Hospitals in Paradise… Now He Can’t Swim Ep.156

(mid-tempo guitar music) – You’re going to have to
learn how to do that, Elayna. – Hello it’s Anthony Rosswhite
and I’m back on board. I’ve been put to work immediately. – Look at these guys. – [Elayna] (giggles) Love it. It’s world class diving here so this place is famous
for its coral reefs. (mid-tempo guitar music) ♪ You’ve been lost in song for days ♪ ♪ And I’ve been drinking myself ♪ ♪ And I was lost ♪ Last Monday you sailed with us up to Turks and Caicos
here in the Caribbean. This water is incredibly blue. Alright so worst case
scenario has happened and we have just run aground. Some poor visibility, a missing
marker, and a narrow channel led to La Vagabonde
grounding for the first time, and hopefully the last. We owe this guy so much
beer it’s ridiculous. We just made it into the marina and tied up to these concrete blocks. Riley had a bit of an accident. If we just antiseptic, we can glue stitch it up. – Yeah, we’re getting good, huh? I’m a day early. – Really? – [Riley] Dad doesn’t
get in until tomorrow. – I should be mad ’cause I just started
cleaning like a maniac. – [Riley] Don’t worry about that. What about the mad rush
we’ve been in to get here? We could have spent
another night in Dominica. That’s the whole reason
any of this bad shit has happened from the beginning. – Oh well it is what it is. – [Riley] I was expecting
you to be angrier than that. That’s why I pulled out– – It’s not the first time you– – [Riley] That’s why I
pulled out the camera. – It’s not the first time
you got your dates wrong. It’s a given, I am not surprised. – [Riley] It’s like a protective coating. It’s like a coat of armour. – You are hopeless. – [Riley] You should be nicer
to me ’cause I’m injured. – Do you want to go to town? – [Riley] That just
started hurting actually. – Do you want to go to town? – [Riley] When you said that. – Come on, let’s go now. – [Riley] I’m getting pretty sore. – Shut up. – [Riley] I can’t believe
I’m not in more trouble. – Well I have no energy
for you to be in trouble. I’m not going to waste it on you mister. – [Riley] I hurt my toe as well. – Be there tomorrow, it’s open on Sunday. – Thank you very much for saving us today. – I didn’t save you. – You did, you really did. – I helped you guys. (Elayna laughs) – [Riley] You did, man, thank you. – We were able to drag
you off nice and easy and hopefully did no damage to the boat. – [Elayna] Yeah we need to
jump in tomorrow and check. – [Riley] Yeah I don’t
think there will be. – No, I don’t think so either. It was all sand.
– Yeah. – And got you back in
the channel in then boom, you motored yourself right here right. (Elayna laughs) – [Elayna] Right, time for another beer. So we’re walking to find some food. And Matthew said there’s like
a little underground business going on here, like Uber
but without the app. Where the locals just pick you up and you give them some money
for driving you around. And apparently it’s really really cheap so we’re just waiting for
someone to drive past, beep the horn and we’re
supposed to stick up our hand and tell them where we want to go. – [Riley] Get your skirt up there. (Elayna laughs) (birds tweeting) – [Elayna] Well this is
not looking promising. And I think we’ve walked
a few kilometres already. (car radio plays indistinctly) Amazing! Seriously thank you so
much, you’ve made our day. Well dinner was phenomenal. Riley is ordering dessert
because it’s been a tough day. And he got– – [Riley] It’s been a tough week. The only people that I’ve hung out with apart from you and Stefan,
fish on Sombrero Island. – [Elayna] And you’re
still only hanging out with me now. (laughs) Well you could have found
some friends at the bar. – I’m sick to death of you. (Elayna laughs) It’ll be good when Dad comes tomorrow. – [Elayna] Yeah. Happy? – Yeah. – [Elayna] Ready for bed after this? – Oh man, yes. More than I’ve ever been
ready for bed in my life. (Riley snoring) – [Woman On Radio] The red
markers on our starboard, we line them up so
they’re one behind another and approach that way, confirm, over. – [Man On Radio] That’s
affirmative, affirmative. – [Elayna] We’ve got
another boat coming in. Fingers crossed they don’t
