Hospital Play (병원놀이)

Hello I’m sick… I need a checkup, please. I see that you’re smiling..
Are you really sick? It’s hurting here Where? Here I don’t think that you’re sick
but let me check just in case. Please breathe in and breathe out Breathe in and breathe out It’s all normal tho? Maybe you have a fever ? Let me take your temperature It’s normal too Oh you actually have a little fever You need to get a shot A shot? You’re so brave I have a runny nose too I’ll give you this liquid medicine,
don’t forget to take it everyday Okay It’s delicious It’s delicious? Yes I’ll be back soon Okay Mommy, I’m sick.. I’ll be back Hello? What can I do for you? I’m sick How come a sick person looks so happy? But I’m still sick You’re still sick? Then let me check Please breathe in and breathe out Breathe in and breathe out More deeply this time Breathe out Hmm I don’t really see any problem Let’s take your temperature Ta-da A little bit higher than normal Let’s check the other one You’ve got a cold A cold? Yerin, You need to get a shot Your arm It doesn’t hurt? No Pressing there And don’t take a shower until tomorrow Take this medicine after a meal It’s delicious Are you sick? Please give me some vitamin Vitamin? here you go Good bye Mommy, I went to get a shot all by myself Whoa you did? Yes. Mommy, I love you Mommy, Daddy… Doctor, I’m sick Are you sick? We’re alrady closed No you weren’t Yes we are..
the nurses already have gone home too I’m about to leave too Checkup please Where does it hurt? Checkup please I need to go home..
Doctors need to rest too No Come back tomorrow morning No I need a checkup Where does it hurt? Here Your head? Yes Where? Here How does it hurt? I have a fever ????????????……
Tae-eun scolded mom Tae-eun scolded mom??? Yes Oh…yeah? So yerin, Where does it hurt again? Here Okay I got it It’s the last checkup for today okay? Okay~ For the last time Please breathe in and breathe out Please breathe in and breathe out Your lung is in a good condition Temperature It’s all good too It’s all normal afterall It’s strange However you still say you’re sick
so we need to take care of it A shot How do you feel?
Are you okay? Yes If you take this medicine.
You won’t be sick anymore It’s a special medicine for a fake illness How do you feel? I’m all cured now Right? Yes Good bye Don’t come back too soon Oh, Please give me vitamin We’re closing now ..
Take some if you want Vitamin..mine and for mommy Okay Mommy, I bought vitamin for you

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