Houston OB/GYN Dr. Megan Pallister

Hi I’m Dr. Megan Pallister and I am an
OBGYN at Kelsey-Seybold. Seeing a patient’s face when when they deliver their baby is the most rewarding experience I think anyone can imagine. I don’t think a lot
of people get to see that, and I think I’m really excited that I get to be part
of that. That’s usually the most happiest day of a patient’s life. I think that’s
very rewarding and that’s why I do it everyday. Growing relationships with patients and
meeting people for the first time, and just knowing that I’m gonna know them for
possibly the rest of their lifetime, and they’re going to entrust their health
in me and even the health of their family members, and that’s really
exciting for me. So I love OBGYN. I can’t imagine doing anything else, I really
can’t. I know that sounds not realistic but it really is true and so that’s what I’m
most excited about. Just listening to them and finding what’s most important
to them, what they want out of that visit, and whether it be 10 minutes or an hour,
you know whatever they need, whatever is most important, I think will come out
and you just have to listen to hear what they have to say. Gaining trust is the most important aspect
of a patient-physician relationship, and by gaining trust, then that patient listens to
you and you can listen to them, and you can really understand patients where
they’re coming from because a lot is going on in a patient’s life, not just what
they bring to the exam table. Continuity of care is very important. They taught us
that from day one of medical school. You know everything about your patient and
their family and their history. You know how they think and you know you can
educate them throughout their years and I think that’s really important because
that plays into preventive medicine which I think is the most important
thing that we can teach our patients.

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  1. Speaking as a local Houston pathologist, I can attest that Dr. Pallister is smart, focused, attuned to detail, and clearly very caring. Thanks for sharing the video.

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