do what we did yesterday. So I’ll be watching very closely. – [Man] You got her in. – That channel was pretty
treacherous isn’t it? So up ahead I’ve got the port side marker that floated away in a storm recently. So that was just, that’s another reason. That is going out I think
this afternoon or tomorrow. So that’s right on the part where Elayna and I were just
a little too far to port. So that’s it there. So this is the sailor’s favourite
marina in Providenciales and I noticed that you are guiding people into the channel there. I really should have called up in advance and done that, shouldn’t I mate? – Yeah that’s a good idea. Charts do have our course on it but first time approach, a
little help on the radio works. – [Riley] Yeah, absolutely. So how long have you had
this marina here for Bob? – I started building it in 1994. And I started building one dock to keep my 60-foot sloop out and this happened. – [Riley] Yeah, wow. You weren’t affected by
the storms and hurricanes? – You see the hills around us here. We did very well. We’re tucked into the side of the hill and very little damage. I did advise everybody
to be out of the water, so there was only two big boats in here, and they did okay. – [Woman On Radio] Marina this is Tinga. Can you advise us whether we are a port or starboard tie-up? – So I’m caught in a
bit of a moral dilemma because this marina is good and the channel is definitely navigable but a boat just hit and then left and I didn’t want to film it
because Bob was next to me. I was trying to film him on the radio talking people in which
is what he usually does. So if you’re thinking about coming here just come on high tide, pay attention. Get in contact with Bob in
advance and do it like that. Because yeah, I think if you do all of those things it would
actually be quite easy. And if the other channel
marker was out there. – [Elayna] So we’re just
taking Riley to the hospital because his leg hasn’t stopped bleeding. – [Riley] It just drips blood
at very inappropriate moments. – So yeah we’re going to
have to go find a hospital. And the taxis here are
so ridiculously expensive and after last night’s hike we’re not going to attempt
to walk to the hospital because we’re probably
not going to get a lift. So it’s either taxi or hire car and we heard the hire cars are cheaper so we’re gonna try and tee
up one of those this morning. – [Riley] We can get Dad as well. – Yeah and we can pick up
Riley’s dad from the airport. We’re pretty hopeless
at filming this morning but we just got taken (Riley sings) we just got taken to the car hire place. We have a van; it was
all very fast thankfully. And I have a map here
that’s gonna direct me to the hospital. Once you get to the roundabout
you need to go right. – [Riley] Medical practise dentistry. – Can I do that for you? – You can if you like. – [Medic] What are you
planning for the next week? Are you going to be here or? – [Riley] Fishing, diving, running. – You’re not going to be diving. – [Elayna] (laughing) Yeah. – Look at that! – [Elayna] Oh that’s horrible. – [Riley] That is wrong. (medic speaking indistinctly) – [Elayna] There you go Riles, not so bad. – You’re going to have to
learn how to do that, Elayna. (Elayna giggles) – [Riley] We made it to the airport just in time to pick up Dad and Joanne and some good family friends
of ours, Tony and Stelleen. (lively guitar music) – [Elayna] In goes the beer. (talking indistinctly) (lively guitar music) ♪ For 16 years I’ve been
in self destruct mode ♪ ♪ Just waiting for that
timer to run out on me ♪ ♪ Show me what this life is all about ♪ ♪ Maybe you could teach me
about a world I’ve never seen ♪ So we survived our exit out of the marina and we’ve got a happy crew onboard. All the jobs are being done. We got a fridge, or two
fridges full of food and an esskey so we’re prepared for at least a few weeks’ adventure. I’m gonna to introduce you to the crew. I think we’ve seen your face before. (laughing) Who’ve we got here? – Hello it’s Anthony Rosswhite
and I’m back on board. I’ve been put to work immediately. – [Elayna] Yep! So you came across the Pacific with us. – I did indeed, yes. Had a great trip across
and got the taste for it. – [Elayna] You did, great
to have you onboard. – Thank you! – [Elayna] (giggles) So
