How Addicts Are Lured Into Sex Trafficking By Florida’s Fraudulent Rehab Centers

There were times where I was tied with
both hands to the bedpost like this. And both legs. I’m naked and he would inject
me with either heroin or he would put a crack pipe to my mouth and light it for
me. I was only 19 and I was just no longer a human being. I was property. This story starts in Florida, the rehab capital of America. It begins with Simone, a 23 year old, addicted to heroin and crack cocaine who’s been bought and sold by fraudulent halfway homes and drug treatment centers
across the state. In three years I’ve been to 245 halfway houses, what we call flop houses. “Simone” is one of thousands caught in a corrupt system of recovery
facilities that illegally make millions from addicts insurance policies. So who are the people buying and selling addicts? They call them “body snatchers” or
“junkie hunters” and many of these hunters are after something much darker. That’s Ted Padich, he’s the lead
investigator on the sober home task force in Palm Beach County. So why urine samples? Well, to
understand it we need to go back to the Affordable Healthcare Act
and the Parity Act which in 2010 required insurance policies to cover
substance abuse. After all the votes have been tallied, health insurance reform becomes law in the United States of America. Providing insurance coverage to treat addiction is
necessary, but without regulation, scam artists are taking advantage of the
system by running excessive and unnecessary tests, namely urine
analysis. For a single $30 store-bought urine test, you could get up to $1,500 in
payouts from insurance companies. Let’s do the math: if you run five tests
a week on a single addict, that’s $7,500. Six addicts at five tests a week, $45,000. That’s over 2.3 million a year and the numbers keep going up. And even after insurance companies started to catch on, these treatment centers would find other
things to charge for: STD checks, massage therapy, pregnancy tests and even DNA
testing. And there you have it, an illegal money-making operation with
multi-million dollar potential all based on how many addicts you have and how
often they pee. So that explains the insurance fraud, but there’s another
layer to the scam. “Simone” was at an AA meeting in New Jersey when she was approached. I was desperate and you could tell by how I sat in the back of the room. And this woman approached me and I told her I can’t keep a needle out
of my arm and I’m 19 years old. The first question she asked me is if I
had health insurance and she gave me the information to this treatment center
within 48 hours, I was on a plane. So, why would a treatment center pay for a free
flight to Florida? This is where the body snatchers come in. These are people paid by the treatment centers and sober homes to bring in more addicts. They can be marketers on the internet or snatchers on the ground hunting for addicts and AAA meetings or at local coffee shops. And the hub of all this: Delray Beach. This past year I stayed at a flophouse
on Swinton Ave in Delray Beach. I stayed there for over five and a half
months smoking crack and shooting heroin every single day and they just ran my
insurance. My mother still receives bills. Simone’s mother’s showed me stacks of
actual bills from these flop houses, showing up to five year urine tests a week
and charging her insurance over a hundred and fifteen thousand dollars for
a five month period. If you have a good insurance program, you’re a gold mine. What we call Body Snatchers, they are preying on the most vulnerable
people there are and they will lure them with cash, with gym memberships, drugs. To further complicate it each relapse those insurance benefits
start anew. And flop houses will actually pay you to relapse just to restart your
benefits. When I was struggling I would you know put make a Facebook status or something
like I need help, I’m gonna die. I’m scared. And I would have people reach out
to me just be like listen, you go to this treatment center, I’ll give you a little
bit of money. Zoe was first given opioids at a hospital when her appendix was
taken out at the age of 15. I remember my mom just standing over me, and I was like, I like this. I’m sorry. And then after that I kind of
dabbled a little bit, until my mom got diagnosed with cancer. She started
getting allotted and I would army crawl into her bedroom and I would just pour
about 30 or 40 of them into my hand. I was sixteen. Fully addicted to opiates
and I remember I was laying on the couch and my dad came home early from work he
said so you want to go see your mom today we don’t think she’s gonna make it
through the night I just was like nah I’m good, like, I’m gonna stay here. I was high. He came home later that night and he said
your mom died. The next day I went and used heroin for the first time. Like Simone, Zoe was lured to Florida by a marketer who profited from her referral
but the story gets more complicated. Addicts who were lured in become more
than commodities for their health insurance policies, many women become
trapped in a sex trafficking scheme that cushions the profit of some of these
owners. So this is the area that I was in and this is Northwest 13th where I was. I haven’t been back here in a while this is the park that I tried to hang myself in. My mother tried to pull me out of that house and
they didn’t know that I couldn’t leave for two reasons. Not
only am I hooked to crack cocaine but I am somebody’s property and I cannot leave. With help from her parents, Simone escaped from that flophouse and is now a student at Palm Beach State College She says her classmates have no idea that she’s one of thousands of women and
men lost in what they call “the Florida Shuffle.” We’re about to go to the Motel 6
it’s great for trafficking because the highway is right there. When women come
down here they do in fact become sort of the property and a commodity that’s to
be traded it’s like a hellhole, where they end up powerless, no options, in the hands of people who are going to trade them. There are girls that are 12-13 years
old. We hear that they’re being passed around groups of girls that are moved
from place to place treated like chattel authorities have made over 30 arrests in
just the last year. The most infamous of these cases was that of Kenny Chapman,
who pled guilty to multiple counts of money laundering, insurance fraud and sex
trafficking, Susan has represented some of his victims So he would actually
market them in houses of prostitution. He was also giving them drugs to have
them relapse so they could go to a higher level of care and he would make a
higher profit. I ended up in one of Kenny Chapman’s
houses. He had the houses so that they were not only able to be locked on the
inside, they were able to be locked on the outside. The windows had locks on
them. If we did something that he didn’t like, he’d lock in a room or he’d sell
you for dirt cheap. He would let you know that four people just ran through you for
$20 he would let you know that four men just
ran a train on you for $20 he’d let you know and he’d let you sit
there and think about that. Wouldn’t even get you high. Because now you want to get
high just to be numb. Just to not feel, to not think. I sat in a bathtub and filled
it with scorching hot water and a gallon of bleach. And I sat there just scrubbing Because I wanted it to get off. I wanted it to just go away it didn’t Chapman has been sentenced to 27 years
but Simone says they’re more like him. I’ve found hundreds of other women that
have experienced this whether it’s been through halfway house shuffling, being
sold, being used as property, being prostituted. It almost becomes like a
sisterhood. The thing is treatment can be life-saving for some addicts. And there
are good sober home owners and treatment centers actually trying to help people
but unless they’re willing to take kickbacks, many are forced to shut down.
Sometimes I would get a client in everything is fine.
You go around 2 days later, and they’re gone. I’ve had people offer me a lot
of money to bring my clients to a different treatment center.
The climate of recovery down here, it’s just not worth it –
to me – here anymore. But Florida isn’t alone. Flophouses and fraudulent
treatment centers are popping up rapidly throughout the country and the
consequence is a dramatic increase of overdoses and deaths and while law
enforcement has cracked down on treatment centers in Florida the problem
is spreading to other states. Not just the Florida shuffle anymore, it’s the
California shuffle, the Arizona shuffle the North Carolina shuffle, the New
Hampshire shuffle. It’s everywhere, I mean it is a horror story if you aren’t
paying attention if this isn’t in your town today, it will
be tomorrow. I was almost three years sober when I
relapsed a few weeks ago. I don’t want to be a statistic.
Hope I don’t end up killing myself because that’s the reality of this place. I want to see the day I turn 30. That’s what I want.
I just want to make it to 30.

