2 thoughts on “Hospitals facing shortage of cancer-fighting drug necessary for kids’ treatment

  1. This is so not fair! Kids need the Vincristine. Kids cancer research needs better & proper funding! 🎗🎗🎗

  2. My husband and I go to Algadones MX to get our prescription. It's totally legal and totally safe.
    We cross over from Yuma Az, where about 1500- 2000, sometimes 3,000 americans cross over per day.
    Drugs have been tested at random and found to be safe.

    I checked to see if this Drug is available in MX and I believe I found it.

    Just add an ' A' to thr end. Vincristina.
    Google it and check it out.
    I get my prescription there along with millions of others, per year.

    You would just have to buy in MX because it is 🚫 illegal to order online outside US.

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