who have we got here? – [Riley] The mayor of Venus– – Ah, not quite. Tony, friends of Riley’s
dad since school days and I’ve known Riley since he was born. – [Elayna] And you and Tony went to boarding school together? – We did for a while, yes. We got kicked out together (Elayna giggles) You can see where Riley gets it from. – [Elayna] Yeah I really do. Who have we got here? – My name’s Stelleen and I’m friends of Riley and Elayna’s travelling with them for our first time. – [Elayna] Alright great
to have you onboard. – Thank you! – [Elayna] What have we got here Joanne? – Vegetarian sausage rolls. – [Elayna] I love you. (both giggling) I’ll have to watch you closely. (gears whirring and clicking) We’re just coming out of the channel now so we’re hoisting the main sail and then we’re gonna
sail on the western side of the west island to
get to our anchorage. Good? – (muffled) Very good. (Elayna giggling) (lively guitar music) – So I don’t know if I
said but this is actually it’s world class diving here so this place is famous
for its coral reefs and also a large variety
of sea life apparently so we’re all gonna jump in
the water and check it out except for Riley because, poor thing he can’t get in
the water because of his leg, (Riley laughs loudly)
for another few days. What? – I’ve just dropped some apple over. And these fish came out and
scared the crap out of Dad. – [Elayna] How sad are you,
you can’t jump in the water? – Ah, I’m okay. It’d be nice to show these
guys how to free dive a bit. Look at those guys. – [Elayna] (giggles) Love it. What are you gonna do while I’m gone? – I’m gonna have a fresh water wash down on the back of the boat, and eat a Vegemite and cheese sandwich. – [Elayna] Doesn’t sound too bad. – Not too shabby. (mid-tempo guitar music) – [Elayna] It was a relief to
be able to jump in the water and check out the damage on the
rudder from running aground. Riley wasn’t too concerned because of the speed we were going and because the ocean
floor was mostly sand. Luckily we got away
with just a few scrapes. (mid-tempo guitar music) ♪ Build a shed, invite your friends ♪ ♪ Have a great party then
watch it all burn in the end ♪ ♪ Live it up ♪ ♪ Live it up everybody ♪ ♪ Live it up ♪ So we just drove the dinghy
a nautical mile north and this is an abandoned marina, so this other building is two years ago and then something went wrong financially and they’ve given up on it so yeah. It’s a bit of a graveyard actually. (mellow guitar music) – [Riley] Well I think we found
Bob’s other channel marker. – If I had a house with
lots of good places to hang up things, I would definitely be collecting some of this stuff. There’s rope, all sorts
just washed up here in the trees, like driftwood, so much fun. Oh cute! (giggling) I think I’ve just found a cotton tree. Yeah! Look at that. Beautiful. Whoa, found the best spot! – Okay so as everyone knows we
invite some Patrons on board. We push up seven and then we
randomly select two people. One of whom is Harold Schmelzer, so looking forward to meeting you, mate. And the other is Alexis Atkinson. So if you guys could get
hold of us via email. Yeah send an email to
[email protected] and we’ll organise to have
you and your partner on board. We’re gonna hang out and go sailing. I’m gonna tell you some funny jokes and we’re all gonna have
a ripping good time. Congratulations and thank you
very much for your support. – [Elayna] What have we got here, Tony? – We have risotto and it has peppers, olives, garlic, chilli, tomatoes and mushies. And to go with it for the
vegetarians we have the tofu in salt and on the
right we have chicken cooked in basically the same
ingredients as that one. – [Elayna] Well thank you very much. – Right, it’s probably done
onto my chart card then. I’m on the phone to B and G, he goes power down everything so I went do do do which
turned off the wi-fi. – [Elayna] Oh no! – Which cut my connection to him. – [Elayna] Oh no! – Which is pretty funny. – [Elayna] Typical. (Riley laughing) – [Riley] Thanks for watching. You’re welcome to join us next time when we cook some fish on the fire before we take on the rest of the Turks. I’ve felt like a bit of an
adventurer and explorer. (mellow guitar music) (waves lapping)

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