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  1. Better off biting a piece of wood between your teeth tied to the bed of your real best friends place for a week and sweat that mess out!!!!

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  3. I fortunately went to a rehab center that gave me structure without making me feel like an inmate. Although AA/NA were highly encouraged; meditation, yoga, physical activity, and group therapy was a part of my daily routine. I learned that there is no cure, but there IS a way out if you change EVERYTHING about your life. Recovery means respecting your body and soul. Although I had a few relapses after, my time at inpatient has made a permanent mark in my mind and reminds me that I cannot live doing drugs. Unfortunately my good friend from rehab stays at an SLE and still uses crack/heroin. I have another friend who is forced to pay $200 as "punishment" for failing a drug test. Many are in it for the profit, but many also save lives so I'm torn.

  4. The very instant that you showed Barack Obama's face, it reminded me of how much I want to see that worthless traitor executed. If I was a competent, strong-minded, intelligent African American man or woman in America, I would have been so terribly ashamed that the worst president to ever hit the White House also happened to be the first black president. What a shame.

  5. As horrific of a story as this is, this is a prime example of yet again making a victim out of someone who brought this on herself from the beginning. I'm damn sure she was told not to touch drugs and that they are illegal. That they are bad for you and are addictive. Every person has a choice to make and you must consider what's the worst possible thing that could come from this, and am I willing to tolerate those consequences. In this case she was not. She was unprepared and stepped into a world she did not know. Now I am not excusing anything anyone else did. But this is why America is in such bad shape today. Everyone is running the victimhood Olympics trying their hardest for a gold medal and at the same time no one is ever responsible for anything that ever happens in their lives. We should all be embarrassed at how we coddle the so-called victims of their own choices and instead of cuddling and crying we should take note and learn from.

  6. I smh when people think because they live in a upper middle class or rich neighborhood that's it's no crime and crime only happen in the inner cities in black communities. It's more drugs in the upper middle class and rich neighborhoods than the inner cities because they can afford them but the news always make you think different.

