are you scared about what they’re gonna do it the doctors 930 p.m. nighttime let’s see are you there’s no such thing as an early bedtime and my family but in 45 minutes from now I’ll be here so how are you feeling? You want to know the truth yeah i do. I’m at a hospital I’m in the middle of hartford’s north end. I can see from epic a little note. Tumor in your intestines and you had liver cancer as well? Yes ok. I film illness. When were you diagnosed with liver cancer? Approximately April 12 and my wife passed away 10 days later. We were married for 46 years. And that’s when it hits you I didn’t know it at the time but I was connected there were three nodes in my neck that were growing. But Thought you said that they don’t know what it is. I film in hospitals i film with those have been hurt and ill along with those who try and save them but this time it’s different. We’re going to Yale to get your thyroid cancer taken out. All right we’re going to take good care of him. this time. It’s different. I have the disease i film I removed the total of four lymph nodes and all those nodes did contain cancer. It’s part of me. i look forward to driving my car. and just driving it I’m connected. Oh, Jesus. Just drawing the tubes now. I didn’t expect this. I did everything I suppose to. And from here, it is so human it’s one day one day at a time. I can’t go on like this. Do you have any pain. I know I didn’t sleep at all last night. so when my family sleeps, I’ll be here with those who fight heal and care. I think I see life in a different way. It’s a lot .

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