88 thoughts on “How a Young Mafia Doctor Found Forbidden Love in the New England Mob

  1. I met patriarca his son and several other members of the Patricia crime family many times in providence and here in nyc all of them very nice people. Funny how these stone cold killers can be such gentlemen at the same time

  2. Unless you've hurt children or old people and no one has suffered then I reckon if you're really old and frail theres no point going to prison because it will only cost a load of money and be an inconvenience anyway, it's not like you're going anywhere if they don't send you down now is it, let the old crooks that didn't do too much of a crime go home I say

  3. A good person would have said no I will not take him on as a patient and then she slept with a monster yeah she is not good at all

  4. It’s getting worse and worse just year by year day by day weeks and weeks like a snowball rolling up like years days weeks!!!😱

  5. My Ex girlfriend was related to the MOB! Her grandmother would make me eat all the time! #1 rule you finish whatever she feeds you lol!! Her vegetable garden was epic!!!

  6. I literally jusy watch a YT video of "why 8% of kidnapped victims fall on love with their kidnappers" by infographics show…

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