  7. That's right! I'll show you one face and give you a profile on that face so that the image will be embedded in your mind.
    Remember there are hundreds more out there! They almost always answer to someone else. Genocide, has many faces, facets, and high profile planners who will never see the inside of a prison. Walls are built in this country from the top down. They work from the inside to hold you in, then from the outside to keep you there; the deception is, you believe it is ultimately for your protection.
    May God help us all!

  8. Notice how nobody says anything when black pimps owned slaves white slaves black brown slaves they keep addicted to drugs and pimp out. No stories about this on CNN.or the liberal news.

  9. This girl just a straight-up prostitute just like most prostitutes they have drug problems you just got yourself an a**** pimp.

  10. It's sad. Everyone is to blame in this story even the victims and I wish that wasn't a real thing. Just listening to this. It was a child thinking she was grown parents are not being responsible. If your child geared u more they would try this shit gusrenteed

  11. This is a great idea! after typing this, I am going to research "how to start a halfway house". It's a win/win! This is SO good, that i feel like it might get shut down in about 20 years.

  12. Hey, just curious. I had a friend tell me that she was going into a program where shes in a hospital for 4 days, then at home for 4, for 3 weeks or something. She said it was for a depression medication study. I've been in a few trials, and the ones I did was in and out just to check vitals & get meds, with 2 week follow ups. A different friend who's been in & out of halfway houses says it sounds like a drug treatment program. My friend does have drinking problems, as far as other drugs go, im not sure. Her personality has changed over the last few mths. I'm wondering if someone was trying to lure her into something like this. She suddenly decided not to do it so….

  13. Fraud, commited by corporations, is far more common than individuals. commit.
    In fact, I turned in my county for other fraud, began to realize this happens in Asheville as well .Fraud is more common than compassion.


  15. Do not listen to your parents, pursue excessive freedom, enjoy drugs and sex, from this moment, you are sending yourself into hell. Millions of girls are sexually enslaved each year. Only a few dozen pimps are arrested each year. The government will not stop them. No one will protect you. You must understand the truth. This is a natural choice.

  16. I remember this happening in the 90's with mental health care, even children. Young children given a psychiatric diagnosis diagnosis and then shipped out of their home state to a mental hospital given all manor of drugs, kept until the insurance ran out, and then kicked out whether they were better or not. There are alot a simply amoral people in the world. Many masquerading as doctors and other professionals.

  17. It’s funny ppl say predators should be killed. But we all know a pervert that is protected within families. These “ppl” could be men in your family seeking to have sex with child prostitutes on their lunch break.

    We don’t like to think that. We don’t like to think the very man next to you also pays for sex or has paid for sex. We don’t like to think the woman next you or in your family had to sell herself for extra cash to buy food on the table. This is how men treat their mothers.

  18. Why is everyone surprised???…this is what human beings do, DUH, nothing has changed. Manipulation and lies. Always on this planet. Always.

  19. A perfect example of the government throwing money at a problem. While good intentioned legislation aims to provide treatment options, left unregulated human greed and malicious creates an environment where an already vulnerable population, especially women, can be horrifically exploited. it's hard to believe this is our reality in USA.

  20. 😢😢😢 I thank God this is not my reality and I pray for those who live this way, this is so damn sad, such an evil world we live in

  21. This is so fucked up!!!! Taking advantage of these sick people!!! Tragic to do to already damaged women!! God bless these girl's!

  22. Humans are mostly I,Me,Myself !
    They will do anything for money.
    We should be alert ourselves, because this world is nothing but a jungle.
    I hope the victims somehow find strength, forget the past and lead a normal life.

  23. Diagusting acts of abusive human beings. People are trying to change for the better and you people are making it impossible for them.

  24. These women are retards what do they think is gonna happen to someone who just wants drugs and uses everyone else for their needs its pretty much karma

  25. Don't think she isn't go along with any of that. At the end of the day she wasnt bought or sold. She was pimped out by other addicts who used the marketing fees to get themselves high. Instead of hanging with the people getting sober she chose the people getting high ….
    It ain't good for a 19 year old girl no matter what the story is.

  26. Waiiiittttt. How does her Mom still receive bills? And how did she show them to anyone if she died when she was still getting high?!?

  27. Did you ever notice that no one likes to be stolen from but a thief likes it least of all?🤔
    Get rid of the insurance company's nationalize Healthcare where the government and our taxes is paying for it. And then see how this stuff gets cracked down on.😎


  29. VERY DISTURBING! This is vile. If you aren't a regulated facility. How do you receive payments from insurance companies? The Insurance companies are enabling this shit to keep premiums extraordinarily high. Let's start with the source. This abuse of these young woman has got to stop. I've never heard this crap in my life. The world is truly immoral and makes me sick. It's time to shift some of the resources in the war on drugs to the war on rehab fraud. With a minimum 30 yr sentence no parole if convicted. And to the scum doing this, fuck you

  30. Does anybody else notice the snide smile on some of these people's faces when they're talking about this?

    Or is it possibly just me noticing it?

