How A Scoliosis Brace Helped Lauren Overcome Scoliosis

Hi everyone! I’m Lauren and today I’m part of a commercial that will tell the story of when I got diagnosed with scoliosis and how this transition has impacted me. So right now all the production is going, and it’s a little crazy! Never had anything like this before. It’s a lot of lights! So my dad’s right now working towards his interview and so “hi dad!” “Hey sweet lil how are you good I like the purple shirt nice well that means mom picked it not me. yes hi feelin nervous you’re nervous this is not my power alley as we started to learn more about scoliosis you know we came to the realization that this was clearly gonna be one of life’s trials for Lauren and if it is for Lauren is going to be a life draw for the entire family I don’t think it was until she actually strapped the brace on that she understood the implication of what it meant to endure scoliosis and and treatment and treatment plan for six years so you no longer have to wear a brace or anything nope nothing so completely mm-hmm back to normal that kind of slowed down and you couldn’t be as active well I possibly good thing and then show you about the graces that it really didn’t like prevent me from doing anything because once I started once it got more to the point where i was getting used to it and it was doing I was doing well with it that dr. Cronyn started to let me like say okay you can do something you could take a few hours off if you want okay by the end is I feel like before I was about to get it off I actually didn’t have to work school one day league so I got like going to elitist this is my brace that I wore for the last year before a hat got it off and it’s set up so try to provide as much comfort as possible there’s a little hole over here to provide air and a little bit more of comfort and there’s like padding throughout it and in a couple of weeks i believe i’m going to go blow it up one of my dad’s friends has an explosive device and i’m really excited because i feel like it kind of symbolizes like a new star just kind of getting rid of that of my past and my brace and it’s really exciting to not have to wear it anymore so here we are in the locker room which is where we’re going to filming part of my interview and all the lighting crew is getting set up in here when I was eight years old I just went for a routine check-up to the pediatrician and she noticed when she was checking my spine that there was a curvature so if you were diagnosed with scoliosis having a brace is not the end of the world you just have to focus and be determined dr. Carnine definitely encouraged me when he described my progress so every time he went for our checkups and I could tell he would tell me that my spinal curvature was either staying the same or starting to get better that really encouraged me because I meant I was one step closer than not having to have surgery Lauren is a great example of why we tell kids that this is the right thing to do and and if you if you follow the path that we put you on then you’re probably going to avoid needing to have a surgery done you had the assist yeah what was a day were you kick in a corner what um I was like give me the ball in fact I when kids come in that want to talk to someone else who’s been through this she’s the one of the main kids that I refer to because she did so well with it she had to wear it for such a long period of time so not infrequently girls who are diagnosed with scoliosis will the parent will say hey you know is there’s somebody else that she can talk to you about what this experience is like she’s one of the leading examples of how to do it do it well and still live a life despite that I learned that I can do anything if I put my mind to it I just have to have faith in the situation that it will work out because it did work out for me and I’m really thankful for that so it gave me some confidence in my ability and my perseverance you

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  1. This doesn't work for everyone though. I had a curve of 60 by the time i was in 4th grade and it progressed to 110 by the time I was in 6th grade all while I wore the brace. I had to wear it for 18 hours a day for a year and it didn't do anything. Now I have 2 rods and 26 pins holding my spine together. So yea, bracing isn't the best solution.

  2. I have 71° curve im 13 and I have to wear a brace for like 9-8 months then in the summer I get my surgery yay! I'm very excited about it

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