89 thoughts on “Hospitals suing US government to keep prices secret: Report

  1. How about we quit using their corrupt system that enslaves us and makes us sick and then milks us of our insurance.

  2. Nurses are good
    Most doctors are good.

    But these lobbying groups suck. And it needs to be noted that hospitals and insurance companies work hand in hand

  3. Reminds me of when 13 morally superior Dem Senators voted not to allow importation of meds from Canada…each legally bribed six figures by Pharma via campaign contributions…..and 12 "evil racist heartless" Republicans voted yes


  5. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. If people can see the prices, the companies will fight each other to cover patients, driving the cost down. More importantly, families wont have their money sucked out of them with suprise billing and other disgusting tactics. People hide things for a reason. Logical thinking.

  6. I work in the operating room
    The plastic cover of a microscope, a literally sterilized plastic bag !! Is CHARGED FOR 1100 $!
    Couple of hundreds for disposable PENS!!! most of which are used for less than 30 seconds!
    One particular hospital Orange Coast Memorial in Orange County California has FIRED employees for revealing of their scams online!
    If you’d only know what’s happening when they put you through after they put you to sleep!
    Trust me they have 0.0 honor the people in. Charge of your health

  7. We deserve the right to knownwhat we are PAYING FOR!!! SCREW THE HOSPITALS because we are paying $25 just for a tylenol pill for example!! We should know what we are PAYING FOR and how much things cost!!!

  8. Transparency all the way. Our government and its corporate allies have become to big and the first step is transparency

  9. Faquing hospitals doing their very best to keep people sick, poor, and in the dark… About policy, pricing and informing the consumer.
    To them ripping the public off and using the government to ensure their bottom line (making money) is all that matters.
    Healthy people be damned.

    We the People ..
    want free market competition amongst insurance and drug companies.

  10. American is the only country where doctors are multi millionaires, nationalize it, it's not like colleges are gonna stop pooping out new ones so unwilling can be replaced

  11. 300 a day? That's it? They'll pay that to make 100's of 1,000's more. Should be 30,000 a day. Then you would get compliance.

  12. Anything that one feels the need to hide, should automatically create suspicion. We choose where to buy groceries, or buy a car, or where to get insurance based on price and service. Knowledge of prices, will breed competition. Competition is what keeps capitalism honest.

  13. Thats how they can charge $6.00 for an aspirin if ur a patient, but in the store you a bottle for that !..same thing..

  14. What a scam hospitals are running. "The massive excel documents will slow down their websites" ?? Really? omg how ridiculous. Just like the democrats, they are grasping at straws to try and keep their strangle hold on the American public. If the hospitals were honest, they would say, "we are suing so that we can keep our prices hidden so that we can surprise charge any patient we want to make millions" – that's it folks.
    Name me one other business that is allowed to do this. How about a store. You walk in. You want to buy a toaster. You bring it to the checkout. The checkout person says, "oh no sir. You don't pay us now." Then you ask, "well, how much does the toaster cost?" The checkout persons says, "Oh, we don't have that information available. Just take the toaster home, start using it, and we will bill you later." You do so. Then a month later, you get a bill from the store that charges you $1,000 for the purchase of the toaster. You call the store and complain. The store says, "I'm sorry you are not happy, but if you don't pay the bill then we will be forced to send it to collections where your credit rating will be destroyed." That's pretty much how hospitals (at least most of them) work today.

  15. Transparency hospitals!! We want to know what the heck we're paying for and how much!!! Sick of everything being hidden, done in secret and screwing the people!!!

  16. Too bad you idi0ts don’t want universal healthcare. We wouldn’t have this problem if the profit motive was taken out of medicine.

  17. The people have the absolute right to know ahead of time what it will cost us when we do go to the hospital. In my opinion the Medical system is one great big racket. It’s mostly All about the Money man !

  18. They should have a menu like McDonalds. Headaches are a number 1 and a broken arm is number 2.

    That way we know what we are getting when we pay. You get an estimate on your car before you fix it right?

  19. Hospitals are scam places no better than a used car lot. Doctors nurses all scam artists hiding under the we care about your health excuse. Something should be done to healthcare facilities nationwide. They are ripping people off misdiagnosing hooking them on prescription meds ordering needless test after test etc. They all need to be held accountable.

  20. America is undeniably the world leader in healthcare. The research and development of medical equipment and procedures in every aspect of the human anatomy are second to none. It exist for one reason and one reason only, the rich demand it. They would like to live longer and can you blame them? Do you think this equipment would exist if everybody were poor?

  21. And there in lies the biggest issue with healthcare. It’s not the insurance that’s problem, it’s the providers that are the problem. So Loony Bernie and Pocahontas Warren healthcare plans won’t work.

  22. Posting prices is an expected, standard practice for any business. Why should hospitals, health care providers or insurance providers be any different?

  23. They profit off misery and corruption patients should not be charged a hundred dollars for a bag of saline. That's salt water.

  24. everythingis s out of sink we havethe bestcountry and best technogically and health care is out rageous this should not be

  25. You take money from the Government. They can mandate you make your prices public. You don;'t like it. Don't take the $3 trillion taxpayers money. See how long you stay in business. Just as College Loans have to be made public….Problem Solved.

  26. How about charge every person they see and instead of giving them a bill also give them a check of 300 for not being transparent

  27. This is most secret pricing businesses there is! And they pray on sick people! Been a. Victim for years! Why not publish prices? The whole chain of greed will fall! The most insidious people on earth! Vicious, sadistic, control freaks!

  28. As it's been said, those who would do evil love the darkness, in this case, especially when they claim their being caring and/or helpful..

  29. The prior administrations passed legislation to allow hospitals to overcharge patients for the ones that don’t pay, it was supposed to help offset costs but it was used to increase prices until healthcare was unaffordable for the poor so the government could take its natural place ruling our health care.

  30. If you dont think hospitals should show their prices I guess none of you have been hospitalized and charged $900 for aspirin twice a day for a week…

  31. This is absolute evidence of price fixing if you ask me…its like a drug dealer with the cops at the door desperate to hide the drugs…

  32. Trump will clean this up,He need all of congress to agree with him,but as we are seeing,the corrupt are doing their damnest to impeach him.For the People.Democrats are making millions off this.and some Republicans.they're known as "The Swamp"

  33. No moron. It's called a database and it uses sql files. It's so easy to search. That's what stores that sell both online and offline use. You know, when Home Depot tells you exactly which isle you can find an item and how many there are?

  34. LOL! We have a free market, don't we? You don't see automotive repair shops keeping their rates secret until you go into their office and haggle. LOL… rediculous, hospitals are just like every other service, post your rates or don't get any business.

  35. $300 a day is nothing to the health care industry. They simply will not comply and absorb the fee. It would be more advantageous for them to do this and not reveal their prices. They make more money this way.

  36. Such BS on the part of hospitals. Medical care became a business thanks to Ted Kennedy, it stopped being a social service. Hospitals should be forced to reveal their prices just like restaurants and grocery stores do. If they're going to pay their CEOs so much money they should let us know how much that drives up the cost of our care.

  37. I don’t feel bad for them they should have been doing this all along. They never wanted to itemize bills since that would make customers hold them accountable for price gouging.

  38. Imagine buying any other product or service and not knowing the cost until the good is consumed or the service is rendered. It's insanity.

  39. The arguments about spreadsheet size and website issues is total BS. I have personally managed projects for these types of artifacts and services and it’s trivial. The truth is, the healthcare industry is thriving because they aren’t subject to free market dynamics.

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