quite a bit March being massive hemorrhage A being airway R being
respirations C being circulation and H being head and heat as teachable C
providers we’re going to go through that MARCH algorithm several times depending
on our standing orders or how well we’re trained in advanced medicine is going to
dictate how deep we can go into medicine before he gets to a medical facility but
in the case of his flight there are flight considerations which we do talk a
lot about here at a T1G as far as atmospheric pressure changes that can
affect your patient once he’s on the bird but as far as just a bread and
butter example of a teachable C scenario that’s a pretty good one somebody gets
hurt there’s suppressive fire and CasEvac is going to come scoop
up in the meantime our main job is to keep him alive until it he gets to the
MTF I hope the video helped you at least give you a superficial overview of what
teacher teachable C is all about if you have any additional questions please
reach out to us and leave a comment below we appreciate your time

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