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  1. Hospitals ensure repeat business by having McDonalds there. Also,what is up with the food hospitals serve to patients. Dairy, eggs, meat, really !?!?!?!?!!!?!?!

  2. I'm trying to get vegan options on hospital menu. Been so frustrating. They have meatless Monday,which they put cheese product all over. I go for treatments every other week and bring my own food. It bothers me that Doctors don't try to change diet. Even telling cancer patients to not eat fresh veggies fruits because their immune system compromised by chemo. I've resorted to showing your videos to patients or writing down who to research. Any suggestions to get them to adopt better food choices? Thank you Dr. Gregor for all you've shared!

  3. The food industry spends millions fighting against labeling GMO's – they want to keep people sick and thus going to hospitals!

  4. Hi, I have a low blood pressure, and the last time I checked, it was a bit too low (90 60), I exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, and eat high fruit high carb vegan diet. But can u suggest food to increase my blood pressure? In internet it said to increase my salt intake… is it ok to increase my salt intake?

  5. Visited my mom in the hospital..went to the cafeteria and all they had was pizza and fried chicken. There was a tiny basket of green and red apples. No greens to be found.

  6. And what are the national security implications of corporations directly making our children sick and diseased with their "food" and medical products?

    "Sorry ma'am, but you don't meet the minimum requirements for entry into the armed services", says the recruiter. "Oh, and because you were on chemical restraints (read Ritalin, etc…) when you were younger, you're permanently disqualified. So even if you lost the weight and could squeeze into our uniforms, you're unmanageable." Warning: This is not a theoretical conversation–words like this are spoken to our youth more and more often.

    As a veteran of Desert Shield/Storm, I can honestly say stories like this frustrate and concern me.  I would have served in the military longer if I didn't start having weight problems as a result of poor diet. So does this topic have national security implications? I say yes.

  7. I have watched chemo patients in clinics for 29 years, take anti nausea meds to eat. Giving ensure or boost for meals…there has to be better options and true food solutions. I am responding to someone's comment and after 5 years of high creatinine levels I finally attained normal levels. No help from doctors, went vegan. Means I won't be on dialysis anytime soon. I just want to help those I see suffering in clinic, I have genetic blood disease and some of these patients I'm seeing their second round of cancer treatments. I just want to help.

  8. There actually was a law passed in Israel banning all fast food joints and all other "non healthy" foods  from Hospitals.
    So far the hospitals themselves don't really enforce it because it's such a big part of their revenue.

  9. The more I find out about the food industry full stop (not just fast food) the more I really feel upset by it. 

  10. True story:  When I was an uneducated cook and served my family hamburgers, my son was super fussy and only liked burgers from McDonald's.  I would take a rolling pin and flatten out the bun I was putting his burger on and then wrap his burger in a wrapper I had kept from McD's.  He never caught on.  Of course, I have smartened up and haven't had a burger of any kind for quite a long time!

  11. This really shows how the system is keeping people going round in circles for their own financial and corporate benefit.
    Allowing McDonald's restaurants in hospitals further spreads the lie that it is okay to eat, and insinuates your diet doesn't really have much to do with your health. Absolutely appalling. Sad for those who end up in hospitals searching for answers to their health, or rather lack there of,  and they're greeted with heaps of medications, processed animal products, and McDonald's restaurants. 

  12. You're making too much sense, doc. Besides, how do you think they stay in business? The fast food industry has kept people in the hospitals for years.

  13. Not forgetting another problem with the medical profession and that is vaccines & prescribed drugs and how certain ones play a part on harming the body.

  14. McDonalds is what taught me to not cry when getting shots as a kid.  And then it worked again for when I was learning to drive a manual.  I was practicing for months until my mom finally said,  if you don't stall on your way there I'll buy you McDonald's.  And then I didn't stall.  Hahaha, Oh how times have changed for me.  For the better

  15. Our local hospital signed a 100 years contract with McDonald's to set up shop in the lobby near the ER.  100 years, really?  So, We have our work cut out for us, Dr. G.  A big AMEN to your question, and correct that it is time to take fast food out of hospitals.

  16. A friend of the family was recently in hospital due to a heart attack. We visited him the following morning after having some stents fitted. Can you guess the first meal he was served in the hospital? A hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs and steak….I was speechless

  17. I ate like a pig with fast food and processed food I gained 80 pounds.  I will not eat anything that I don't cook.

  18. powerful work @NutritionFacts.org.  it's so sad that money buys such influence- if only the fruit and veggies people had multi-billion dollar McBudgets to push produce 😉

  19. We brought our children up without major exposure to McDonalds. Our kids had McDonalds perhaps 5 time per year, usually as part of a birthday party staged at McDonalds so we didn't have to worry about the house being destroyed or having to do a major clean up afterwards. Now our kids are young adults (with their own kids) and have McDonalds less than 2 times per year. I haven't had McDonalds in about 15 years, they don't make a lot out of me 🙂

  20. If parents didn't use TV as a baby sitter: maybe kids would be far less enamored with fast food fare. Shouldn't parents use DVDs or streaming shows without commercials?
    As for hospital meals for patients; the USDA food pyramid is their guide. The grub comes from a can or is otherwise packaged. Suggest fruit and veggies to friends and family.
    And in the cafeteria sometimes a doughnut or a pizza is just what the Doctor ordered.

  21. duh it's obvious hospitals sell sickness and I'm not buying, and doctors often have big egos and girls chase them. it's a joke, and ppl talk of insurance reform but not actual health care reform. they mess with women during and after pregnancy, THEY MUTILATE BABY BOYS AND FOR THAT SHOULD BURN IN HELL. too bad hell doesn't exist. religion is another big business but that's another story. and believe it or not I'm not a hippy or a leftist, just a traditionalist, naturalist nationalist.

  22. At my school, we had a statewide campus system. All the hospitals would try to get us to go to theirs. One rep bragged that theirs had a woodfire pizza oven in their cafeteria.

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