  31. Sober living houses are bullshit. How is living with 5 other junkies going to keep anyone sober? If you really wanna stay sober have to start associating with non addicts and adapt your lifestyle.

  32. I suspect that the Coachella Valley is also a hot spot for these sadistic, multi-layered crimes. First the CIA floods communities with all kinds of addictive drugs some natural and some synthetic.The movie "Kill The Messenger" about journalist Gary Webb (May he RIP) revealed this fact. And which they even admitted at community press conferences during the 1990's. Also the story about Freeway Ricky Ross reveals their complicity. Look it up! Then all kinds of parasitic predators step into exploit and harvest the weak and vulnerable prey. If LEO really served any USEFUL and protective purpose then we wouldn't have such a growing epidemic of crime, debt and sex slavery combined with a positively thriving for profit, private prison industry which the Public gets charged for! All the Whores 4 War R US are behind this sick and sadistic bullshit! Land of the Free, Home of the Brave my ass!

  33. Women are not powerless …. they are just as flawed as men. Women need to stop looking for excuses and so far all they can come up with is men ! It's a joke. Women are as dirty, perverted and greedy as men. They need to build something or invent something before they are taken for more than sex objects . But's that's difficult because all they think about is sex and money.

  34. This happened because there is unequal wealth, they don't all have a guaranteed residual income, life insurance is evil and deadly compared to a GRI, unequal wealth is caused by wage slavery which is slavery. Every person on EARTH should have a guaranteed residual income! Capitalists are stupid!

  35. Was stuck in this shuffle for 3 years in Florida and California. It's worse than this doc shows. I was treated like cattle and bought/sold by dozens of "treatment centers"

  36. What? So this shows more and more that companies and businesses support opioid addictions because they can abuse insurance.

  37. Why is it that with so many criminals that the Florida authorities know are doing this, only one man gets charged and put in jail?
    I question the Florida law authorities. Why others are not in jail and highlighted in this episode is horrible!!

  38. Wonder if connected to Trump's and Kraft's under-age massage parlor owner in Jupiter and that whole network of corrupt rackets. This needs further investigation by federal and state law enforcement.

  39. I don't believe going to a halfway or sober house is absolutely necessary for recovery. But if a person does decide to go, he/she should be referred by a social worker or substance abuse worker and it should be a place with a known and good reputation and not some place that doesn't offer regular one-to-one and group counselling. A person should never be referred to a facility by some random person they meet at a meeting or anywhere else.


  41. just like the children in the Rio Grande Valley who were taken away from families to CREATE these "Children of Andersonville Prison"
    ….. finds a way to take a GOOD attempt to help those lost in need of help
    and make that into a GREEDY CORPORATE INDUSTRIAL Prison
    …. taking away rights from choices to make ILLEGAL FUNDS.

  42. I left Florida in 2013 because of this. it was scary. I went there for treatment and ended up almost loosing my life because of people that specifically look for out of town drug addicts fresh from rehab.

  43. Heart breaking…just heart breaking…we humans are evil, including me….no hope whatsoever….unless we are redeemed by the blood of our Lord Jesus, Son of God…. And become a new person…..and live a new person to the end of my life….at whatever cost….whatever cost….

  44. I have been using opiates for forty years
    I am not addicted because I am not an addict. I use very little and I keep it that way because I don’t need to be dopesick on top of everything else
    I had a girl friend who worked for the government and was put in rehab at a thousand dollars a week and they would punish you by extending your stay that was to their benefit and not my girl friends benefit It was run by alcoholics and that is no longer done
    The mentally ill curing the mentally ill what a joke. Now they have better programs run by the medical community and not drug addicts.

    WARNING ⚠️
    I know criminals of organize crime who have parties and girls go there and they give them lots of drugs and when they go to leave that is when they are told they must pay for the drugs they consumed if not they want you in a room and charge guys to have sex with them
    This is a trap many girls get trapped into
    Gas , grass or ass nobody rides for free

    They now have drug treatment rehab programs that are one year long and you leave with money a job and a place to live
    You are no longer forced back to the drug district because it is the only place that you can afford a place to stay.
    We have safe injection sites that are run by the medical community
    You can safely use and if you OD they have everything there to save your life. You can speak with a counsellor you can go into detox then rehab on the same building
    Plus if you want the police to leave you alone you must be within two blocks of the safe injection site and the police are watching and no under age people are allowed to be in that two block radius

  45. My heart breaks for these women. Listening to Simones story about the bath floored me.
    I'm sending all my love, best wishes and positive vibes to all the women affected by this evil and corrupt system x x x

  46. Please for the love of God INVESTIGATE ALABAMA (Anniston) area they are doing this there especially at tri county outreach the owners name is Tony Hamm please investigate 🔎

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