Hospital of Light

80% of Haitians live in poverty. Most on less than $2 a day Healthcare is a precious commodity. There is 1 hospital bed for every 10,000 people. The Hospital of Light Sunlight, it’s a symbol of life and hope
but it is also a source of power and it’s one of the few abundant resources
that people in Haiti can count on. The sun is shining on a remote hospital in
southern Haiti appropriately named “Hôptal Lumière which means Hospital of Light in Creole. It’s
a hospital few in the developed world would recognize. The hospital survives
with no utility services; depending instead on expensive diesel and aging
hydro generators. When the power would fluctuate it would
affect the hospital machines. The oxygen machines are a good example, they would go down [due to fluctuations in the electricity] it would damage some of the internal workings and we
couldn’t use them. Compromised patient care, umm, was not unusual because of
the [electrical] current. They could be in doing a case on surgery and the power goes out and
you don’t need to talk about sophisticated machines like anesthesia
machines, we’re about the lights. But with the help
of volunteers and donations sunlight is being harnessed to power
lumiere into the future providing hope and desperately needed
health care to a community of over 60,000 people. Apostolic Christian HarvestCall, whose
mission it is to run the hospital, opens its doors to all regardless of faith or
means. SolarWorld, the largest crystalline
silicon solar panel manufacturer in the Americas for more than 40 years, donated
50 kilowatts of solar panels. Through its Solar2World program SolarWorld has granted thousands of
solar panels to electrify community wells and hospitals worldwide including
five hospitals in Haiti. Pennsylvania-based Smucker’s Energy, a
SolarWorld Authorized Installer, built the solar installation with a
volunteer crew and top-tier components, secured at reduced costs from SolarWorld
distributor Civic Solar. Smucker’s Energy has always been about
high quality. We chose SolarWorld panels because of very very high quality. For decades the hospital has put the roof and sun to work together for another vital purpose, but now this center of hope and healing
will move from the nineteen hundreds into the 21st century with clean, quiet,
solar energy. With good power we’re going to be able to expand our services to the people southern Haiti. Hopefully we’ll be getting cardiac
monitors and additional vital signs monitors that we can put in the post-op
recovery area and monitor patients
after they come out of surgery. With the donation from SolarWorld
we were able to expand the design and the size of the
system to be able to supply almost 99% of the needs of our
hospital. The new system is an 84 kilowatt
microgrid, the solar panels generate electricity during the day that
instantly powers the hospital. The panels also charge large battery banks,
providing power to the hospital at night and on rainy days when the solar output
might not meet demand. The original hydro system is integrated into the grid to
take advantage of this free energy. With the solar energy we expect to rarely
run our diesel generators, which is something we’re very excited about. So we’re gonna flip it. We’re charging!
Operating at capacity power and you’re banking power from PV at the same time right now. These tiny green lights signify so much.
They mean the power of the Sun
has now brought Lumière Hospital and the thousands of people it serves
new technology and new hope for a
better life. One solar project cannot cure all of
Haiti’s ills but it is providing power, light and hope
for this community and inspiring SolarWorld’s continued commitment to
electrify communities in need around the globe

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